Say hello to the Dentist and Attorneys of the class of 2008.

Future Lawyers of America

(Except for the really pregnant one and the one with me, they’re the attorneys of the class of 2009. *grumble* one more year *grumble*)

We all went out to treat ourselves to fancy dinner before heading off to different corners of the Nation to become grownups. (snicker) Our reservation was at what I think is the most famous steakhouse in Indiana. Imagine our surprise when they led us down into the basement to our private table in the wine cellar.

We’re all Mormon. None of us drink. Instead of giddy anticipation we were all overcome with a general sense of confusion at our surroundings. Me being the not wine drinker that I am badgered our waiter with all sorts of wine related questions (after I ordered a Coke of course)

“What’s the oldest bottle in here?” I asked

“That would be the 1902 blah blah something in French blah blah over here that sells for $8,500.”

Really Old Wine

Folks, that right there is a bottle of hundred and five year old wine that is worth half a semester of Law School.

Then I learned about the limited edition bottle of champagne that is promised to the owner of the Dallas Cowboys if it doesn’t sell by January 2009. It was only $8,000. And it came with a fancy box. That locked.

Champagne Pony

Then came the menu. The hunks of beef at this place weren’t cheap. BUT WHOO, they were good. (Sorry PETA)

Prime Rib

I had prime rib. I had 32 oz. of prime rib. I ate 1/60th of my weight in cow.

Does anybody know about the legend of the tomato juice? No?

Well supposedly steak houses at the turn of the century would serve you a glass of tomato juice as an palate cleanser and to aid in digestion. The tomato juice supposedly helps your body digest steak. Did I say supposedly? IT TOTALLY DOES. Someone my size who is used to eating string cheese and Cheetos should have been miserable after that much cow. But I felt just dandy. Even Cody, the self proclaimed meat eating champion of 2000 couldn’t even keep up with me.

Legend of the Tomato Juice

If I was anemic before Saturday night, I guarantee I’m not anymore.

Steak Eaters

So that was our dinner.

I’d be letting you down if I didn’t tell you what the server’s face looked like when he realized that the enormous table IN THE WINE CELLAR ordered nothing but water, Coke and lemonade.

It was somewhere between a kid who got coal in his stocking on Christmas and someone who’d just been told his Pony Christol had died.


  1. How can I be first?

    I almost feel sorry for the dude. But I bet the pony cost way too much to room and board, so I’m sure he’s better off.

    Dude, we make jokes about how our firm’s life insurer would go out of business if our building spontaneously combusted.

    LawyerMama’s last blog post..For Jenny, The Bloggess

  2. I’m trying not to think about the fact that a guy spend as much money on a bottle of Champagne as I would to pay off my car.


    And while the steak sounds lovely, I would much rather have one of your cakes.

    (Am I sounding like a broken record lately?)

    Loralee’s last blog post..The end of the Diet Coke drought

  3. Haha… you ordered COKE? GASP. That is a major Mormon faux-pas ’round these parts. Back when I was still LDS I ordered a coke when I was out with some LDS friends and you should have SEEN the way the entire table stopped to glare at me! Hee hee… such a trouble maker I am, drinking COKE. 😀

    Also? 8500$ for HALF a semester of law school? YEEPS. You should have come to Canada! My husband’s tuition is only (yeah, ONLY… heh) $15,000/year. Not too shabby for tuition at one of the best law schools in Canadialand!

  4. Someone tried telling me that Mormons don’t eat chocolate. How hilarious is that? I directed them to the cake recipe on your blog. 🙂 Misconceptions abound, this I know, but c’mon! Chocolate?? Sheesh. He was probably bummed because when people buy booze with dinner, they tip more both because they’re intoxicated and because booze is pricey, which drives up the bill.

    Casey’s last blog post..Shamrock

  5. that is one honkin’ piece of meat! I have the occasional glass of wine or other drink, but boy I would NEVER EVER pay that much. Yikes!

    Holly’s last blog post..Newsworthy?

  6. I would rather have a pony too.

  7. I should have read this post after dinner. I’m starving and the cow looked divine!

    AFRo’s last blog post..Another Milestone

  8. The title of this post sounds like the beginning of a joke, “so these ten Mormons walk into a wine cellar…”

    Heather’s last blog post..One step forward, two steps back

  9. This place sounds (and looks yummy), but you left out the name. I need a good place when I go to Indiaina. ANything is better than my sisters cookin’. And then we will just swing by for some CHocolate cake…………

    Adrienne’s last blog post..Some Bunny Loves You!

  10. Yum…I’ve always wanted to try St. Elmo’s! Somehow I had convinced myself that surely it’s not worth all that money, but now you have changed my tune. Table for two please!

