Cody bought it the day before our first date.

Apparently he wasn’t getting much action with his grandmother’s old Barcaloungers.

I thought it was ugly.

It’s green.

The front pops out and it reclines.

We first held hands on it.

Our next date we had our first kiss on it.

I knew I was going to marry him while laying in his lap on it.

It’s where we first fell asleep together.

Two cats claimed it as their kingdom.

I slept through morning sickness on it.

I barfed from it.

I brought a tiny baby home to it.

That tiny baby leaked all sorts of liquids on it.

I shampooed it. A lot.

It moved across the country with us.

I’ve napped on it every Sunday.

We’ve taken turns sleeping on it, for multiple reasons.

I recovered from surgery on it.

It was the first thing we had to sit on in our new house.

It’s currently in our bedroom as laundry base camp.

Addie likes to hide behind it and scare Cody.

I still hate it.

I still think it’s ugly.

It has become worn out, parts have broken and it leaks grease on the carpet.

But I can’t ever get rid of it.

a couch with a story.

It’s our couch.


If you were in Stephanie’s and my Inspirational Writing Workshop with Hallmark at Blissdom last month we issued you a challenge, to write about a couch. The full challenge is here if you want to play along (which you should) and once you do (or if you already have) link your posts up here over at Steph’s place.)


  1. You can’t ever get rid of that thing! I love how you did this as a list. I didn’t even think of that.


  2. Isn’t it funny how the most comfortable and squishy couches are the most unappealing to look at?

    I am attest to the comfy of this couch. SOOOOO nice.

    What about a slip cover? That will help it live a couple more years, no? I’ve seen some for recliner couches too!

    Adventures In Babywearing Reply:

    @sam {temptingmama}, I have to agree- the one pictured in my post isn’t the one I wrote about, but we wore that thing OUT. It was hideous- I mean, white with 4 kids and 3 dogs? It was bad, ripped up, and filthy. But it was the most comfortable thing you’d ever sit in. So I freecycled it and promised the new owners it wasn’t much to look at but it was like sitting on heaven.

    I miss that thing.


  3. I have never heard of a couch leaking oil before. For that reason alone, I support your decision to keep it always. The thing thinks it’s a dadgum car, for heaven’s sake!

  4. I love this one so much. I agree, you cannot get rid of this. How could you?!


  5. Interesting history, there. Fell asleep together, eh? Hmmmm. vveeerrryyy interestingk.

  6. Is it comfy?

  7. how could I not participate? I love my junky furniture pieces.

    And your sofa – it’s really been through a lot. I bet’s it tired and happy to hold laundry.

  8. I can so relate to feeling that way about a piece of ugly furniture. I cried when we got rid of our first couch.

  9. Candace says:

    LIKE THIS A LOT. Just did the “exercise.” Thanks for the idea!

  10. Oh, I can almost feel the velour goodness!

  11. Oh yeah. You gotta keep that couch. It has “inner beauty”.

  12. I really enjoyed reading this post! I can relate to it! I agree that old stuff just have something about them. You can never let go of them without somehow feeling like losing a part of yourself 🙂 I enjoyed this writing exercise!

  13. I love this! the couch I didn’t write about was the one we used like that and it broke my heart when we let it go! It had to be broken apart to take it out of our home!
    I’m so glad I followed the link to read this!

  14. That is beautiful! Isn’t it funny how much we can hate something and still love it? I think that couch has an awful lot of character. 🙂

  15. I love this post. So sweet.

  16. I love how you wrote this out in list form, something I never thought to do.

  17. I love the list form you used. This post is adorable (as are you). Definitely can’t get rid of it!

  18. This is so sweet and powerful.

    The first time you fell asleep with a sweetheart is an underrated milestone.

    we got rid of our first couch when my oldest son was three, and he cried for hours. So I think your instinct to hang on to all that history is a good one.

  19. What a couch! It’s been with you through so many life changes – good and bad and funny and sad.

    Thanks for writing this beautiful post.

  20. We had a couch like that, and we called it the dog couch. But, we got rid of it when we moved to GA in 2004. lol

  21. I think everyone has a couch that’s worn out its welcome but yet still serves a purpose. I never really put much thought into how much of our life our couch gets to experience till now. Great post.

  22. Oh, I really like how you did this. I “saw” that couch even if you wouldn’t have added a pic. 😉

  23. Oh, this is so sweet – it would be hard to get rid of that couch.

  24. So sweet! I be you will be hanging on to that couch for a while.

    Happy Writing!


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