the moosh has been putting up with her dad and his damn highlighters for three years.
Bitty moosh tiger..grrr
I have put up with taking a striped child out in public for three years.
the moosh.
Little did Cody know the moosh has been plotting her revenge.
moosh tounge as a tiger.
And oh, how sweet it was.
Sweet Sweet Revenge
Sweet deliciousness of sweet revenge is hers.
The rare Crayola Tiger...grrr


  1. You guys are NUTTY – and I LOVE IT!!! I busted out laughing on this one.

  2. What a precious father/daughter bonding experience.

  3. Is your punk dad missing his pens?

    A true parental “highlight.”

  4. You guys are awesome parents! I can’t remember the last time I didn’t yell at my kids for writing on themselves with markers of any kind (revenge or not!). You’re awesome!

  5. SO fun. Love her little green shirt. You guys are such a wonderful family. Hope there have veen no more break ins and no more hurt shoulders. Love you.

  6. So fun! I let Dom take the pen to my legs sometimes… he does it to his too but it’s sometimes easier for me to rinse off than to get him scrubbed… one day I woke up one morning and ran out the door to the bakery for breakfast. When I got home, I realized that I had these circles on the thighs… LOVELY! It looked like I had just left a plastic surgeon’s office after a lipo consultation or something.

  7. Too funny. The Moosh is very cunning, waiting until she developed, you know, fine motor skills before getting her revenge on Daddy and his highlighters …

  8. I’ve said it so many times but I have to say it again….she is so adorable!

  9. That is a great little person you have there…

  10. Hey Casey, I’ve been reading you for a long time, and I think I commented back when you were a fellow blogspot writer. You know, before you were a REAL blogger, with your own domain etc. =)

    These pictures are great! Have you ever turned a blacklight onto your decorated child? She’ll really glow then! =)

  11. Nice. How long does it take for that to scrub off? I like her sense of design…

  12. I love it. That’s a good daddy to let his face be enhanced so beautifully with what is clearly a remarkable talent.

    Stinkerbell’s gym teacher draws parts of a smiley face for each lap they jog around a track. (yes, gym teachers are still cruel.) Because I went to high school with this particular gal, I instructed Stinkerbell to fuss on her about having to wash marker off her hand every other day. She very nicely sent home instructions to rub the marks with lotion and wipe off wash with soap and repeat until the dang smiles are gone.

    I haven’t actually had to try it, cuz Stinkerbell washes it off herself at school now.

    yup, my kid is great.

  13. Good job Moosh!!!

  14. Oh, she loves that revenge! Plus, it looks good on her.

  15. Oh how funny! And what a great sport Cody is to let the Moosh turn him into her personal canvas!

  16. Oh, the law school highlighter! You will happy to know they go away once you are practicing!

    Such sweet revenge!

  17. love that photo of Cody- looks like you all had a really great time being silly.

  18. That’s hilarious. How hard is it to remove highlighter from skin?

  19. He’s almost as cute as my Boo.

    Stripes and all.

    Good job woman. Now, let me know how that bikini wearing goes. I’m getting ready to don my own Nov. 16.


  20. Those are the cutest dang pictures!

  21. tooooo cuuuuuuuute! love that moosh

  22. *snort* have i told you lately how much i love your daughter? oh the trouble she and jake could get into!!!

  23. Take THAT, Daddy! HAHAHAHA! Good job, Moosh!!

  24. PERFECT! I love it!

  25. so, wait, when you say she’s been putting up with them… does that mean daddy was doing the drawing on moosh?

    that is one adorable kid.