BFFs 4ever 2cute2B4gotten  

You know all those pretty pretty pictures that keep showing up?

She’s the one responsible. (read my ode to her here)

TinyGrandma’s the one responsible for this one.

And believe me, our husbands have already thought the very same thing.


  1. I like your pictures and your wedding photo is absolutely gorgeous!! You are flawless and both your mom and Kim do an amazing job capturing those precious moments. Keep them coming!

  2. b-e-a-U-tiful! my non active lesbian lover is so hott!! hahaha does it bother you that i call you that? i think surely you see as much humor in it as i do…hopefully…

  3. Like I said on Kim’s blog- MILFS!!! And both sets of eyes are mesmerizingly GORGEOUS! Go Tiny Grandma!

  4. Oh! And I hate you both! That’s what I would have to say if I were still in high school and utterly jealous of the two of you and your beautifulness! 😉

  5. Beautiful! (as if you didn’t know 😉 ) Great photo, Tiny Grandma!

  6. Gorgeous! The both of you! So jealous over here.

    Nate and I so need good family pictures done… but since I’m the one always behind the camera, it doesn’t happen very often. Kim, by chance, wouldn’t happen to want to come to Alaska now, would she? LOL

  7. Um…yes, yes I would. If you aren’t a photographer Kirsten…and you want to book ME some sessions I will come. Brrrr…cold cold Alaska right now…but yes I would come. Any Holla Tiny Grandma! I love this photo…I look smokin’! So nice to know such a talented lady…so lucky to have her daugter as a BFF! Love you Casey!

  8. I love all those pictures your BFF has taken. I SERIOUSLY think The Moosh could be a child-model. that picture looks like it could be for a Gap ad! I know everyone thinks their kids/friends kids could model and are the cutest things ever, but she SERIOUSLY is freakin’ adorable, photogenic and has the personality to fit those curls. 🙂

  9. You stink. In the prettiest way.

    Sigh. I got married too old.

  10. too gorgeous for words

  11. You two are some hot mamas!

  12. apparently I should also take makeup lessons from you (both of you). You two are gorgeous!!

  13. Absolutely beautiful.
    As are all your pictures.

  14. In case you were wondering what the heck I was talking about for the wedding photo, I checked out your mom’s website. 🙂

  15. Gorgeous!!!!!!! Like i said on Kim’s site, you 2 could be Sisters. Thanks for making me feel even worse about myself! 🙂

  16. i wasn’t sure what to do and I felt guilty doing that. it was your cheeks big debut. i fixed it, now your whole face is debuted on my blog!!!!

  17. The question isn’t whether or not your husbands have thought about it, it’s whether or not they’ve done it. 🙂

  18. I had this dream last night and….oh never mind.

  19. Holy MOTHER OF GOD! You’re both so gorgeous I want to sit here in my schlumpy sweater, brown eyes, and no mascara and just cry.

  20. Beautiful are model material girlfriend! Gorgeous!

  21. I’m waiting for the tutorial on how you do your hair!