The first conference I ever went to I bought an entirely new wardrobe, head to toe. I had my hair done, I bought new shoes and I probably even went on a diet. I worried what everyone thought of me and was desperate to have all the people like me.

I’ve gone to other conferences since and while I didn’t buy entire new wardrobes, I did care very much about what I wore because something in my head said if I wore something cute it would be one less reason for people to judge me, or one less thing that would make me stand out in a sea of adorable pinterest worthy outfits — I would look as though I fit in even though I felt desperately out of place.

This past weekend I attended the I Heart Faces photography conference in Ohio. I packed very practical clothes and at one point ended up at a class in sweats and sneakers because my family had come along with me and it was more fun to play with my kids between classes while wearing sweats and sneakers. It was a good group of women, all there because they wanted to get better at something we all loved — photography. I never felt as though someone was sizing up what I was wearing, the camera I held in my hands or the pictures I produced with it.

I was comfortable. I haven’t felt comfortable in such a long time.

Maybe it’s because Cody was so close, and I always feel comfortable around Cody. Perhaps it’s because I had my girls close, they make me so happy. Perhaps it was just the perfect mix of old and new friends and doing something I haven’t done in a long time (really learning something new with my camera.) It was a really great conference. I learned some amazing things I’m looking forward to implementing and trying out.

Two thumbs up.

I hope this comfortable feeling lasts, because I have a long and busy week ahead of me, full of new people and new experiences.

Then @janawarnke's hair flew up @lucrecerb's nose. Oh, it was a good day. #iHeartFaces

Fingers crossed that this is what finding oneself feels like, because it feels pretty damn good.


  1. absolutely thrilled to hear it! so glad it was a great conference for you (and your family!)


  2. Comfortable is good!!

  3. Fingers crossed that this is what finding oneself feels like, because it feels pretty damn good.

    Tweet that ish.

  4. Finding my comfortable was the gift that my 30’s kept giving me over and over. I never felt quite sure and confident in myself enough in my 20’s to ever really get comfortable. As I’m working my way through the last year of my 30’s, I’m so curious what my 40’s will bring!

  5. Based on your photos I think it’s going to last awhile!

    So you’re saying I shouldn’t buy a new outfit for my first blogging conference on Saturday?

  6. I’ve been trying so hard to feel comfortable like that. Way to go! It’s definitely not easy.