I am 1.5″ away from reaching the 42″ circumference I achieved at 40 weeks with Addie.

I dare you to get me out of this shirt. I DARE YOU. Because it's not going to happen.

A) holy crap.

B) ow.

I polled some moms on facebook last night about the pain I’m experiencing in the midsection area, I’ve been trying to describe to to Cody, or really anyone with ears who will listen and I think I finally came up with an explanation. (!) The helpful souls of facebook used terms such as “rabid badger! burning! searing! tearing! ripping!”





Thanks facebook! A “it’s normal” would have sufficed but you really went the extra mile with all the adjectives!

Anyway, I finally figured out a way to describe it.

It’s not very ethical. PETA may not like it very much. I will neither confirm nor deny that I have ever done this to a cat. I’m afraid to even search for it on YouTube, because there’s strange people out there with Internet access and video cameras.

And cats.

Anyway, imagine putting a large cat in a plastic grocery bag and hanging said grocery bag from a doorknob.

The stretched bag is my belly, the wiggly cat is Mozzi.

(photo by fen branklin)

Yeah, that looks pretty accurate.


  1. I don’t know what it is but those 2nd and subsequent babies think that they need to take the efficient economy apt that their older sibling had and turn it into a penthouse suite. Because with all of the pain I had with The Chicken…I really thought she was doing some serious construction in there.

  2. Round ligament pain?

    Casey Reply:

    @Lisak, Oh no, this is front and center down the middle of my now non existent abdominal muscles. My round ligaments were downgraded to Silly Bandz around the third month.

    Amy in StL Reply:

    @Lisak, This was a good time to remind myself that googling stuff isn’t always a good idea. I did NOT need to know more about round ligament pain. Silly, silly engineer….

  3. 1. ahh! your belly is so dang cute!!

    2. ouch. badgers are fierce!

  4. pretty sure it is round ligament pain, and it’s the absolute worst. I alway got it, because I carry my fetus’ kinda really grossly far out there.

    It hurts like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

    Also, that cat pic is great, but I kinda need pierre back now.

  5. yup…I remember that. I actually have a stretch mark on my side thats the perfect shape of one of ella’s feet. carson was hard to carry because he was huge…ella was hard to carry because she was MEAN, lol. and forget holding any of the babies at work…they would cry and she would kick the crap out of them! or me, if I was starting their IV or something.

  6. Yep. Perfect description. By the time I had this one, I was really afraid my belly button might actually pop.

    I actually coughed once this pregnancy and popped a new stretch mark. OUCH!

  7. Suddenly, your boobs don’t look so big ๐Ÿ™‚

    I got way bigger in the beginning with babies 2 and 3, but it pretty much evened out in the end. Not sure why it happened, but I was grateful for it!

    Casey Reply:

    @Becky, I know! when you know what size they are it actually puts this whole belly business into severe perspective.

  8. ๐Ÿ™ I hurt a lot more with my second pregnancy, it was the middle of my belly, and I think its just the extra amount of stretching. Cat in my bag…heh…heha…knee slapper. but sad at the same time. Its almost over pretty girl. Almost.

  9. I shouldn’t laugh, but I can’t help it! This is EXACTLY what it feels like!!!!!

  10. I had this same pain during pregnancy, would drop me to my knees sometimes. My doctor said it was my ligaments like others are saying. Maybe Mozzi found a new ligament to tear up? Lovin’ your baby belly!!

  11. It can also be referred pain, say, from your back. If Mozzi is pushing on your back, sometimes our brains think it’s in our stomachs. It feel for all the world like it’s ACTUAL pain in your belly, but the source is someplace else…

    Casey Reply:

    @Marie Green, I have nothing but four letter words for referred pain. (see: laproscopy shoulder pain)

  12. Well, I guess it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one having horrendous abdominal pain in my 2nd pregnancy? Silver lining?

    Also: ow.

    Casey Reply:

    @cindy w, More like bloody painful lining. But way to try and be optimistic!!

  13. You guys are all terrifying me for when I have another baby.

    Casey Reply:

    @Barb @ getupandplay, Dude, no one told me it hurt more the second time around. I thought I had just become a wimp.

  14. And here’s where I pull out my childbirth educator hat again – pain down the exact middle of your stomach can be a condition cause by the separation of your abdominal muscles. When you’re lying down on your back and engage your muscles as though doing a sit up, place your fingers in the space between your stomach muscles (the “line” between a six pack stomach if you visualize that). If the gap is larger than two fingers width talk to your midwife or doctor as that can require specfic exercises postpartum to remedy and supportive wear during pregnancy to help prevent further damage. Love you.