    Katie’s last blog post..Swisher Weigh-Down

  11. So why do you never take just one Mormon fishing? Because he’ll drink all your beer. *snicker*

    Kris’s last blog post..House Hunting…

  12. Oh that’s funny. If I had gone I’d have drunk the wine and you could have my cow.

    Reese’s last blog post..Wedding Schmedding

  13. Holy cow. Ha. Steak, good! Oh who needs a pony when you can have steak!

    Kristin’s last blog post..Would you like some cheese with your whine ma’am?

  14. Yummy! Was it as good as Ruby River? I LOVE that place. Course the one we always went to is in Ogden, not even sure they have one down in your parts.
    So is THAT where the $600+ dinner bill came from? SWEET!

  15. Wow. That there is a honkin’ steak! Wow.

    Barb’s last blog post..Sick… just let me die…

  16. Ha Ha.
    That steak. I. Want.
    Tomato juice, hmmmmmm. You have given me something to think about.
    I rachel’s last blog post..The Manic Mom Dash: Or Naked in Target

  17. Nom nom nom nom nom nom…..


    Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants’s last blog post..Fussy’s Linkapalooza – This Last Trimester Ain’t for Sissies

  18. Ha ha I always figure waiters are disappointed when me and my Mormon friends all order water with lemon and/or raspberry lemonades.

    And a 32 oz steak???? I am so impressed.

    Anth’s last blog post..Weekend Recap

  19. The only reason we can afford the steak is because we don’t drink the wine…

  20. Oooh…St. Elmo’s. I haven’t ever eaten there, but I dream of it!! We went to Ruth’s Chris (you know, the other insanely expensive red meat place in indy) for a company party a little over a year ago…next time they need to take us to St. Elmo’s *lol*

    Now wait…You…YOU got a 32oz steak into that tiny body!! I am SO jealous! Sheesh.

    But thanks for the tomato juice tip. I’ll express it to my hubby who ADORES red meat, but who’s stomach does not like it very much 😉

    Sadie’s last blog post..I’ll count my blessings instead of sheep…

  21. Poor waiter, was hoping you’d order an $8000 bottle of wine – makes for a nice tip. Plus, they don’t get to do the snooty waiter dance when you don’t order wine. Well, not the full, wine bearing snooty waiter dance. That steak looked gooood!

    Mandi’s last blog post..There’s a Bun in My…..Hard Drive??

  22. Please tell me you tried the extremely overpriced, but world-famous Shrimp ****tail. That dish is spicy enough to really get your sweat on!

    We have had a $100 gift card to St. Elmo’s for over a year. That should cover part of dinner for two. I like the food there, but man is it spendy.

    Sue’s last blog post..Hips Don’t Lie (but my Driver’s License does)

  23. That’s hilarious!

    The wine-drinking vegetarian in me is intrigued by your steak-eating, water-drinking reality. Although, I have never spent more than $30 on a bottle of wine (wow!)…

    andi’s last blog post..The origins of the bruise and a bonus anecdote

  24. Ooh, looks like fun, Casey! I know that look on the waiter’s face: it’s the one I get as the vegetarian in the steak house 🙂

    mimi’s last blog post..I’m sorry, I’m sorry, little bit afraid

  25. Tomato juice? I’ll have to try that sometime. Not Mormon, but I would have ordered Coke too. lol
    BTW I am now twittered.

    Antonette’s last blog post..Crazy Rabbits…

  26. we save so much money by staying sober lol! Poor waiter lol!

    Lou’s last blog post..A Visit

  27. I’d rather a pony named Christol also. lol Fun pictures and story. That meat looked delicious!! I had no idea about the tomato juice, good to know.

    Rhea’s last blog post..Would you like some ham with that scavenger hunt?

  28. Great now I’m hungry lol

  29. I know how you feel. Try being a diabetic mormon lawyer wannabe on a boat in the Hudson River. The only thing onboard for you to drink is Diet Coke and the fat secretaries already took all three of them.

    (my husband’s story not mine)

    good&crazy’s last blog post..Would you like to try…

  30. Last winter we took our oldest son to Indianapolis for his first Colts game … and I had by far the most awesome dinner EVER at St. Elmo’s … and the highlight of the night was watching our then-9 year old inhale a shrimp that he slathered with their ****tail sauce!

    Thanks for the great post!

  31. The dinner looks pretty tasty, I’ll have to remember the tip about the tomato juice too!

    Nicole’s last blog post..Nico in the Pursuit of Savings, part 5

  32. Somehow something tells me this blog post title needs to be the title of a novel.

    Jen M’s last blog post..Ask the WrinkleRexic

  33. I would think that if you went there, you could either eat OR drink at that price!

    Mrs. Mustard’s last blog post..Why I caca’d on Earth Hour

  34. i am an experienced steak eater, but 32 oz? wow!

    one thing about the tomato juice: consuming vitamin c helps to aid iron absorption.

    tomato=vitamin c

    a yummy combo

    megachick’s last blog tooth loss contagious?