Law Review, VP of the BLA, 16 credits and moot court. For anyone who’s dealt with law school you know what this means. For those of you who haven’t, it means I’m a single parent for a few months.

Apparently these aren’t going to be an easy few months.
Spaghetti Bandits 

This is the moosh and her little buddy E-Guido.

This is what happened when I tried to make my bed.

I should have seen it coming, last week when E-Guido was over the moosh told him where the cookies were stored and somehow convinced him that he should climb up and get them for her. He did.

Y’all, she can already convince a young man to destroy his own character so she can get cookies. She doesn’t even have boobs yet. I don’t know what’s worse, that she climbs on the counter to help herself or that she has the ability at two to convince a boy to do it for her. 

Cheerio Bandit

She’s gotten so used to me taking pictures of her when she’s in trouble that she now makes sure they’re good ones. What a toad. Where is her father?

OH? Yes, Cody is back in school. No, I can’t talk about what is going on because there’s a chance that “they” are googling, and I must keep a lot off the blog over the next few months. But trust me, it’s big. My appearances will be much fewer and much farther between, but trust me, when the spaghetti hits the floor I’ll be around to complain.


  1. Wow – I’m impressed with her powers of persuasion! No mere mortal can resist those curls. 🙂

    P.S. Are you a lawyer? I’ve been thinking about going to law school.

  2. The moosh rocks!

    I wonder … could she share of few of those tricks with me? My huz sometimes refuses to be manipulated.

  3. That’s an impressive mess. At first I thought it was crayon on the tile…but then I realized that was no Crayola, why, it’s PASTA!
    I admit that I am completely manipulated by my 17-month-old son. It takes a bit of pride to be swallowed to admit that, but jeebus, it’s true.

  4. just think of what a strong woman she’ll be…

    and run for cover!

    we can add climbing-like-a-monkey to the list of attributes moosh and jake’s children will have!

  5. On the plus side, I love the wall color in your kitchen!

  6. Wow, she’s going to be a heck of a teenager. Look out. At least you have ample warning.

  7. That expression on her face in the first shot is priceless.


  8. Miss y’all over at our place. Glad to see the Moosh torturing you for our entertainment.

  9. “she can already convince a young man to destroy his own character so she can get cookies. She doesn’t even have boobs yet.”

    That right there?

  10. Oh, Casey. I know what all of those terms mean because my husband went to law school only two short years ago. You will, indeed, be a single parent for a while. But congrats on all of the accomplishments!

    And, yes, I will show these pictures to my husband to see if they will dissuade him from wanting a girl, but the one of her cheesing out her bustedness makes me want her, too.

  11. The Universe is telling you that it is unwise to make the bed. Ever.

    Let this be a lesson to you to keep an unkempt house. 🙂

  12. I’m with Andi. Making the bed is futile. Making spaghetti is a better idea 😛

  13. Check out those hott new cabinets. I can’t even remember what the post was about, with thos cabinets…ooo hott! Just kidding, I SO know what single parenthood is, hang in there babe, so glad you are one year down!

  14. Trust me I know EXACTLY what you are going through! law school, googling and all!!! We are the Law School Widows!!!

  15. She is a pip…And has the boys in control already…

    She should teach classes.

  16. Love it! That is too funny.

  17. Oh, the mystery is driving me bonkers. It isn’t a far drive.

    When she gets boobs…watch out!

  18. “she doesn’t even have boobs yet.”


  19. Looks like she’s her mother’s kid.

  20. Look at the Moosh. She knows how to work it for photos.

    She’ll be a supermodel yet!

  21. Bonnie and Clydio strike again! Too cute!

  22. we strong women raise some strong women.

    karma, huh. funny how that works.

  23. naughty naughty girl. where can she possibly get these impulses?

  24. Ok- stupid question, kinda. Is that your kitchen in the second pic? If it is, what paint did you use on your walls! That color is fabulous! I have to have it! We desperately need to paint here!

    Ooh. And it starts. We are going to get payback big time! I love it- She doesn’t even have boobs yet! You crack me up!

  25. I use too many exclamations. I even put one where I should have put a question mark! Dipwad!

  26. OK, you know how at BlogHer I told you my 3rd year was sooo much easier than the first two? Yeah, I mentioned that to the hubs and he bitch slapped me. Apparently he swears he didn’t see me for the entire first semester. I think I must have blocked it from my mind. But, sweetie, you are a SAINT for doing this with a child. My hubby is wonderful, but he would have divorced my ass after the first year! LOL!

  27. I think we could all take lessons from the mosh! She’s already learned what it took us years to figure out. lol…..

  28. I love this girl!!! My daughter was the same way at her age. You can imagine what it is like now that she has boobs. No she does fine. I taught her well. She has extremely high standards in boys, but she does melt some hearts. lol

    Just wait until your daughter is older. She is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

  29. AHH–HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my gosh, she kills me. “She doesn’t even have boobs yet.” Wow. *Brillig high-fives the moosh*

    You’ll be missed around here, but we’ll try to understand! I did the hubby/school thang for a couple of years with a couple of kids and it is HARD!!! But, as long as you share the crazy spaghetti/cookie stories with us, you’ll make it just fine. 🙂

  30. You are so screwed when she hits puberty. On the other hand, she could marry some wealthy business mogul and take care of you and the husband in your old age. Bonus!

  31. Moosh totally cracks me up!!!

  32. And she doesn’t even have boobs yet! hahaha!

    Smart girl…must take after her momma.

  33. I love me some boobless naughty little girls…

    Especially when they know how to work a pose.

    Wait, that makes me sound like a pedophile….

    How ’bout, “Way to work it Moosh!”


  34. Yet more proof I am terrified of parenthood: she’s TOO cute, even when she’s being a (n adorable!) trouble-maker. I could totally see myself in similar situations, and needing to stress The No Spaghetti On The Floor Rules, but just laughing hysterically instead.

  35. If you put some marinara in the cat bowl the whole dinnertime ritual will be so much easier.

  36. Oh, the SPAGHETTI!!!!

    Good times.

  37. I love that she’s all, “HIIIIIIIII! DO you see me, mom? DO YOU SEEEE MEEEE!”

    SHe has wiles and she’s not afraid to use ’em.