  15. Yep, that’s an accurate description. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Just for kicks, try “sucking in” your belly like you would pre-pregnancy. This will show you what’s left of your abdominal wall and sister, it aint pretty. When I try this trick it feels like I’ve been doing Ab Shredder for three days straight.

  17. i totally hear you …

    when i was pregnant with jane, i was positive that she was trying to make her way into the world THROUGH MY BELLY BUTTON. i enjoyed labour compared to the beating she put on my poor little button.

  18. Wow! Your Belly is huge! That’s a big baby in there!
    I, too, am pregnant with my second child, my firstborn is 3 years old now and I’m 16 weeks with baby #2. And I’m still barely showing. When I have regular clothes on, if you didn’t actually know I was pregnant, I would just look like one of “those girls”. You know, the flab belly girls. Kind of that awkward stage.. Showing but not definitely a baby bump so people aren’t sure and therefore won’t ask haha

    Also, my back and hips hurt already! Really?! This didn’t start til LATE 3rd trimester last time. This subsequent children bearing is no easy task! Lol

  19. You have the cutest belly!

    I remember asking my ob if my belly button was going to rip open. He laughed at me, but I was serious – the center of my stomach hurt SO much. The skin was stretching so much and Gabe was so big and I constantly felt like I was getting bruises from the inside.

  20. Oh my…by baby #3 I was just yelling at her to get the heck out of my belleh already. She HURT me in ways I couldn’t imagine.

    Best wishes for less pain for you…because I know it stinks monkey doo-doo.

  21. If Cody comes up behind you and “picks up the baby,” does it provide relief? If so, I suggest getting a pregnancy belt. (Amazon has them as does target.com and others) I needed one by week 20 with twins – terrible pain. My belt was very simple – about 4 inches wide with velcro. It didn’t look sexy but boy, did it make a huge difference. Good luck!

  22. I can see why you love that shirt. It looks amazing. It makes me want one and I’m years passed my reproductive stage.

  23. Is it correct that you are six months pregnant? You look like ready to give birth to me… Indeed a possible big baby! I can’t imagine you going another 3 months… ;o)))

  24. I would say that being pregnant with twins is like a cat in a bag of…WATER. And we all know how cats like water. Maybe a large dog chasing them around in there too. I feel your pain! And certainly nothing like being kicked in the groin from the INSIDE!

  25. Michele Turney says:

    Carter said, “is that her butt?” I told him no that it is your belly and there is a baby inside and he said, “Oh, until it comes out of her penis!” I think we need to have a small anatomy lesson before he goes to school!!

  26. Where did you get that awesome shirt!!????

  27. Two words: Prenatal cradle.
    You can get them all sorts of places like pharmacies and medical equipment suppliers. Seriously will do wonders for ALL the muscles your using to hold that baby in place.

  28. That cat photo is too much!

  29. But it’s such a cute circumference!

    And dude, I think I would have rather been in the dark about the 2nd time hurting more! Now I’m all scared for “someday”…

  30. i am so askeerd to get pregs again.

    eddie was 9.5 pounds.

    what will i grow next? a hippo?


  31. My doctor told me that pregnancy for your parts in that area (round ligaments and abdominal muscles) was equal to walking around with an ankle sprain and doing nothing for it for six months. I don’t know why, but it made me feel better. A little tougher.

    The second time around hurts WAY more. You’re not being a wimp. I think your body knows what it’s doing more this time and just gets straight to the chase pain wise. That coupled with the fact that you can’t lounge around waiting for your little bundle to come (but maybe I was the only one who lounged with my first…) and instead are chasing around another kid who still needs you just as much, and you’ve got a more painful experience. Still totally worth it, but more painful.

    But you ARE almost done. And it IS completely worth it. In spades. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. you have the cutest belly ever!

  33. Dude…I’m just barely past 16 weeks with #2 and I totally feel your pain (with lots more to come in the near and coming weeks, I’m sure). I am for sure ‘popped’ as I currently (at almost 17 weeks) look like I did with #1 at almost 6 months…at least May is getting closer for you!! I’m not until the almost end of July and I can’t wait to hear from everyone who wants to comment on the possibility that it might be twins (it isn’t–there’s 1 confirmed, I’m just one of those lucky ladies that carries all out in front :))


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