Saturday – Hang out with Shireen, eat copious amounts of food and leave our server Shireen’s number because I know fireworks when I see ’em. Come home, terrible things happen to my stomach but I keep them hidden because as far as Cody is concerned nothing terrible ever happens to my digestive tract. Keep calm, carry on. Uh-oh. Sulfur burps. Gross. I mean honestly, is there anything grosser? Fall asleep fitfully, sleep terribly from stomach discomfort.

Sunday – Sleep in (thank you) awake to Cody mumbling “You need to be with the girls. I have a stomachache.” Oh dear. Two down. Kind of want to say something snide to Cody about the flushable wet wipes he makes fun of me for buying, realize now is not the time. Somewhat uneventful day, realize through twitter and Facebook it seems as though EVERYONE has or has had stomachflupocalypse. Perhaps Saturday night was the worst of it for me and Sunday the worst for Cody?

Monday – Normal day, bit of a rumble in my tummy but nothing major. Urban hunting and gathering at Costco and Nordstrom Rack. Normal night. Cody has recovered.

Tuesday – Wake up and realize I’m not doing better, dry heave a few times because dry heaving is totally amazing (not.) Rely on horizontal parenting from the floor and Sesame Street to keep everyone happy and out of the knife drawer. At night Addie sulfur burps ten feet away from me, “Addie? Do you feel okay?” turns out the kid has felt horrible, barfed in private because she didn’t want to bother me and is having backend issues as well. Three down. (This is where I mention that Vivi is the one that started all of this last week, she’s exempt from this terrible list.)

Wednesday – Addie sleeps in, feels better. I ask Cody to take Vivi to daycare so I can catch up on SO MUCH WORK. As soon as they leave a wave of nausea hits me. “Oh no.” Vomit. Crash on the couch. Wake up at noon. Attempt to eat, realize eating was a horrible idea, vomit, crash back on the couch until 3. Try to watch TV but realize that would involve sitting up to get the remote, I don’t watch TV. Cody brings home pizza, I manage to eat a little something bland, surely the worst has passed.

Thursday – The worst has not passed. Sobbing is involved as soon as I awake. Vomit, so much vomit. I have a bruise on my forehead from where I smacked it on the faucet in the midst of a terribly powerful heave (fun fact: while pregnant I learned that when it comes to dry heaving and/or vomiting bile the kitchen sink is a much more accommodating place to toss cookies (or lack thereof in this case.) Realize I cannot parent. Call Cody. Call the doctor. Cody takes Vivi to daycare (bless you drop in daycare) and I collapse on the couch. Call confirming a prescription of Zofran comes at 1, beg Cody to pick it up for me at 1:01. Zofran on board around 1:13 and *knock on wood* so far so good.

Silver linings:

Zofran. Bless you Zofran and bless you Dr. C for giving it to me.

Drop in daycare. Seriously. When you don’t have family or friends around? Drop in daycare is pretty much the best thing ever.

Cody’s job. He’s five minutes away and the pharmacy is right between his office and our house.

My job. One instance where work from home wins everything.

I am really good at vomiting. All that practice from pregnancy, you know? So while I may hate it, it’s really no big deal as long as I’m not expected to be a functioning human being.

Birth control. Yeah, I haven’t been this sick outside of pregnancy ever. But what I went through yesterday and today would be considered normal days during pregnancy. Guess who’s staying on birth control for a REALLY LONG TIME? This girl, right here.

Cats. Wink and Percy have probably had the best three days ever, a warm body to sleep on for at least 18 hours out of the day? I’m such a cat person and I love mine dearly.

If you simply have to be sick, be sure to have a couple of these guys  around.

So how about you and yours? Have you made it through the stomach flu of 2012/2013 or are you next?


  1. It hit me one morning at 7:30 as I was taking my kids to school and myself to work. By 11, I was in the ER getting fluids and IV Zofran. Took the next day off work, felt better 48 hours later. Oh, it sucks! My boys, thankfully, did not get it. KNOCKING STRONGLY ON WOOD. Glad you feel better. :))

    Casey Reply:

    @Amanda C, Duuude, that’s terrible. But IV Zofran? That’s basically liquid platinum, or whatever is better than platinum, like donuts or something.

    Amanda C Reply:

    @Casey, You’re telling me! I work in a hospital, so I just headed to the ER (with my husband, after I had passed out at my desk…ugh) and they had no problem hooking me up with the Zofran. I asked for and got a script for it, too. Just in case! lol

  2. Fingers tightly crossed! I haven’t had it and I usually catch things by being in the same building as someone sick. I’m not leaving the house this weekend at all! Maybe I should invest in face masks.

    Casey Reply:

    @KaraB, I have no idea where this one came from or how it spread, but considering everyone seems to have it I just consider the entire world toxic now. GOOD LUCK SURVIVING!

  3. I’m so so so so so so so so so scared of this flu. I had my shot, but it seems like no one is immune to this wretchedness. I am so sorry that you were so ill. Please feel better soon!

    Casey Reply:

    @Senora H-B, We ALL had shots, makes me wonder if it would have been worse had we not? Let’s just say that. Okay?

