Goodbye July! While we’re at it let’s just say goodbye to 2011 because I never even had time to say hello to it. Has this year gone outrageously fast for anyone else? I’m pretty sure if I wrote a check right now I’d still but 2010 in as the date.

Many of you asked if you could still fix a diastasis two, three, even twelve years after your pregnancy. The answer is yes and this is the 4 step program that can help you do just that. Tell them I sent you, not that it matters, I just really think the creator needs to know how powerful social media and word of mouth is. Too many women have been told the only way to fix their FUPA (hat tip, flinger) is with surgery. This is not the case. (See also, not sponsored.)

Babbled this week:

I only have two kids but already find myself screaming “ADDI…VIV…WAIT, NO ADDIE! NO! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?” Not to mention the nicknames. (Hey remember Mozzi?)

I asked people what they panicked about as a new parent.  Many different answers and the correct one? Everything.

A visual tour of Vivi’s handmade etsy-licious bedroom.

How do you burp a baby? I’m a sack of potatoes burper myself.


A blog I really got into this week? Grumbles and Grunts. I know she swears. Unclench. Most people do. I’m well aware I’M the weird one in this situation.


Here’s Vivi observing her (Indiana) kingdom, she likes looking out at city streets. She’s a very observant baby. Watch out, I’m pretty sure she can see your hopes and dreams, make sure they’re clean ones, she’s just a baby.

(Indiana love onesie from Elms and Cedars.)

I really liked these posts about BlogHer.

Why a six year veteran is scared to death. (oh, hi. me. same reasons.)

Get your face out of your phone, your friends are in front of you.

Don’t want to read about BlogHer? Then read my (still) favorite blog of all time.

Take care of each other.

I have approximately 18 loads of laundry to catch up on. RACE YOU!


  1. HEY! I see the mustache teether from Little Alouette I sent Vivi! GAH that thing is so cute.

  2. Yes, I do believe it IS her kingdom. 🙂

    I have a hard time believing summer is almost over! We still have so many things on our Summer Fun list left to do! And I’m not ready for August yet!!

  3. Wow she is growing up!

  4. The Grumbles says:

    It’s true, I have the toilet mouth. Thanks for the love. 🙂

  5. I managed to catch up on my bajillion loads of laundry this week. I already have a million more waiting for me – and it’s only been 2 days. *sigh*

    My worst offense w/ the names is my son and husband…I keep going back and forth constantly calling the boy by the hubs’ names and vice versa. Of course, I yell at them the most.

  6. 1) Name confusion/garbling is a very common parental malady. My daughter was an only child for 15 years (plenty of time to have her name firmly etched into my brain) and the minute her baby sister was born, both girls got get called each other’s names, a mish mash of each other’s names, and even the dogs’ names. Sigh.

    2) I don’t swear online either (in comments, emails or blog posts) and I commend and appreciate people who have made the same choice. I also read a couple of blogs that have a sprinkle of profanity, and I have to tune it out just like when I walk around in public or watch TV. I don’t like it, and I will ask people not to use foul language around my kids, but for the most part I try to ignore it.

    3) Love the baby room – the crib is the same one I have for my baby girl =)

  7. Such great stuff! I love Brian Andreas also – I have at least six of his prints, not to mention the books…

  8. Onesie envy! I could have used that like 10 months ago…too bad. BTW, it’s also too bad I never met you when I lived in Indy…more like Carmel. I love to read what’s on your brain!

  9. it’s true, wow,she’s growing up~