the moosh and I don’t see much of the man in our lives when school is in session. I haven’t seen him for over 36 hours, the moosh, even longer.

the moosh did see a mannequin dressed very similar to how the moosh daddy dresses and ran up to it screaming “DADDY! MY DADDY!” and ripped the arm off trying to get the mannequin to follow us.

Lion hug

It’s been a sad sad pathetic day for all involved.


  1. Proud to dazzle first- and oh my do I ever understand! My DH is air force and while he was deployed my daughter would practically attack any man in uniform who looked even slightly like Chris. It’s hard on everyone when they are working such long hours!

  2. Having been in law school (single) and now having a husband who travels a lot (while our daughter misses him), I can SO relate!

  3. Oh, that makes me cry that the moosh thought the mannequin was her daddy :(.

    She won’t be scared (is that how you type it? scar-ed/scarred… I don’t remember) for life, though… i apparently went just as long without seeing my dad when I was her age, and we are really tight now.

  4. Such a cute photo…

  5. Aw. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have my husband and daddy to my son in law school. Hugs

  6. I won’t complain about my husband coming home an hour late ever again……well maybe just for this week….

  7. awww..what a sweet picture.

  8. One day when Matilda was two we were sitting on the lawn outside our public library, when out of no where she points at a random stranger and yells, “THAT’S MY DADDY!” The poor guy was completely freaked out and I was completely speechless. She did not, thank goodness, try to rip his arm off.

  9. Aaw poor moosh, it’s a temporary situation. My best friend back home just started her last year of law school. Her husband is a single daddy to 3 during the school year. It sucks, she hates, he hates it but it will be over soon and all the sacrifices will be worth it. Keep your chin up and keep the moosh away from the manniquins!!

  10. that’s so funny…but not really, right??

    i’m looking forward to this.

  11. Ohhh… how poignant. That’s the only word that fits… assuming it means what I think it means. The mannequin arm part is so funny, but the overall is just so – sad!

    I miss my almost-husband, he is working two jobs and playing bass in a band.

  12. Awww.. that’s too sweet, poor [manne-daddy]

  13. awww…that must be so hard for both of you…thank God for blogs, eh? (wow…that sounded soooo Canadian!)

    i love the picture…beyond cute!

  14. Sweet, but in a tough way.
    Was the mannequin good looking at least?

  15. Awww – poor thing! Hope you guys get to spend some time together soon.

    P.S. That picture is so cute I want to stab myself in the eye!

  16. Poor little tyke. Only 2 years to go, right?

  17. awwww precious girl….

    maybe you should have a life size cut out of him made…

  18. Agh, too sweet!! It would be hard living that lifestyle. I have a friend who’s husband is in med school and they have a little one and it’s a lot like this.

  19. Awww, that’s got to be tough. hang in there!

  20. That sucks. I hope you get to see more of him soon.

    At least he has a super-cute lion to attack him when he’s home.

  21. That’s definitely tough! But the picture is adorable!

  22. ohhh i almost forgot…when jake was 2, every time he saw a black man he’d yell “paw paw!!” (my dad)

  23. Oh, my heart! That may very well be the cutest picture I’ve EVER seen.

  24. Oh…that is sad.

    I’m lucky…Travis did law school BEFORE we had G-Man. I didn’t see him often…that is true…but made it easier not to have a toddler ripping arms off of “Daddy” and to deal with that loneliness.

    I just had a lot of “Me-Time”. Yay!

  25. Sounds a lot like residency. We would see our daddy for DAYS. I’m not joking. DAYS. Don’t worry. It does eventually come to an end.

  26. That’s so sad. TM had a chance to take a job that paid twice what his current one does, but he’d be gone 9a-9p in the summer and 5p-9m in the winter.

    It was a really hard choice, but he turned it down. I think it was more him not wanting to DEAL WITH ME after leaving me alone with the kids ALL THE TIME than him just not wanting to be gone. But, whatever works! Now we’re poor and hate our jobs but he’ll be there nightly.

    It sucks to have to make choices like that. We all do what we can for our families. Your situation will get better someday, but I’m sorry it’s so lonely now! (((HUGS!))

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