I’d just like to throw out there that picking a new car with your spouse is much like trying to pick out a new pen!s.

He wants power with lots of get up and go, I want comfort and reliability. Cost is obviously a concern. But so is performance. You want it to last a long time without much maintenance but not be so flashy with the bells and whistles that it stands out in crowd. But then again you don’t want what every other Tom, Dick and Harry is driving around. It needs to be fuel efficient or you’ll never really enjoy using it in today’s economy. Size is important, you obviously don’t want some little dinghy thing doing your everyday bidness but you also don’t want something so big that it becomes in hindrance. (Parking in tight spaces, hello?) Preferably a color you both like with soft supple leather to cradle your body when on long road trips. It obviously has to be practical or people will start thinking you’re compensating for something. And don’t forget the whole used vs. new debate. Do you really want one someone else has probably clipped their toenails in and took for a ride around the village a few dozen times with who knows what riding shotgun? Think of the things that could be hiding under the hood of those with “experience.” *shiver*

At the same time his is just a few drives away from dying. Can’t take too long to decide because mama needs daddy to have a good reliable “family wagon” or her whole day is thrown off.

Don’t even get me started on the convenience of push button start, DVD navigation and dual climate control.

Can you just imagine?


  1. oh. holy. heck. You’re funny!
    I’ll never look at a rental car the same way again, now.

    I’m de-lurking to say hi, and that I enjoy your witty posts and the Moosh-tastic curls. I hope my future daughter (if God will ever grant me one!!) has beautiful curls like hers. Congrats.

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  2. We’re car shopping right now too. So I totally and 100% feel your pain.

    And thank you for shedding light on the whole new/used situation. That made THAT decision easier!

    Jen’s last blog post..going waaaay back

  3. Aaahhh ha ha! AAAAaaaand, good luck with THAT, as well!
    Those were some spiffy comparisons there, too, sister! har-de-har…. 😀

    Mandy’s last blog post..Time Out

  4. I have a used car. I hate it. And now every time I get in it, I will think about someone’s toenail clippings. BLEEEEEEECH.

    heather’s last blog post..A Teenager’s Obscene Letter of Love

  5. our family car is on its 220,365th mile. Thanks for reminding me what I’m NOT looking forward to.

  6. toenails…yech!

    Antonette’s last blog post..Rub-a-Dub-Dub

  7. Unfreakingbelievable. This is pure genius. GENIUS.

    AFRo’s last blog post..It Just Got Here

  8. Oh, I’d rather be beaten to death with a bag of hot nickels than go car shopping. It wears me out.

    Shamelessly Sassy’s last blog post..Pink Lines & She’s All Mine

  9. I’d just like to throw out there that picking a new car with your spouse is much like trying to pick out a new pen!s.

    Ahahahaha. That line is completely brilliant.

    Missy’s last blog post..I’m There

  10. I’m pickin’ up my used pt cruiser this weekend. This will be something like our 20th car since we’ve been married. It isn’t my first cruiser, either, but I am pumped- they’re cute, but not girly, small, but plenty of head room, and with only 4 cylinders and a turbo, I will be getting great gas mileage. WAY better than the lifted F250 Diesel I’m driving now!

    We always buy used. And we don’t do car notes. The minute you drive off the lot in a new car, that resale value goes DOWN. But, if you’re thinking you’ll hold on to the car forever, then don’t worry about it.

    Charli’s last blog post..Unintentional Blog Break is Over

  11. Oh my. I will never think of my car the same. Good thing it’s only a Camry and not something more…visionary…like an H3 or something.

    Camille’s last blog post..{Get Real}

  12. I have a headache and I don’t want it coming near me…

    Kimmie’s last blog post..My Friend

  13. I just went through the same experience. However, I was fortunate to find a new 2007 that fit my needs and was $8000 below list (because it was an ’07 and the dealer wanted to sell).

    If I could offer one vote (assuming “in Indy” means Indianapolis or at least the midwest), it’d be for remote start. Power is great, bells and whistles are fun, but being able to step into a warmed car? Priceless.

    (Oh, and if the pen!s is leathery, I think that someone should see their doctor immediately. But that’s just me.)

