The gloves are off.

Well, maybe a more appropriate saying is THE DOOR IS UNLOCKED.

Emily and I were at dinner last night with some friends and after the comments on my post about CLOSING THE DOOR WHEN YOU GO POTTY PLEASE AND THANK YOU I’m pretty sure I’m the majority. But the table assured me I am in fact in the minority.

So Internet, A POLL.


So I went to the Britney Spears concert last night.

I’ll bet that girl pees with the door open.


(those other two? pee in front of their husbands. I die. I DIE.)




  1. I voted. And I’m moving one state over. You girls look like you are having too much fun. I want in!

  2. Maybe it’s because I went to an all-girls college… but I’ve peed in front of a whole lot of people. Just sayin!

  3. I grew up in a house where my mom would be taking her nightly bath, my sister would be fixing her hair (or sitting on the little stool chatting with my mom) and I’d feel comfortable walking right in and peeing. My dad would also sometimes poke his head in to comment (our main bathroom was right off the kitchen). Peeing in front of someone is no big deal.

    My kids yell at me if I go to pee and don’t close the bathroom door. The other day my sister was visiting and she proceeded to walk down the hall from my 16yo daughter’s room and pee without closing the door. I talked with my daughter about it afterwards and she said she was thoroughly grossed but could tell that I wasn’t lying when I said we peed in front of each other all the time!

  4. SHUT THE BATHROOM DOOR. People pee in front of their spouses? OMG.

  5. I’ve been married a LONG time, I’ve had four kids, frankly all of that sort of thing puts the modesty out of a person. Not in front of a stranger though, I have some boundaries.

  6. We pee in front of each other all the time. I think this happened after marriage (we lived together in the 8 months leading up to our wedding). So now we do it like, every day. And we don’t close the door for that, even if the other person isn’t in the bathroom with us. But #2 is mostly off-limits. One of us (I will not say which!) had a particular health problem that led to an intentionally supervised #2, but it wasn’t out of door closing laziness but out of concern for safety so I don’t know that that counts. Neither of us enjoyed it, either! We both enjoy our #2 privacy, and one of us still runs the water in the sink to try to muffle any noises, and the other one of us knows that trick doesn’t work, but doesn’t say anything so as to not embarrass the other 🙂

  7. Hell to the nooooo! I’m with you Casey, no one over the age of four!!! Period.

  8. Our master bath doesn’t have a door to close off the toilet. There’s a wall between the sinks, etc. and the toilet, but no door to the toilet…

    Make of it what you will…

  9. I’m an open door. Closed door meant when my kids were toddlers, they’d lose their minds. Open door means they can still see me. I kicked them out for wipe-time, though LOL

  10. Ok, what I really want to know is… what falls into OTHER???

    Neeroc Reply:

    @Beth, mine did, kids can see whatev, hubby only #1 and I’ve peed with the door open in front of friends.

  11. Depends on how much I’ve had to drink 🙂 I don’t usually care about peeing, but #2…totally private!

    Also – I have your dress. Love it! 🙂

  12. I totally thought your readers were on the same page as us, Casey. Now I’m wondering where all these people were when it came to commenting the 1st time! I absolutely will not never ever let anyone under the age of 4 see me in there. The day I absolutely have to will be a very dark day. PERIOD. 🙂

  13. AFter growing up in a family where peeing in front of people was the norm-I was so happy to move in with my husband and to have a door. What wasn’t included on the survey was spouses who don’t care about whether or not their spouses (who really like the doors) don’t care. He says it was because in the Navy they didn’t have stall doors, I say its because he’s crazy. He’s just lucky I love him so much-moving back to cold and snow and tolerating the whipping out of things and urinating.

  14. I will not go #1 or #2 in front of my boyfriend (who I live with and have been with for over 5 years). He pees with me in the bathroom and with the door open and this doesn’t bother me. But he does NOT poop with the door open or with me in the room. That is disgusting and neither of us is cool with that.

    Also, when I went to bars in college my friends and I would share a stall in the bathroom. PEE ONLY. Good times.

  15. I was a swimmer. I did a whole lot more than pee in front of people.


  16. I’d pee in front of my fiance but he is way against it. I don’t even close the door. But I grew up in a house where my sister and I had to get ready in the same bathroom at the same time, so peeing in front of each other wasn’t a big deal. My fiance will NOT pee in front of me. No excuses.

    #2 is a different story. Never in front of anyone. Fan on. Door closed. Heck, door to the master bedroom closed, too. (just to be safe)

  17. Oh wow, I thought I was in the majority too! Always shut the door. Occasionally, the dog sneaks in, but THAT’S IT 🙂

  18. WINNING!

  19. I really needed to choose two….cause things do change when I’m drinking….just sayin….

  20. No no no and NO. No bathroom in front of me and no bathroom in front of my bf. Or strangers. Or anyone except my nieces/nephews, because let’s face it – they don’t care and I have to change them or help them ‘potty’. That’s it!

  21. LOL same here.

    Also, Britney!? How was it?


  22. So when I pee in front of you it makes you weak kneed? I NEVER KNEW!!!!!!!


  23. You people are gross.

  24. I am going to have serious issues when my unborn son eventually starts barging in on me while I tinkle.

  25. LOL 😉

    I wish I lived by you xo


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