Perhaps some of you notices Vivi’s sweet new wheels in recent pictures. The bike is a Smart Trike Dream and it’s kind of amazing. I wrote up an entire post about it over at Babble, complete with photos, red leopard boots and Vivi’s chubby little knuckles. The best part is I get to give one away.

For the full review, check out my article on Babble, then come back here for bonus entries for simply checking out where Vivi stores Bunny and how your child can get even more use out of the Smart Trike Dream. (Sorry it’s kind of a funny way to do a giveaway, there’s a reason, but it’s pretty boring. I’m just excited for one of you to win this sweet bike for someone little in your life!)

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Disclosure: I was provided one Smart Trike Dream in purple in order to facilitate my review. Opinions are my own, as usual. The Smart Trike Dream is available at Toys R Us for $129.99.


  1. It is absolutely amazing! My favorite is the fact it can be used much longer since it grows with your child.

  2. My niece would totally love this!

  3. I love that it grows with the child and that I can introduce my love for cycling to my child at such a young age.

  4. My almost 2 y.o. would love this. She could cruise the neighborhood wit her brother and feel like a big girl on her big girl bike!

  5. That thing is amazeballs!

  6. My wee grandson is 11wks old so he would get full benefit from this lovely little trike starting this summer soooo cute!!

  7. so yeah, I think small paul and his too-short to reach the pedal legs could use a smart trike.

  8. This looks amazing! All too familiar with the broken back syndrome.

  9. I like it grows with your kiddo. Worst part about spending money on kids’ items is them outgrowing each one so quickly!

  10. Christiane says:

    My son would love this! Would really beat the Texas heat this summer with some smart trike fun!

  11. I emailed it to my husband with a question of what possible holiday can we get this for because its adorable and Bella would love it!

  12. renee walters says:

    I love that this trike would grow with my son. Thanks!

  13. This would be gifted and make me the coolest aunt ever!

  14. I love that it would grow with our toddler.

  15. I LOVE how Kid-friendly this bike is. A mom must have designed it 😉


  17. My niece would love this!!

  18. I have been eyeballing these trikes. The push bar for mommy is my big sell. Plus they are adorable 😉

  19. My nephew would love this!

  20. my daughter would luv this…