I am walking a very fine line between “getting through” and “becoming the worst OB patient my doctor has ever seen.” The list of fears, questionable maladies and panic have resulted in a list that is going to blind said doctor come Thursday. To make matters worse it will be my gestational diabetes test as well so not only will I be super! inquisitive! I’ll be hopped up on the sugar drink.

I just woke up from a dream where Mozzi’s foot was poking out right around my ribs, I counted 8 (!) perfect tiny little toes and then my friend dug her foot out, the same way you dig you way through new pantyhose, and we all kissed and tickled it. However when it came time to put the little foot back in it wouldn’t stay. My only choice was to pull Mozzi out and head to the hospital where my water then broke and I birthed all that…other crap. Some doctor found me a crappy bed until Sue Sylvester’s shark tank started flooding because all of her landscaping had given out. Honestly, who puts a shark tank on the second level of their home?  Anyway, the nice lady that fed Sue’s hammerhead shark ended up getting eaten and we all had to abandon the area.

Last week Cody made me go to a quilt show, then he slammed my fingers in the window of a Jeep. I woke up sobbing.

Last night something happened on the streets of New York and I woke up sobbing again.

I have a highly pasteurized tube of sour cream in my fridge that expires April 28, 2011. Normally that would mean “MY BIRTHDAY! IT IS SO CLOSE!” this year it means “A tube of sour cream may outlast the days of me being pregnant.

This is really happening. I’m getting my baby. (And all the weird stuff that goes along with making one apparently.) I am going to have a baby to hold. To sniff. To love. My very own baby that I don’t have to give back. A baby that is going to be born into love clean carpet, good smelling sheets and non expired dairy products. A baby that has brought our family closer together with so much hope, love, support, gratitude and peace.

lemons with a pea card.

77 days to go.

(card available at Robin’s etsy store along with other fine PG-13 rated goods.)


  1. I love that card, and I love that you are getting your baby!

  2. memphislis says:

    Oh noes! I clicked the link so I could buy a card and it didn’t work!

    Casey Reply:

    @memphislis, GAK! Here’s the proper link… http://www.etsy.com/shop/lemonswithapea

  3. Oh, I love that card SO MUCH!

  4. I love the card too!

    And I remember those weird dreams ( I never dreamt about Sue Sylvester though) .

    Casey Reply:

    @pixielation, Even better? I’ve never watched Glee.

    pixielation Reply:

    @Casey, I unashamedly love it! I even sing along. My husband is so embarrassed on my behalf.

  5. I’m not entirely sure when you’re due, but if it’s before the end of April, my birthday happens to be April 30th. I’ll take the sour cream. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Miranda, April 28th is my birthday! Taurus FTW! (Due May 1st, it’s a countdown, yo.)

  6. Oh man, I am giving that card to my husband. HA.

  7. I think eight toes is just perfect: http://www.flickr.com/photos/90907384@N00/4476671538/in/set-72157623734832156/

    Casey Reply:

    @Bridget, PERHAPS IT’S A SIGN!? Except Mozzi had eight on each foot…

  8. You know… I don’t recall having any weird dream. That seems weird to me.

    That card is awesome.

    Casey Reply:

    @Colleen, Dude, pregnancy dreams are what birth control is made of.

  9. I’m so happy you’re getting your baby. Although I hope she doesn’t come out around your ribs, that might be uncomfortable.

    Casey Reply:

    @ClassyFabSarah, It was surprisingly not painful, just pulled her out like a…something. Cat out of a bag maybe?

  10. That is the most awesome card ever. I think my OB thinks I’m a little insane with all the questions I answer. She’s probably wondering what my problem is, since this is my third kid I SHOULD KNOW THESE THINGS. But no, anxiety runs free.

    I can’t wait to meet (via photos) your little Mozzi. I already know she’ll be beautiful.

    Casey Reply:

    @Mrs. Wilson, Oh I swore I’d be so laid back this time, no crazy calls to the doctor.

  11. Normally I would be all yea for Glee dreams and baby toes. But that dream? Scary!


    Casey Reply:

    @Shelley, I have never watched Glee, and I had a very vivid moment after Addie was born where I freaked out and realized “I FORGOT TO COUNT HER TOES!”
    There were ten, no worries.

  12. Those are some twisted dreams, sister. Yowsa. I’m so so so glad that you get to have a baby to hold and love on as much as you want. You are such a great mom and Mozzi is so lucky.

    Also, I am confused by this super long lasting “tube” of sour cream. Wha?

    Casey Reply:

    @Barb @ getupandplay, It’s from a baked potato I ordered at a deli one night. It’s a legit brand of sour cream, just…with super staying power.

    Did you never have weird dreams with Charlie?

  13. LOL, so very happy for you! Happy Valentine’s Day

  14. Love.

    I want to sniff your baby too. Is that too weird? are we not there yet?

    Casey Reply:

    @Katie, I sprayed makeup on your face, we’re totally to baby sniffing.

  15. That. Card. Is. Rad.

    I had dreams about a VERY fat Garth Brooks and Ed McMahon my last pregnancy. All very weird.

    Casey Reply:

    @Cecily R, Like, old school Garth Brooks or Chris Gaines Garth Brooks? Because that makes ALL the difference.

    Cecily R Reply:

    @Casey, Old school. Black hat (ready to pop off his chunky head) and all. He sang a very bad version of Unanswered Prayers and made me sit on his lap. Truthfully, it was kind of gross.

  16. Amy in StL says:

    That card cracked me up. It also made me sad that all my friends and coworkers have very recently had kids. So now I have to hope for Irish twins so I have an excuse for that card.

    Casey Reply:

    @Amy in StL, I know, it’s a good one to have in your card sending arsenal.

  17. Your story cracked me up – I have been having the craziest dreams – but in a totally scary way. The last one was total Resident Evil zombie style… even my sweet chihuaha’s went zombie-like. NOT fun to wake up to!

    In other news – that card rocks!


    Casey Reply:

    @Shannon, Oh man, the scary ones are awful. At least zombie dogs are a little easier to differentiate from reality/dream once you do wake up. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

  18. When I was pregnant with my first, I dreamed she came out with a perfect pageboy haircut and she had all her teeth. When I tried to breastfeed her she said “I don’t want breast milk. I’d rather have a pop tart.”

    Casey Reply:

    @Lizzy, *i die*

  19. I’m just so proud of your genitals & so happy your uterus is full of baby & placenta & blood & fluid! It’s so exciting! I want to sniff your baby & make her smile.

    And a tube of sour cream? That’s weird. XOXO

    Casey Reply:

    @Robin Plemmons, so much fluid. to think, fluid started this whole thing. and some mucous. yay!

  20. Wait until you realize you’re buying MILK that is within your due date. I remember that with Q vividly. It makes me so happy that this is really happening for you. Kisses.

    Casey Reply:

    @Angie, That one will be strange, there is a movie coming out two days before that I’d like to see…

  21. I don’t know…sounds pretty normal to me ;)–when pregnant with my now 4 1/2 year old, near the end, I too had the removing the baby dream (I think there was a zipper on my stomach involved?) and then panicked when I couldn’t get him back in.

    This go round, I’m still stuck at the very intense dreams where I wake up more tired than when I went to sleep. I have to say though, I’d almost prefer the weird dreams to the ones uh…involving what got me to my current state, uh, if you know what I mean (wherein I wake up furiously blushing). 😀