Back in November Chevy delivered a 2010 Camaro RS in yellow to my front door for us to drive around for one week. (Back story, I drove one at Blogher in July and told Christopher Barger that driving one a 2010 yellow Camaro was on Cody’s life list, Christopher’s words? “LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN.” And he did. Thank you Chris!)

camaro OOOOOOO!

So first is Cody’s review. He will own one of these cars. And I am okay with that. He grew up with two Camaros in his garage (a ’71 and an ’89 IROC.) I don’t think he could find a single fault with the car except that it wasn’t the V8. And that there weren’t enough hours in the day to drive it.

husbands driving camaros are happy husbands.

My review? Well, let’s just say the toilet in our new house broke (surprise!) only we didn’t care because we had the Camaro. Not only did we drive to Home Depot at 8pm. We drove to the Home Depot two counties away BECAUSE WE COULD. (There’s actually a Home Depot less than five minutes away from our house.)

late night home depot runs are fun in a camaro.

We also drove it to church the one Sunday we had it. We had a hard time listening in church with all the bickering the minivans were doing outside over who got to go out of the parking lot behind it when church was over.

camaros make all the minivans at church jealous.

I also slammed my finger in the door. The very big. very heavy. very tightly closing door. Ow. I cried. My finger swelled to three times its normal size. I formed a blood blister on the pad of my finger and my fingernail has since turned black and is ready to fall off. But you know what makes it okay? Driving to CVS in a Camaro. To buy a finger splint.

late night drug store runs in a camaro are fun.

camaros kiss your finger better, even aftery they smash them.

Cody and I went on a hot date in the Camaro and we ended up on the Sirius radio station “90’s on 9” It was at this moment when rocking out to “Baby Got Back” that ZOMG we’re becoming those people our child will be embarrassed to be seen with! But guess what? Stuff like that doesn’t matter when you’re in a Camaro.

Addie and I also used OnStar. I’ve never used OnStar before, I’ve always wanted to. I know it’s for saving your life and stuff but we used it to find the nearest Dairy Queen. (What? Girl Scout Cookie Blizzards, need I say more?) Not only did the nice lady find us one but the Camaro gave us turn by turn directions to said Blizzards.

Driving past elementary schools in a Camaro? Eight year old boys run to the fence screaming, leaving you feel like a rockstar. (Okay, more like a Wiggle, but whatever.)

Stop at a stoplight in a Camaro? Make sure you’re really dedicated to singing along to “Baby Got Back” because people are going to stare.

I’m going to be perfectly honest. It’s really fun to drive around in such a pretty car. It’s fun to walk out to, easy to find in a parking lot and ooh. fast. Is it necessary to have such a pretty car? No. I’m perfectly happy with mine because it runs and it’s paid off. But we’re still going to own one someday. So there.

Addie’s review?

little kids pulling G's in the back of camaros are cute.


Drive one if you get the chance. Buy one if you can afford one (HI CODY’S DAD.) and appreciate that Chevy finally brought the Camaro back and brought it back right. So thanks for that.

(We were paid no money for this, nor did we pay any money for the opportunity (well, gas money, lots of it. Although even driving it the way we did (WHEE!!!) it still got at least 26 mpg.) nor were we influenced in our review. These are our opinions and “WHEE!!!” is not an understatement.)


  1. Okay, two things:
    1. Driving to a Home Depot that’s extra far-away is wasteful and the reason we’re all doomed. It doesn’t matter that you got 26 miles to the gallon, it’s still a gallon of a non-renewable resource. Party Foul!
    2. The minivan photo = hilarious.

    Forgive my scolding, I really do love your writing.

    Casey Reply:

    @Kara, I take your scolding and assure you it was a one time moment of weakness and promise you we are very well behaved gas users in our normal lives.

    Aside from the truck in my driveway that Cody has had since he was 16 that gets 8 mpg. I. loathe. that. truck. (He never drives it, it just sits there. *sigh* He’s just so attached to it.)

  2. AWESOME. It’s AWESOME. And I LOVE IT! I LOVE that you got to drive the CAMARO!

    Too much enthusiasm? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?

