I was tagged over a month ago for a meme involving the ABC’s. (HI LIAM! NOT SURE IF YOU WANT TO BE LINKED! HI!)

Now if I were able to afford the therapy I so desperately need he or she would tell me to work on my relationship with Indiana. Hating the place you live can really drag a girl down. So instead of focusing the meme on me, I’ll be doing the meme about Indiana.

In case you were ever crazy enough to move here.

It happens.

Really, it does.


Here it goes…

A-Awfully close to Chicago.

B-Big fields of corn.

C-Corn, so much damn corn.

D-Dolphin dome at the zoo, pretty awesome. Surprisingly.

E-FriEd PEpsi.

F-Flat. So flippin’ flat.

G-Gardens. White River Gardens. Perdy. Also surprising.

H-H&M (This is only a plus if you live somewhere without an H&M)

I-Indianapolis. Learning to spell this (quickly and out loud) sucks.

J-Jennifer, did you see all the Fried Pepsi?

K-Kentucky is down there. See?

L-Louisville is close. Good times.

M-Moisture, as in humidity. (H&M is way cooler than humidity, that’s why it won H.)

N-NASCAR.mmm hmm, that’s right.

O-HOOsier. (Again, H&M, way cooler.)

P- Pacers. If you like that sort of thing, which I don’t. But, you know.

Q-Queen of Shake Shake and Mike Rowe-have some Fried Pepsi.

R-Raccoons, man, they’re everywhere. Most are dead. But still everywhere.

S- Sirens, tornado sirens to be exact. Those are fun.

T-Tax! No sales tax on food!

U-Umbrellas, make sure you have one that CAN’T TURN INSIDE OUT.

V-Fried Vegetables. With a side of what? Yep, Fried Pepsi.

W-World champion Colts.

X-X marks the spot for wha? FRIED PEPSI!

Y-You want more meat? Because we have the Rib Festival.

Z-Zebras. At the zoo. Two birds, one letter. Skills people, mad skills.


  1. what a great meme! i haven’t seen this one before!

    btw…i think you should have mentioned Fried Pepsi at least once! 😉

  2. For some reason I’m thinking of Fried Pepsi. Not sure why. Maybe something subliminal? Hmmmmm

  3. Awww, not even a little love for the Children’s museum under C or M? Why you be hatin’ the good thangz, grrrrl? ;P

  4. so…. um … i thought they had fried pepsi in indiana. no? hmmm. guess i was mistaken.

  5. Oh, P should have been Peyton Manning. M should have been Manning, Peyton.

  6. I have no idea how one would fry Pepsi. But I think I want some …

  7. Liam Craig says:

    i love it, and ya i dont care if you link me lol

  8. they have fried coke in atlanta. you can pretty much fry anything in the south and people will eat it…

  9. I LOVE Indiana!

    Mmmm, Fried Pepsi!

    Corn and wind, not so much, though.

    Go Colts! Go Peyton!

  10. OH a link from the Moosh!

    I should let you in on a Mike Rowe secret.

    Jennifer….shut up. With love from your sad friend in mourning.

  11. you crack me up…

    did i mention we had Fried Coke at the fair this year!? ummm i love me some coca cola, but preferably over ice!

  12. I’m really thinking about sending a disgruntled note to corporate H&M about having them SENT TO TEXAS ALREADY.

  13. Hm. No wonder houses there are so cheap. I tried living in the midwest and it did not suit me. Left…well, fled…after 3 months. I’m a wimp.

  14. I feel confused. A little. Um had me a fried oreo…it was gross, feeling sorry for you. Can you say, gut. bomb.?

  15. Aww, I love Indiana. I lived in Bloomington while I was in grad school, and I would go back in a heartbeat, if I could. I always got the feeling though that B’ton wasn’t like the rest of Indiana, with it’s green forests, many hills, and lots of cultural diversity.

  16. Why wasn’t my name next to the letter M? And we have no sales tax on food? Who knew…

  17. Ok, I’ve gotta try fried pepsi!

  18. Fried Pepsi. tell me more.. The Childrens’ Museum ROCKS!!!

  19. I continue to be obsessed with the concept of Fried Pepsi. I shan’t rest until I try it. Do you hear that? SHAN’T!

  20. Good list!! I live in Southern Indiana near Kentucky – too freakin close to Kentucky.

    The children’s museum is pretty cool. And so are the Indiana Dunes. But all far north of me.

  21. At least you’re near Chicago?????

  22. I second VDog’s comment—at least you’re near Chicago!

  23. Fried Pepsi?