Last night I was staying up WAY TOO LATE working on compiling Vivi’s first year in a photo book. 546 photos. You can’t really comprehend how many photos 546 is until you’re trying to fit them all into a book where you’re charged by page. (Currently on page 105. Hold me.) Suddenly a Barry White song about you know what filled my living room. Then Barry White went quiet and Richard Marx began crooning at me. (man I love Richard Marx.) Richard Marx was cut short then Celine Dion started singing about the power of love. Celine didn’t even make it four bars into her song when she was cut off and Norah Jones began asking me to come away with her.

It was then that I realized Cody was seducing me from bed with Pandora using his (early) Father’s Day Gift (which was actually something I was sent to review. It’s like the best regift ever, especially since I didn’t have to keep it a surprise at all, I can, do, will use it when he’s not home and now I don’t have to shop for Father’s Day!)

When I checked our Pandora stations this morning my suspicions were confirmed.

Only this wasn’t a “bow chicka” sort of seduction, this was a “I don’t want to deal with a grumpy wife tomorrow so get thy buns promptly into bed woman.” sort of seduction which is equally alluring because he knows me so well.

His Father’s Day (re)gift is a Sonos Play:3 wireless HiFi player, I really can’t come up with a better description of it than the one Sonos uses on their site: “The smaller, sexier, tuck in the corner and blow out the roof, all-in-one player.” Yes, I think this speaker is sexy, I even tweeted about wanting to kiss it on the buttons. It’s like Marcus Mumford is in the room singing to me about holding on hope. It provides the most luxurious ambient background noise when set onto our ‘soundtrack playlist’ and motivates all of us to clean up with our Lady Gaga station. (Addie and I will only clean when motivated by music, Addie prefers Taylor Swift, I prefer Gaga, we compromise.)

Look, I don’t speak a lot of tech.

But this is the sound system we have in our bedroom, Cody got it for his high school graduation (in 1997.)

This is the Sonos on top of the sound system we have in our bedroom.

That little thing up there does everything that big one behind it does only better.

One cord, wireless connectivity and since we have all of our CDs in our digital media libraries we have access to every embarrassing CD in Cody’s music collection (Gerardo, Chumbawumba? Yeah, he has them.)

The Sonos can be powered with either a computer (with the included program downloaded) or from anything that allows use of the free Sonos app, wireless connectivity and music (Android or Apple iOS.) If you want to get super fancy there’s an entire dedicated controller for the Sonos, we’re not quite there.

You could have one of these in every room, have a different station or song playing in every room and have every speaker in every room playing at different volumes.

Which basically means if you filled your house with these your entire life would turn into a movie with its own soundtrack in every room controlled by your phone. DUDE.

Let’s start small.

One of them is $299, the wireless bridge is $49 and is what allows all of your speakers, computers, phones, iPads and Droids to talk to it (we were sent both.) Kind of expensive, right? Right. But it’s small, can be built upon and IT SOUNDS SO GOOD. The last time I heard something sound this good was my dad’s old Bose that was twice the size and I wasn’t allowed to touch it because IT WAS HIS DON’T TOUCH. Spur of the moment buy? Probably not. Investment? Yes. Especially considering that our current stereo doesn’t even have a way for you to connect an iPod without having to dig in the 30 not child safe wires behind it (oh and the portability, I’d like to see Cody get his old thing outside for a backyard BBQ.)

Deal updated! Through June 16th get a $30 Target gift card with the purchase of a Sonos PLAY:3 or a $40 gift card with the purchase of a Sonos PLAY:5 system with free shipping! Through June 9th Target is offering the wireless bridge free with the purchase of any Sonos PLAY:3 or PLAY:5 system (available in store and online (with free shipping.)) Have a dad or graduate that could use a little more music in their life? Boom.

I can’t even comprehend all of the things the PLAY:3 is capable of because I’ve been stuck in 1997 with our ‘sound system.’ Spotify, XM, Pandora, iTunes, Sirius…it’s all available.  STREAM ALL THE MUSIC ON EARTH is what the Sonos site says. That’s pretty powerful. My dad is impossible (IMPOSSIBLE) to buy for, but this? This would blow his mind (with the one button set up I probably wouldn’t even have to be there to explain it to him.)

A special thanks to Sonos for providing us with the PLAY:3 and wireless bridge so we could truly experience it for ourselves. I have been compensated for my time in sharing the Target promotion, not for promoting a particular product. All opinions are my own because they’re really the only opinions to have (your own that is, not mine.)


  1. Bah-ha-ha! Gerardo! I remember the name but not the music. I’ll have to look it up.

    Richard Marx getting you to go to bed? I’m now wondering if you and Cody do a Mandy Moore choreographed routine using the bed as a prop.

  2. Rico Sauve! Yeeesss!

  3. I LOVE Sonos! It definitely enhances my house’s ambience. Pandora is my bff.

  4. Great article, thanks to the Webmaster.

  5. Ooo that sounds kind of awesome. I love spotify and wish that I could pretty much have my playlists playing all the time, not just when I’m within a 20 foot range of my laptop.

  6. Ohhh…. Chumbawamba.. I saw them play at the Murat once, thanks to a pair of free tickets from 92.3… The system sounds fab, though, and yeah, hello perfect Father’s Day gift!

  7. My Boyfriend is a huge music & tech geek. This happens to work in my favor, because he sets up all our complex music, movie, TV, etc. STUFF…and I just get to press a button and listen/watch. Boyfriend is also one of those “every-day-frugal-but-when-I-decide-to-buy-something-it-better-be-the-best” kind of guys. So when he decided a few months ago that he wanted to re-configure our entire home stereo, music library, etc. setup…he did his homework. And for the price point & quality he was looking for…he found Sonos. We currently have a 3 and a 5, and once he got all the bugs out (and again after we moved last week), we really love Sonos! It’s SO easy to use through the iPad/iPhone app, and so flexible. We love that he can listen to his music on the 3 in the den, while I listen to my music (Maroon 5 station on Pandora, thankyouverymuch) in the kitchen. Along with separate tubes of toothpaste, boy does it do wonders for our relationship 🙂