Shireen and I don’t have much in common, Cody and I don’t have much in common either, which is probably what makes my relationship with both of these people so wonderful.

I love birthdays, keeping surprises eats my spirit from the inside out and I like to make very big deals out of anything that could be considered a deal.

Shireen doesn’t really like birthdays, she can keep a surprise like a boss and doesn’t make very big deals out of many deals.


Shireen’s 30th birthday is Tuesday and through the secretly uniting powers of facebook I was able to bring together her mom, her childhood friends, her high school friends, her college friends and her new friends who live in her computer to plan a surprise birthday party for her. I EVEN KEPT IT A SECRET.

I had dinner with her Friday night and she was boo hooing about how she really wanted her friends to make a big deal out of her birthday and plan something for her, but she just knew her hopes were too high and she shouldn’t expect anything and just give in to being disappointed now. She also said she probably should have planned something herself but that requires effort and it’s always strange to plan your own birthday party.


I had to play along like I knew nothing.

I planned my own birthday party this year. I had the same high hopes but when my birthday week came and no one had even reserved me for anything at all? I figured it was time to take things into my own hands. When I told Cody I was planning myself a birthday party he said “What if I was planning you one for Friday and now you just ruined it?” Oh Cody, that’s funny that you even tried to make me believe that you were doing something, by the way, I got a babysitter for Saturday night and you’re taking me out to dinner.

After 12 years I’ve learned that my expectations can be a bit high and in order to not be disappointed on my birthday/anniversary/Mother’s Day/Christmas/Valentine’s I just have to do things myself and tell Cody where and when to show up.

It’s not horribly romantic, but it works. Every once in awhile Cody pulls of a surprise, I love it when he does.


Shireen and I went out last night, I pretended like we were going to dinner but before we made it to the door I shoved a blindfold over her eyes, a tiny sparkling top hat on her head, headphones over her ears,  put her back in my car, and took her to another friend’s house where there were a dozen lovely people waiting to hug and love on her.

She was much happier four minutes later. @justshireen

There was even an Edward Cullen cake that sparkled.

A #TeamEdward birthday cake for @justshireen. IT SPARKLES Y'ALL!

It was wonderful.

It was everything she deserved.

It took close to thirty years to weed out the turds in my life and surround myself with really good people. It was totally worth the wait and turd weeding to get to where I’m at today.

Happy Birthday Shireen. I sure do like you.


  1. Shireen definitely deserves so many things and SUPER AMAZING surprises. Happy Birthday, friend. I need to live closer to you all!!!

  2. This was so much fun! And, thanks for replacing the turds in my life as well. So glad we managed to weed our way to one another.

  3. So, I’m crying.

    there’s that.


  4. Erin Marie says:

    Haha. People (women) always complain about how their husband forgets their birthday or anniversary, and I just look at them and ask, “Did you remind him?” I’m definitely the same as you (make a big deal about anything at all… makes life FUN!), so I just make sure I remind my husband what’s coming up and send him links to the exact presents I want. If I send him more than he can get me, then it’s still a surprise. (Which do I get for my birthday and which did he bookmark for Christmas? Suspense!)

    ANYWAY, what a fun night. Gotta love Facebook. I’ve gotten a couple messages from randoms for mutual friends. Makes life interesting. 🙂

  5. Awwww so deserved!! You guys are so cute and sweet to your friends. 🙂

  6. turd weeding.

    that is awesome.

    but not as awesome as what you did for Shireen. She is one lucky gal to have you, but I suspect she already knows that. 🙂

  7. How lucky that she has you?! I’m just a tad bit jealous, ha! My 30th came and went this year with no sort of celebration. I have thrown quite a few surprise parties so I waited and waited for something…but alas I should have just done it myself 🙂

  8. So fun!

  9. I love you so much it’s embarrassing.

  10. Casey, we have that in common. I love surprising my friends, I like to make a big deal out of birthdays and much like you when it comes to my huz if I want it to be done I usually plan it and tell him what he’s doing for me. Yay us!

  11. That is pure awesome. Also? Please tell me your amazing eyelashes are fake. PLEASE…so I don’t have to add one more thing to my “I wanna be like Casey” lst.

  12. Amy in StL says:

    Holy cow, your eyelashes! I hope your girls inherit them – because I was always jealous that my brother inherited long eyelashes, but I did not.

  13. Well we’ve talked about this before so it should come as no surprise that I’m a hugely weepy mess after reading/watching all of this. Shireen is so lucky to have an amazing friend like you! And I promise you this- it might take a few years for me to be able to afford it (So it’ll really be a super super surprise by then) but I WILL surprise you for your birthday eventually. It might not be for another decade or so, but hey, who’s counting? 😉 I mean it. And I’m leaving that promise in a blog comment so it’s out there for the whole Internet to see. Love you Casey. You deserve sparkly cakes and surprise parties too, and you’re an amazing friend for planning something like this!!

  14. And what a lovely lady you are! I wish I had a friend like you to reciprocate that lovely treatment. Life is so hectic nowadays that friends and family are often put on hold – such a shame! … and birthdays? Forget it!


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