We took our kid to Disneyworld to hang out with princesses.

(And to spend time with each other and my family and blah blah blah tender moments brought to you by Disney.)

You know that smile your kid gets where they are so happy that even their spleen is smiling? The one that lights up their face but almost never makes it on camera because it’s so rare and fleeting? A smile that you as a parent can look at, knowing your child, and say “Yes. Nothing could make them happier at this very moment.”

the moosh had that smile on her face a majority of our trip. It was magical. She had the undivided attenion of five people who love her most in this world. Plus princesses and white sandy beaches.

THIS is my kid smiling with her spleen.

Ariel SQUEE!

minnie kiss

Pluto SQUEE!

Cinderella SQUEE!

ariel hug

Peter Pan SQUEE!

Belle SQUEE!

Water Park SQUEE!

aurora squeeze


  1. Oh I’m so incredibly jealous! That looks like such a great time, and I love all things Disney. How great to have these memories with your family and the moosh!

    Erikas last blog post..First Grade Field Trip

  2. I’ve never seen such a precious spleen!

  3. awww, spleen smile for sure!

    jenicas last blog post..burning questions

  4. annnnd now MY spleen is smiling. wait…do i still have my spleen? yeah i think i do. and it’s definitely smiling

    biddys last blog post..if only i was skinny, white, & blonde

  5. I have to go die from cute now.

    There’s nothing like a little Disney magic.

    Mama Ginger Trees last blog post..I Won Something

  6. As long as we’re speaking Disney, it reminds me of the end of Toy Story 2, after the credits. The chipper charlie Barbie asks after she’s done “buh bye”-ing everyone, “Are we done yet? Yes? Oh good, cause my cheeks are KILLING ME!” Though now I think it might have been funnier if she had said “My spleen is KILLING ME!” 🙂

    stacey @ tree, root, and twigs last blog post..My New Home for Books

  7. The moosh is waaaaaaay prettier than any of those princesses. Did anyone else notice Ariel’s rack? Seriously dude, it just looks painful.

  8. Best. Parents. Ever.

    Beths last blog post..No Ulterior (Auto)motives: The Final Word …

  9. Fabulous. Memories for a lifetime, there, sore spleen and all!

    pgoodnesss last blog post..Stacks

  10. Oh she had so much fun!
    I think if I was there my spleen would be smiling too 🙂

    midwest mommys last blog post..When it rains, it effing pours!

  11. Oh my heck. Death from cuteness over here. You should have a warning label on this post.

    Janssens last blog post..Facebook

  12. Oh my goodness, your little Moosh is just too cute. She looks absolutely thrilled 🙂

    Nicoles last blog post..Fantastic Fall

  13. That smile is totally contagious.

    A Whole Lot of Nothings last blog post..Gnawing Off My Own Nose

  14. Every cent spent on your trip was worth it for that smile:)

    Mary Beths last blog post..Booking Through Thursday – Coupling

  15. Wow! Those are quite the smiles! What a beautiful little girl you have!

    Hillary-The Queen I Am Nots last blog post..The Many Faces of Sleeping Beauty

  16. Looks like she had a BLAST!

    ashlees last blog post..Newborn Photo Shoot

  17. Florida Ariel is hotter than Cali Ariel but I think Cali Cindy takes Florida.

    the smile though is nationwide.

  18. We just took our little Savannah this summer to Disneyland. I seriously started to cry when I saw how excited she got. Best Mommy moments…are made in Disney!

  19. Do you think Disney is more a girl thing than a boy thing?

    Love the spleen smiles.

    Rheas last blog post..Cowgirl Ta-Tas

  20. You said it beautifully and treasure the spleen smiles they grow fast!

    Lucys last blog post..High School Can Suck Part II

  21. Aw! I totally love that smile. It is my favorite by a mile.

  22. She’s stinkin adorable! The waterpark picture and the one with Belle are just perfect!

    Skyes last blog post..Count your many blessings.

  23. What a DARLING little girl! Loving the curly hair…from one “curly” to another!

    Moon HalloranLeadys last blog post..Yuppers it’s Caturday again (aka About Last Night)

  24. Your moosh is gorgeous gorgeous (which you already know). But the smiles? Ah, so wonderful. My favorite photo from your trip so far is the hotel bed jumping one from a few days ago. Priceless.

