If you are not related to the moosh in anyway this may be a complete bore. It’s about a minute of why I don’t get to listen to my iPod anymore on our drives around town.


  1. So darling, so hilarious, so disturbing if you videotaped this while driving!!! JK- Very cute and fun!

  2. lurker here… i’m obviously in no way related and i had to watch it twice. absolutely hilarious! i needed that today!

  3. I’m not related, and I still almost cried it was so adorable. You see, my kid doesn’t talk yet, and it was so cute to see her singing along. I can’t wait until my son can do that. Well, yes, I probably can wait. He’s cute enough now.

  4. My skin hurts from all the cuteness. LOVE HER! πŸ™‚

  5. That sounds like my car!!!! Do you have any Backyardigans? I am somewhat relieved to have those cds in addition to the kids songs. And I find that if Zoe sings, it’s quite enjoyable.

    If I switch the cd… or turn it off… I hear “Mommy? My wusic? Where my wusic go?” until I put it back.

    Moosh is just adorable though. I wouldn’t mind hearing her singing in the car.

  6. oh. my. gosh. that is the cutest thing i have ever seen!

  7. VERY cute!

  8. “I ho-a dairy-o” LOL! Like you don’ already know, she is freakin ADORABLE πŸ˜€

  9. Too perfect! I needed a good laugh this week. I thank the moosh and her mama for the laugh.

  10. You are soooo much better of a mom than me!! My oldest was about 5 1/2 before she even knew that listening to her music in the car was even an option (foiled by Daddy, darn it!)!! I’m so mean! I’d listen to my music or to NPR or even just drive in silence. Oh how good you are!

    Adorable, absolutely adorable viddy-o!

  11. Too cute- It looks like she’s had a bit of growth spurt. She looks so grown up!!

  12. Oh my god, such cuteness. I can appreciate it even though I have my own greek chorus in the backseat. The 15-month-old is now sort of humming/droning along too, love it!

  13. Wait, that’s not what you have on your iPod? Don’t lie πŸ™‚

  14. haha! So cute. I love how the word “child”, formerly a one-syllable word, has become “chay-ald”.

    Also, stop appearing in my dreams, okay?

  15. That’s friggin cute as hell.

    See, I never let Fa even get into taking over the car radio…She’s gotten used to Hair Nation on Sirius.

  16. I love the humming between verses.

    Also, I’m hoping you weren’t driving and recording at the same time?! No drivers were hurt during the filming of this video?

    Gosh, I can’t wait for the H-bomb to sing along. He does a nice rendition of Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldier already!

  17. Very cute. You weren’t driving, were you?

  18. LOVE!!! I wanna KEEP HER!!!

  19. That is the cutest freakin thing i’ve ever seen!!!!!

  20. Oh, my cheeks. Have I been smiling?

  21. Lord, she’s precious! And do I remember those days with Jessie. If and when you get to use the iPod again you’ll enjoy what a child’s imagination will come up with for lyrics of a Sheryl Crow song.

  22. A-dorable!!

  23. Oh my! You can sure tell that she’s heard that song a time or two.


    G-Man is just now starting to sing along to songs…namely the Backyardigan theme song. AND…he’s now VERY MUCH INTO dancing. Last night…while watching Entertainment Tonight…they were doing a clip of Britney Spear’s performance at the VMA’s….and all he wanted to do is dance during the clip. We had to rewind the damn thing over and over and over again so he could dance to Britney’s new song.

    Believe it or not…he danced better than she did…. πŸ™‚


  24. cute video, but you brought back my horrible elementary school memories of being the cheese…standing alone….all alone…

  25. Dear Lord – it’s too much cuteness to absorb!

    P.S. I’m getting that CD for my friends and I. πŸ˜‰

  26. stinking adorable.

  27. ohmigosh! too cute!

  28. Relation or no, she’s pretty fantastic.

  29. Too cute! I love how she’s tapping her leg along with the music, and kinda shamming knowing the lyrics, and then really belting it once she figures it out.

    We’re all about itsy-bitsy spider over here. But I can’t really do the actions while I’m driving …

  30. My favorite part is when she hums the music in-between the verse. Hi, Ho De Dairy-oh!

  31. Okay, listen. I hardly ever click on anybody’s kid videos – but I did and good heaven’s, she’s adorable. My favorite parts were how she sang “hi-ho-the-daryee-ohhh” all pronounced. Cuteness.

    We’re with mimi. It’s the itsy-bitsy spider over here too. Only Katie calls it the “bouncey spider” for some reason.

  32. Agreed. No need to be related to find that adorable, and hilarious. And now, a song stuck in my head.

  33. Being related is not a requirement whatsoever in finding that absolutely adorable. So sweet. Like, “I have to go eat something salty now that was so sweet” sweet.

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  34. I have just peed myself from laughing so hard. There truly aren’t enough adjectives to adequately describe, in colorful enough detail how cute your kid is.

    Laura, Paul& Beckett

  35. Adorable. Love it! I wish Cordy sang songs. If we sing, she yells “Noooo! Mommy/Daddy can’t sing!”

  36. she and jake will make beautiful singing babies πŸ™‚

    toooooo cute!

  37. Mine used to sing aloud to her sweet little kid music. Now I either have to put on rock (yes, she insists rock-n-roll is the best) or tune to a baseball game. But only if it’s a Cardinals game. *sigh*

  38. My 14 month old just danced along to the music. He can’t sing yet either but dances his tush off!

  39. I am in no way related to the moosh but I found that video to be completely adorable and hysterical.

    I found your blog through Heather at the Spohrs are multiplying.

    I have been reading through your archives and I finally decided to leave a comment this video is hysterical.

    Have a great weekend.

    kates last blog post..39 Days…The Countdown Has Begun