    Rachel Reply:

    @Casey, The flu shot is not for the “stomach flu,” which should be referred to as a stomach virus. Influenza, which is what the flu shot is for, is a respiratory illness that very rarely involves vomiting or diarrhea. And that ends my PSA.

    Casey Reply:

    @Rachel, I realized in all my Dr. Google research that this was the case (also found out I may have cancer! Thanks Dr. Google!) I’d just like to think if we didn’t get shots we would be vomiting AND couging/wheezing, terribly more miserable than we were.

    Rachel Reply:

    @Casey, haha yes, beware of consulting Dr. Google! And it definitely sounds like you were miserable enough without the flu! I’m glad to hear you’re all on the mend now 🙂

  4. My son started it on a Saturday. By Monday he was still vomiting but his 8 month sister thought she would join in on the fun too. Wednesday it hit me. Friday it hit my parents and effectivly ruining our Christmas celebration. I didn’t leave the house for a week solid.So miserable.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jennifer, Oy. Especially during the holidays. I had a friend miss Christmas in Florida because of sickness, she felt terrible AND guilty for feeling like she ruined Christmas for her kids.

  5. Jen Stewart says:

    Holy cow, I need to know more about drop in daycare. What is this wonder? Where might I locate one near me. I must know this moment.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jen Stewart, I’m not sure how to find one, I guess one that just takes dailies unscheduled? It’s a full service daycare with regular kids, but when we need them we can just drop Vivi off for the day. (I use them once a week.)

    Lara Reply:


    Hi Casey,
    I’ve read your blog for a while now (LOVE it) but I don’t know that I’ve ever commented. I think we live in the same area and was wondering if you could recommend your daycare via email? I work from home as a freelance writer/editor and am at the point where I need childcare when deadlines are tight but not willing to commit to a set schedule (or monthly payment) yet.
    Thanks so much!!

  6. One year our family of four had the stomach virus. For three weeks straight there wasn’t a day without vomit. Everyone had it at least twice. By Thanksgiving, we were starting to feel normal again. That was the year that I put towels on top of the sheets for the girls to throw up on because towels are easier to wash than entire bedding and that ice cream buckets are worth keeping around for when the kid can’t make it to the toilet in time. (Kids are 19 and 17 now and we still use ice cream buckets for that reason.)

    Casey Reply:

    @CaySedai, My mom pulled out our “barf bowl” over Christmas and made salad in it. I like the ice cream bucket idea.

  7. I had 40 people on staff at work and at least 25 of them had it this year. I jumped on the grape-juice-flu wagon and got a flu-shot this year because of my preemie nephews. I’ve NEVER been so glad for new babies in the family, it was so bad several of my girls relapsed after coming into work successfully for a shift.

    I hope you feel better ASAP.

    Casey Reply:

    @ClassyFabSarah, I thought i was better, then nope. Not better. But now I’m better! (I think! I hope?)

  8. I just out of the blue threw up at work….taking it easy sitting at my desk and hoping it was a random up chuck occurrence. I am a whiny sick person so hoping nothing comes of it!

    Casey Reply:

    @Jules, Aw man, that’s terrible. I hope nothing comes of it either.

  9. I think I am finally alive today, although my house looks like it’s been left for dead. It’s gross up in here. Ew.

    Casey Reply:

    @designhermomma, You and me both sister, YOU AND ME BOTH.

  10. I will second what Rachel said. Stomach virus isn’t a flu so the flu shot won’t cover it. J has had 2 colds with a round of steroids up the nose in between to stop the runny nose. She had a 24 hour stomach virus in mid-November. I too am a professional puker and like you agree that the kitchen sink is WAY better for the dry heaves I suffered all through pregnancy. J prefers a big bowl or small trash can either of which are equipped with a plastic grocery bag for easy disposal. Hope it is now gone from your home. Should be nice enough today to crack the windows and air out the house a bit.

    Casey Reply:

    @REK981, Yes! Windows open!

  11. Oh and the pic above…That is what Vivi is going to look like when she grows up!!

    Casey Reply:

    @REK981, I sure do hope so.

  12. Oh man this is a nationwide thing huh? We all had it last month – and by we, I mean me and the kids, my husband (who never gets sick) my mother in law and my mom who happened to visit. For us grownups it was just a day of, shall we say, butt juice. My 2 year old was just a day of vomiting, but my 14 month old? Vomited every day for a week. Would vomit if you showed him food, would vomit within 20 minutes of any liquid ingested. Poor baby got so skinny. I was so thrilled when he started eating normally again.

  13. I am so terrified of this flu..vomiting gives me panic attacks (weird trigger, right?) and my husband is a teacher so I’m just hoping he doesn’t come home with it one day..AHHHH!!! :/

  14. Amanda Jillian says:

    Omg feel better!

  15. We had it too. All 3 of us came down with it the same day. Terrible. Luckily the vomiting/diarrhea part was over by the next day, so we just rested and slept a lot. Bad part for me is I’m pregnant and had the evil stomach bug. Ugh. I thought I had enough throwing up 3 months ago, then had to go through it again for a day. Fun times.

  16. Grant had it the day before Thanksgiving. Then he got strep. So I asked, what’s worse? “Stomach flu”, he says. Last day of antibiotics for strep he gets the stomach flu again.

    Wish I lived closer to take Vivi for you. She and my girls would have a riot. Really.

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