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I can vividly remember moments growing up when I truly believed my parents could do anything.

My dad could make anything. Christmas ornaments, cabinets, frames, chairs, desks and entire cities for my toy cars.

My mom knew everything there was to know about plants and gardening. She could sew perfect dresses and costumes. She could take spectacular pictures and knew how to do things with computers that most people still don’t know how to do.

Both of my parents were always really good cooks and they both married people who had a whole other mess of skills. My step mom can decorate better than Martha herself and my step dad knows how to make arrowheads and embalm a body (so really this one doesn’t do me much good but it’s always fun to say it and watch people squirm.)

My sister knows anything and everything there is to know about dogs and cats.

Cody knows all that legal crap they taught him in school plus he knows how to build a fire like a champ and I’m pretty sure he knows more about football than 90% of the people on ESPN.

I know a thing or two.

But there’s a lot that I don’t know.

I wish I would have spent more time learning from my parents about the things they are so good at.

And even though Addie will always think I possess some sort of superhero power until she’s old enough to realize I’m pretty normal, I don’t want to let her down.

I guess I should say there’s a lot that I don’t know, but that I want to know.

Coconut Cake.

I teach her about food and cooking any chance I get. This is important to me.

The newest thing I’m teaching myself?


I want to be able to grow a lovely garden with flowers, maybe even some herbs. Someday vegetables.

Guess what? Growing plants is not easy for me. I do not speak leaf. I don’t get it. I kill unkillable plants.

But there was a time that baking bread wasn’t easy for me either.

But I am going to learn how to grow plants. And Addie is going to learn with me.

Oldfields Lilly Gardens and Greenhouse, Indianapolis

We’re going to keep these little green things alive together (so maybe that’s a way to dissuade my guilt in case of the worst.)

Addie has inspired me to learn so much more than I would have ever learned if I hadn’t become her mom.

And because of her I am not going to be giving up on my plants, we’re going to celebrate our bloomed orchids together (true story!) and mourn our crispy herb garden as well (sadly, also a true story.)

What have your kids inspired you to learn? What did your parents teach you that you’ll forever be grateful for?

I don’t think many people appreciate what their parents know, I know I don’t (sorry guys.)

One comment will be picked at random to win a bedtime kit valued at over $175 (see the full kit here) depending on how you do bedtime at your house it can easily be the best time of day to teach your kids a thing or two.

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  1. My kids know I can’t make ****. Except for arguments. I make those pretty well.

  2. Just read this in The New York Times and it reminded me of this post/your blog. Such a beautiful idea:

  3. My kids have taught me to love unconditionally and they made me realize that no matter how small that single thread of happiness feels, they can pull the whole ball of yarn out of me with just a smile. Now as a parent I realize also how much I took/take my parents for granted. And I also realize how hard it’s going to be without them to turn to.

  4. My six month old daughter and I are visiting my parents for a week. Reading this made me think of what they know…I think it’s pretty awesome that they both know how to save a life in a pinch. My dad’s a firefighter and my mom is a nurse – pretty awesome responsibilities. I guess we’re in pretty safe hands 🙂