    I’m jealous in a perfectly friendly and appropriate way.

    Next time, drive to the Home Depot in Chicago.

    Casey Reply:

    @Azucar, Everything I did was in all exclamation points for that one week, so really? Never too much enthusiasm.

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    We do the ‘Let’s go the extra far away Target because I just want to go for a drive’ (and I don’t want to be at home) thing, too. Although we don’t have an awesome car to drive, so I’m a leeetle jealous.

    Very fun review! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Did your friends mention that you all look more attractive when you pull up in the Camero??

    Cause I’m pretty sure that’s an unadvertised benefit too…

  5. Nice. Nice car. Nice time. Nice to have that arranged for you. Lucky girl.

  6. How fun! It’s so cool that they were able to make that happen for Cody.

    I drove the Camaro around at Blogher too, and I definitely felt like a badass.

  7. Fun fun fun til they take the Camaro away! Hope you had fun!

  8. awesome!

    Glad that driving to CVS in a Camaro made the finger injury that much easier.

    My sister bought a 1980 Camaro from a friend of my dad’s when she got her license for $450….I on the other hand had the 1982 Chevette for the same price. I really think I got the shaft on that one.

  9. Ooh. Ah. Oh. The Camaro is definitely all grown up now.

    P.S. I lurve the picture of your dining room. Those floors make me swoon.

  10. Love it! My older sister drove a yellow Camaro in the late 1970s. It was bad ass…still is.

    I totally “get” driving to Home Depot two counties away in that bad boy.

    Love the Moosh’s review. 🙂

    p.s. sorry about your finger…OUCH!

  11. I don’t car about cars, but damn I want to drive that! Glad you all had fun.

  12. Michael gave it his seal of approval as well. Driving the Pilot has never been the same.

  13. Peter was super excited he got to drive it when he was out at your place. He wore one of those “holy crap, I can’t believe that happened, I am awesome!” grin when he told me about it. He also said you gave him permission to speed. Hmmmmmm…..

  14. A friend and I got to ride in a Porsche Boxster this summer: convertible, cherry red, top down, sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, singing Baby Got Back and marveling at being alive. Doesn’t get much better. Except getting to KEEP the car.

  15. My first car was a camaro. <3. She was beautiful and smelled of cigarette smoke and stale beer. Also, started p90x today. Said things to Tony Ho that most likely made my grandma do a somersault in her grave.

  16. That is too cool! You’ve got connections. Nobody asks me to drive any car that isn’t broken or already mine… I have things to learn from you.

  17. That is ****ing sweet.

  18. I had no idea that OnStar could be used for frivolous things like DQ! I thought it was only for emergencies!

  19. This post cracked me up – partly because I spent all last week running a trade show booth that sold remote control replicas of sports cars. You could literally watch men walking the aisle intent on something else only to be magnetically pulled to the booth by their eyeballs as soon as they registered one of the shiny “Ferrari” or “Lambourghini”. Funniest of all was I met a few Italian gentlemen who begged me to part with…not an Italian car…but a Ford GT 500. It seems all boys are powerless in the power of American Heavy Metal.

  20. LOVE IT. This is, by far, the best review I’ve ever read. LOL

    Also? So jealous! I want to drive that Camaro!

  21. I too love 90’s on 9! My favourite part of our new car is that it has satellite radio… unfortunately I get to drive out 2002 teal green paid for mini van (we got it for $500 from a BMW dealership long story) that I HATE HATE HATE and he gets to drive the shiny new Nissan

  22. What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

  23. Amy in StL says:

    See this is why I can’t sell my car. I have a 2002 Trans Am Firehawk (it’s a souped up Trans Am) and still get looks in the grocery store parking lot from the cart boys. I love the sound the V8 makes in the morning when it’s cold. And it’s paid for.

    I really want a Camaro – but it’s not paid for. I’m not sure I can go back to siz cylinders – but I’m thinking about trading it in for the Volt.

    Does that make we tres weird?

  24. Niiiice!!!! That looks like a fun car to drive around 🙂

  25. Did you know that if you drive real fast, you can get where you’re going sooner and hence save gas? Logic works for me.