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My dad doesn’t do twitter.

He doesn’t do Instagram.

He’s not on Facebook.

He doesn’t read my blog (my step-mom does, hi Gramma Flower! He says I talk about my uterus too much.)

Needless to say my dad misses out on a lot, I sometimes forget he’s completely unaware of almost everything I’m doing because unless I call or text him, he’s in the technological dark. There was an entire month where every text I sent him was from a different state, sometimes even country. He jokingly texted me on a random Thursday afternoon “Where’s Waldo?” Of course I texted back that I was on my way to the airport. Because I was. Again.

(I told my sister to set up a Facebook and Instagram account for him so he can follow just the two of us. Seems totally smart right?)

Until then, I’ll keep sending him stories I make with the new Story App from Disney.

(brilliant segue, no?)

He can get the whole story through little captions, multiple photos and sometimes even a video or two.

Way easier than texting him 20 photos trying to explain what is going on, and he can also enjoy them over and over and over.

If he *were* on Facebook he could see them there too, but baby steps. (We’re still working on email.)

For the privacy monster in him, he’ll be pleased to know that stories can only be shared with those whom I choose to share them with (unless I publish them to Facebook, then my Facebook privacy settings take over.) The app is still really new in app years, but I’m in love. It’s like tiny little visual micro blog posts without having to know HTML, use slideshows or know much about tech at all. It’s only going to get better, which is exciting.
The app is free from the app store (I use it on my iPad because it isn’t available for Android YET.) Let all those little stories inside your phone free. They’re begging to be shared.


  1. Casey,
    I hope you’re feeling much better! I love the Disney Story app and just used it for our anniversary photos! As soon as Catherine Connors rolled it out, I downloaded it! So, my question to you, Miss Disney, is how do I embed the story into my blog post on wordpress? Any clue? I see it comes with a fancy, easy to use code to embed the story but I’m not sure how to insert it into a post. #bloggingissues Any help is appreciated. Beautiful stories! You make me smile when I see your videos, you’re just adorable 🙂

  2. YES YES YES. I’m in grad school to be a speech-language pathologist, and we make a LOT of social stories. Social stories are personalized stories to help kiddos with various communication challenges, and we use them mostly with kids on the autism spectrum. (We use them for lots of stuff, actually… I’ve used them to prep a kid going into surgery for a cochlear implant, and for a little girl in hippotherapy about wearing a helmet on a horse!) THIS is a HUGE resource, as we don’t always have the time/supplies to make a physical book. Plus, it makes such a huge difference if we can use pictures of the kids themselves! So, so powerful. Awesome awesome awesome.


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