I don’t have the energy level it requires to maintain a complaint.

I get very complacent very quickly and so when I burst into passionate annoyance or over the top dissatisfaction I rarely have the gusto to follow it up. Then I just feel like a jerk.

Getting angry about stuff takes too much energy.

Besides I usually cry about it so much in the first place (or last place or middle depending on the situation) I’m pooped before I even have a follow up argument. And then I get into that whole hurting people unintentionally with my ardent outrage.

Sorry about that.

A majority of you know I don’t like swears and that I avoid the use of them at all costs. Those of you even closer to me know that when I do swear it’s because I. MEAN. BUSINESS. Cody knows darn well that if that one word comes from my mouth in conversation it’s time to drop whatever he’s doing and save whatever or whoever is in my warpath. (Most recently it was our banker. *ahem*)

I do not abuse this power.

If you have ever or do ever hear me swear? You’d better believe it’s because something inside my mild mannered spirit has snapped.

I got into a rage tonight on twitter about the fact that after all of this health insurance LET ME HAVE MY BODY BACK  so that maybe JUST MAYBE one day I can get pregnant again I find out that we are most likely not going to be able to afford maternity coverage for a few years.

*insert swear word that references the poop of a very large horned mammal here*

See. And now I feel bad.

The good news is that my husband is a lawyer (at least he had better be as of October 2, 2009 at 8:31 a.m. EST.)


The bad news is that he’s also a lawyer.

I won’t get into it. I don’t have the energy for it.

We are just at the lowest of low points as far as this whole stupid transition into adulthood will get for us (hopefully.)

I get scrappy at low points. Or when I’m pissed off, backed into a corner or worse yet emotionally drained. Cody would have you believe I get scrappy on days that end in y and during times that end with o’clock.

We have made it through the last three years together. However ironic that it is that a great majority of the last three years was spent alone and away from each other.

No more studying until 2am.

No more finals.

No more tests.

No more school.

No more bar.

I finally have him back.

And really honestly and truly that’s *** good enough for me.

(***CRAP I SO BADLY WANTED TO PUT THAT WORD UP THERE. You know, so you’d all know how serious I am. BUT I JUST CAN’T DO IT. So put it in there with your mind will you? Okay. Good. Thanks.)


  1. Maternity insurance will cost about as much as just paying out of pocket for the baby…at least that is what I heard when researching insurance for our family last year. We were almost in that boat and were just planning on paying “cash” for the next baby rather than fork over the big bucks for the separate maternity insurance. The regular insurance would cover any “complications” but not any regular maternity cost. However, being self employed = costly insurance. When looking at jobs with big companies my husband and I always look at their benefits packages as closely as the salary. It is almost worth more to me!
    Thank goodness we have a pretty good plan at the moment, however, some are super crappy. Unfortunatly I feel that if the government takes over health care it will be even more crappy and inefficient (as it goes with the government-just my opinion- subject to disagreement I’m sure!). It is a big conundrum and I have yet to hear/see a good solution.
    And I hear you on the Lawyers coming out of school and not being rich. Such a misconception. It does take a while and people don’t really realize it.

  2. Congrats on your husband being done with the Bar – I think…

    Sorry about the insurance 🙁 US health insurance sucks – but I wouldn’t want to be without it either!

    One question on the swearing -genuinely curious – why, when crap and BS are the same effectively – excrement – is it okay to write one and not the other? It fascinates me when I see this on tv too – I hear ‘crap’ – yet the Sh1t gets bleeped out everywhere – am I missing something?

  3. Don’t get too excited to have him back. I thought the same thing after watching the hubby go through med school. And then I hoped after residency he would have more time. And here we are one year into REAL employment (and yes barely able to afford maternity insurance) and he still doesn’t come home until 7:00 and then he has to chart and do some reading about the newest technique. Now I’m hoping I’ll get him back in retirement. HOPEFULLY you will fare better and actually get Cody back!

  4. I’m confused… what does his employment have to do with your maternity coverage? Also: I thought you were a SAHM, so why do you need maternity coverage? (Or wait… are you talking about paying to have the baby? Because if that’s the case, MOVE TO CANADA. WE LET YOU GIVE BIRTH FOR FREE. Also? My wife and I would make really great neighbours.)

    Or just ignore me because I’m a cursing heathen. Your pick. 😉

  5. I’m so sorry – whatever the snafu is. That really sucks. I hope you can figure something out.

  6. I will just say congrats to your hubby for passing the bar and then back away slowly.