I have to take a break.

I have to step away.

I have to sign out of facebook, google reader, flickr, twitter and my email.

I have to close the laptop, turn off the wireless.

I have to.

I’m just staring at the screen. It’s 74 degrees outside.

Time to hit the reset button…

Take care of yourselves please.


(So this kind of sounds like a desperate cry for help, which it’s not. I’m just overwhelmed after the past three weeks. I need to feel bored. Or feel as though I’ve accomplished something that doesn’t involve a power source. I hope you’ll recognize if you’re overwhelmed too. Step away, the Internet will still be here when you get back. Promise. It always has been for me. Worn out bloggers are not happy bloggers. Worn out friends, moms and wives cannot be good wives, friends or moms.)