10. Now that Vivi can walk she spends her afternoons wandering aimlessly around the lower level of our house. Sometimes she carries stuff around with her while other times she sings as she meanders. I’m curious what her new interest will be once walking around in pointless circles gets boring.

thirteen months

9. Vivi watches Addie for everything. Addie sticks raspberries on her fingers? Vivi sticks raspberries on her fingers. I’m grateful Addie’s a fairly well behaved child because Vivi is her shadow in everything these days.

Addie taught Vivi how to put raspberries on her fingers

8. Vivi likes to rest her feet on things. Especially the table as she’s eating. Manners? What manners?

we apparently have no manners in our house.

7. Vivi likes to cross her ankles when she’s interested in something. I call it ‘stacking her piggies.’

miss vivi

miss vivi

6. It’s official, Vivi’s thighs are one of the Internets five most favorite things.

Chubby baby wearing a bib as a cape playing with a blue balloon, naturally.

5. Vivi loves her bunny. She will only hand bunny off to people she likes or trusts. If someone who is not in her circle of trust tries to handle bunny? She’ll see to it that nothing like that ever happens again.

vivi and bunny

4. Vivi likes to bodyslam things. Pillows, balls, balloons, cats…she’s also been known to sneak up on someone laying on the floor and bodyslam them. Surprise!

Chubby baby wearing a bib as a cape playing with a blue balloon, naturally.

3. Vivi does a mean downward dog, only recently has she started modifying it. Proof that yoga isn’t just for skinny people.

thirteen months

2. Vivi got her first haircut two weeks ago and still looks like a shaggy little baby. We’re not quite sure what to do with all that hair up there, she rips out clips as soon as we get them in.

miss vivi

1. I am so, so happy with these two girls in my life. Addie is everything to Vivi and Vivi is everything to Addie. The love between them just makes my head twirl. (Also, this photo may just be one of my new all time favorites.)

addie and vivi

I wonder how many of these little things I would have forgotten had I never photographed them or written them down…


Vivi’s blue romper from Scout Kids via Zulily.

I’ll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team next month and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories and experiences with you here several more times throughout the month before beginning over there full time in early July. This post is sponsored by Disney Baby.


  1. Her thighs are definitely one of my favorite things!

  2. Audrey does the feet on the table thing too! Silly girls.

    She is breathtaking, seriously.

  3. What adorable moments you have captured!

  4. What a cutie!! I just found your blog via your hubby’s babble post about mistakes. I really appreciate when couples are real and share their struggles. It helps the rest of us know we’re not alone! I’m a mom blogger from the Indy area too. Its fun to see other blog posts about our hometown!

  5. Too cute! She’s got so much hair! A is 15 months & still hasn’t gotten a hair cut!

  6. Mandi Bone says:

    I always say that my Evie wasn’t just meant to be my daughter but she was meant to be Amelia’s sister. It looks that it is that way for Addie and Vivi.

  7. I love Vivi loving her bunny. What’s that placemat? It looks like it might be good for baby-led weaning, which we’ve just started. Let’s just say that the dog is getting his share of veggies.

    Casey Reply:

    @KDA, The place mat is called a Tiny Diner, sticks to the table with suction cups and it’s AMAZING. We have two and take one to restaurants with us.

  8. I found you last week via 4tunate.com and just can’t get enough!! Your Vivi reminds me of my Gracie girl … thighs, electric hair and downward dog in light of rolls and all! I have had fun following your blog & beautiful pics – I love looking in at my babies through a lens & you have a talent for doing so w/ your girls. ALSO, have really been touched by your postpartum and depression posts…I have had a whirlwind of emotions, anxiety, hormones (infertility meds induced and not) & depression & panic (18 mo old triplets) over the last 4 yrs & leading up to now…and it is so nice to know I am not alone out there. I’m just learning to accept it is, and always will be part of me- I won’t wake up one day & its gone – but it can be better. You seem to have the same take – thanks for writing & sharing about it!

  9. I love her thighs. At 2.5, our Addison has lost so much of her rolls, and it’s sad. Also, she has a bunny, which she calls “dubbie,” that is probably more important to her than I am. She sucks on its ears and it becomes the nastiest, most horrible mess of stink and germs you can imagine. But she still loves it, perhaps even more.

  10. My 8 month old seems to think its acceptable to prop her piggies on the table too! Love the pics!

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    Also, since Vivi copies Addie, if Addie wears clips in her hair, maybe Vivi would want them, too? Could be worth a shot!

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    This just makes me happy. That is all.

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    My littlest also bodyslams. WHY. It’s so, uh, vomitous.

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