2005. We lived in Utah (in fact we lived with my mom) Cody was still in undergrad, Addie was 10 months old.

her first halloween costume-oct. 05

Her first Halloween costume was an overpriced Tom Arma Skunk. It was totally worth it.

her first halloween costume.

Six Halloweens later. We live in our first house in Indiana, Cody is a lawyer. I’m pregnant with our second baby and Addie is in Kindergarten.

dorothy and mom

This crap goes fast.


  1. My daughter’s first real Halloween costume was a Tom Arma skunk, too! My mom and I made it from a pattern, and it was so cute!


    Casey Reply:

    @Jeni, Oh man, you’re talking to a lady who can’t sew worth a lick and my mom is nowhere close to save me…so cute.

  2. Doesn’t it though?! She is so big! And you’re both gorgeous.

  3. Dude, doesn’t it though? That is a supercute skunk suit.

  4. Um, that second picture? Of baby Addie Skunk sitting crookedly in the leaves? I will eat her up! Gorgeous girl. (Her mom’s not bad either!)

    Casey Reply:

    @Jen L., That’s the only picture she didn’t look as though she was being tortured in. It was my first major lesson in “YOU ONLY NEED ONE.”

  5. She is adorable. You both are. And my YOUNGEST is about to turn 8. I don’t know how that happened; I don’t feel that much older.

  6. Ok, seriously, great mind think alike. My Adelaide was Dorothy this year too!

  7. You pick awesome costumes for your kids–love them! And yes, time goes by way too quickly and seems to speed up as the kids get older. It’s crazy.

    Casey Reply:

    @Emily, Aside from the Skunk she’s always decided what to wear, Dorothy has been a long time coming since my dad introduced her to the classics two years ago.

  8. Awesome pictures and awesome costumes! Time flies by for sure… Congratulations on the new addition!

    Casey Reply:

    @Joy, Thank you! Another person to costume, yay!

  9. The costumes are adorable! You don’t look like you’ve aged 6 years – if anything you look younger. I need to know what your secret is 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @mapsgirl, Oh heavens, thank you. It has to be the pale pallor of morning sickness and the copious amounts of naps…it’s all an illusion.

  10. Awww. She’s such a pretty girl. Time does fly fast…my nephew celebrated his 6th birthday yesterday and I stared at him…wasn’t it just yesterday I was feeding you bottles?

  11. Fast Crap. Word.

  12. Check out how cute your kid is!

  13. hahah that costume is sooo cute

  14. It doesn’t go fast. It freaking flies. My oldest baby is 10.5. 10.5!

    That second picture of Addie makes me literally want to have a million babies. She’s that adorable. Like, she’s so cute it actually hurt a little bit. <3

  15. I kinda hate you for looking almost exactly the same, but most certainly not looking even a second older. I thought kids were supposed to age a person…at least that’s my excuse. 😉

  16. Too fast! Way too fast!

  17. Can. Hardly. Stand. The. Cuteness.

    And heck yes time goes fast! Before you know it, Addie’s little brother or sister will be all dressed up and you’ll be like how is it Halloween AGAIN?

  18. Sherry Lane says:

    Cutest. Skunk. Ever! You girls are simply gorgeous! My little Francesca had that same Mickey bucket, she was Minnie. 🙂

  19. Addie was so cute as a baby skunk. Those cheeks!

    Also? She looks so much like her mama in that last picture! You are both so beautiful.

  20. OMFG!!!! Baby Addie. Sigh. I mean that girl is stunning now. But those cheeks? That costume? My uterus just cried. Ha.

  21. sure does.


    even though I totally know it does.


  23. Love, love, love her in the pumpkin costume! But her as Dorothy? Wow, she looks SO grown up!

  24. You make adorable babies! That girl is so cute, can’t wait to see the new addition.

  25. Okay, so the skunk costume? Totally rad. And it IS bonkers how fast it all goes whirling by. Did I mention that Addie looks just. like. YOU!!!!

  26. It goes way too fast. My daughter Lily is three and I can’t believe it. The other day, she didn’t want to get up for daycare, she got out of bed, grabbed her Dora the Explorer chair, dragged it to the light switch, turned off said light and got back in bed. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  27. Congratulations! I guess I am late in finding out that you are pregnant. I am so, so happy for you! I’ve been reading for a long time but I don’t think I’ve ever commented before. But a baby definitely deserves a comment!

  28. I am totally IN LOVE with the skunk costume, how totally adorable she was! And those cheeks–most kissable looking skunk in the world! LOL. 🙂 In the middle of the leaves with the big smile and those cheeks. Totally adorable.

  29. addie looks like she aged about 10 years (the french braids! i die of the cute!) and you look like you aged about 10 hours, so win win for everyone.

  30. It’s amazing how fast time flies, isn’t it? Addie is so adorable in the skunk costume, ohhhh my goodness! Did you keep it to use again with the new baby? 🙂