    Something great happened to us while you were gone: we had a fantastic 4 day reunion with old friends and got to meet all of their children for the first time. My Son immediately adored a 6 yr old French Canadian girl who immediately adored him back, and I got to spend several days watching them run at top speed down 100 foot straightaways in a converted barn (house) where 18 of us were staying — laughing, and speaking hardly a word of each other’s languages, the two of them got along famously. It was delicious.

    I’m so glad you had such a glorious time with your family. Sending hugs.

    MommyTimes last blog post..Tutu-torial

  25. Oh my god, when I saw the picture of her getting a hug from Ariel I almost cried for my Anna. I’m afraid my girls’ heads would explode with the excitement of it all. Great pictures and fantastic spleen smiling.

    Merediths last blog post..At least I won’t be able to say I wasn’t warned

  26. Awesome Awesome Awesome. I love seeing her smile! And she’s really starting to look like a little girl instead of a toddler!

    Reeses last blog post..Traveling Zoo

  27. Those pictures are so adorable.

    Zandors last blog post..Show and Tell (2)

  28. She looks like she had an amazing time! And she is just as pretty as her Mommy.

    Renée aka Mekhismoms last blog post..It’s A Launch!

  29. She is too freakin’ adorable. How did she get to see all the princesses?

    The Diaper Diariess last blog post..Frugal Friday- Marshalls

  30. What a doll. Disney will definitely do that to you.

    Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommys last blog post..A Mini Rant

  31. Awesome! So glad it was everything you hoped it would be. That’s SO like Disney!

  32. Those might be the happiest preschooler photos I have seen since the one of my daughter feeding her new baby brother a bottle (sorry, my kid still gets priority).

    SciFi Dads last blog post..Worry

  33. Awesome photos Casey. What a wonderful trip!

    Kristins last blog post..On Having Twins

  34. Its so nice to see a happy child. Mine hasn’t smiled with his mouth (let alone spleen) since he hit 2 years old!

    Domestic Goddess (In Training)s last blog post..Shampoo in My Eye

  35. She is so very precious. That is the biggest smile! I bet the week after was such a let down from all that crazy excitement!

    Ashleys last blog post..Happily in love, waiting for future…

  36. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!

    mayas last blog post..Toys, Toys, Toys

  37. Oh, that smile!

    One of these days – we’re all going to take her cue and smile with our spleens like that . . .

    Carries last blog post..How to Get Silly Putty off Small Appliances

  38. she makes me smile too, I can NOT WAIT to see my kids smile like this…going for christmas this year!!!!

    staciesmadnesss last blog post..Friends

  39. She is so incredibly adorable! I just love those grins! :]

    Heathers last blog post..Girly Girl

  40. SO CUTE!!!!!!

  41. My girls had that exact smle at Disney. The place is magical indeed! BTW – your Cinderella was WAY prettier than ours!!!

    Lisas last blog post..Halloween – an update

  42. I’m diggin’ the moosh’s little Nike Shox sneaks!

    Trenches of Mommyhoods last blog post..My Future Rock Star

  43. Casey, I can’t believe they let moosh out of the park without a movie deal.

    Dakota Fanning move over. You’re old now anyways.

    Amys last blog post..In This Moment

  44. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous.

    But then, she must get it from her Mommy.

    (Totally not hitting on you by the way)

  45. That gave me a MUCH needed smile today, casey. 🙂

    The Butrfly Gardens last blog post..Here’s the church…

  46. I love the one where Belle is looking at the camera and Moosh at Belle. Hilarious.

  47. Just seeing all of her smiles made ME smile! I would give anything to be able to take Kaitlyn to Disneyland to meet princesses, unless she would be too shy to actually talk to them.

  48. Um ,yeah. If this doesn’t put a smile on someone’s face? THEN THEY HAVE NO SOUL.

    metalias last blog post..One more reason to love Target

  49. my daughter has really curly hair like your moosh. i showed her these pictures (we are going to disneyland next month) and she was confused. “is that me?” (and was probably asking herself “why don’t i remember that?” )
    Can’t wait to get my own pictures of her with the “REAL” cinderealla.

    heidis last blog post..all worn out