    SciFi Dad’s last blog post..SFD: Six Degrees

  14. Oh my. TOO FUNNY! I am of course shuddering at the toenails thought though.

    Oh and many apologies for the law school reference. I did NOT intend to make you cry. 🙁

    Kristin’s last blog post..Why I need more coffee.

  15. We have much the same discussions when we get new cars… this route we went with “you can pick what you want, and I’ll get what I want.” I kind of like having my very own car for once, with everything “I” want!

    Kris’s last blog post..Never a dull moment…

  16. We’ve been thinking of getting a new car as well. NOT looking forward to it, but we need something more fuel efficient.

    Thanks for your comment! I would preface the whole “not old enough to have a 14 year old” by saying that he’s actually my step-son, but my oldest son is 13, so that doesn’t help much – LOL!

    Melody’s last blog post..Friday stuff

  17. We’re waiting to see how many jellybeans we’re gestating before we start to seriously look at buying a new vehicle. (we find out next Thurs!!!) I keep having dreams (nightmares?) of twins. If that’s true then we need to go car shopping (kill me now please) ~ if it’s not (pleasepleasepleasepleaseGod!) then we will hang on to our Altima for another year or two & then look at upgrading. I just don’t want to have a car note again & we can’t afford to pay cash at this point.

    Rock meet hard place!
    (Did I use enough paran-whatevers in this response?!)

    Bellamomma’s last blog post..Surprisingly, this does not irk me

  18. you said dick.

    ali’s last blog post..some words of wisdom and a very important question

  19. All I could think about was the penis comparison. “push button start”! HA!

    Marie Green’s last blog post..Good Day

  20. clipped toenails in the car? I’m shuddering at the possibility. ewwwww.

    Rhea’s last blog post..What do you want to be when you grow up?

  21. I survived car shopping last year and I love my push button start.

    I’m thinking I shouldhave gotten the soft leather to hold my bum too…

  22. Get a Toyota, it will last forever, says my 1994 Lexus with 280,000 miles on it! It’s still going strong. No end in sight! AND it cradles me in the finest luxury 1994 had to offer.

    Jenny from Mommin’ it Up!’s last blog post..Everyone’s a-twitter…

  23. My husband always has me make the major purchasing decisions: as long as the car is big enough for his height, he doesn’t care. No PRESSURE or anything.

    We always buy a certified used car because you save at least 5 grand. They’re well-cleaned–trust me!

    KEEP IN MIND: Indiana has an excise tax (you probably know this) and you will pay a percentage of the price you PAID FOR YOUR car every year for as long as you live here and that amount will barely budge. We recently found this shocking, as we had to pay a $1000 excise tax on our 2004 Honda CRV. So if cash flow is crunched, beware that you might get dinged next year.

    Good luck!

    Must be Motherhood’s last blog post..Can I get a whistle?

  24. Bahaha Nice! I had to read that twice just to get that analogy out of my head!
    Oh the car headache! If you can, get new.

    Clink’s last blog post..five

  25. A new car would be nice. If I could only pay off the one I currently have. Don’t ever lease and then decided to buy it at the end of the lease, it takes forever to pay it off. I plan on keeping it until it dies to make it worth it though.

    Just Me’s last blog post..Holy crap

  26. i HATE car shopping with my husband…good luck I hope you find something that fits BOTH of your needs.

    staciesmadness’s last blog post..Me, It’s all about ME…

  27. we are for sure used car people. I live with one of the most frugal men on the planet. Which has it’s ups and downs really. Let us know what you end up with!

    ellinghouse’s last blog post..Beana Baby Sling – review

  28. I hate car shopping. I usually shop on-line and at least have an idea of what I want before I go.

    We pay cash for our vehicles and bought a Denali 18 mos ago. Now with fuel prices I’m glad I work from home. =)

    Darla’s last blog post..Check your buttons & flies….

  29. We buy the same exact Suburban every single time -Green, red now black.

    You want it? I can’t buy gas anymore. D’oh!

    Mrs. Fussypants’s last blog post..Fight the Frump – Q & A with Fussy

  30. Thankfully there are only a few vehicles that will fit 4 carseats and a booster. So my choices are limited to the gas guzzler or the really bad gas guzzler.

    But it makes the buying pretty easy!