July 16,2011

Dear Bug,

So it’s our first big trip away from home! I mean, if you don’t count that time we drove for TWENTY SEVEN HOURS to Utah and then flew back because Dad wanted mom to keep her sanity. Needless to say a three hour drive to Chicago is nothing compared to that crap we had to put up with a couple of weeks ago.
baby in the city.

I don’t know about this place, it’s loud and there are very little trees. However staring down at the street from our 10th floor hotel room onto Michigan Ave? Almost better than staring at you dangling above my head. What? I said almost.

I think you were in mom’s bag when this happened, but when we got to the hotel, mom had a wee bit of trouble getting the stroller situated. Even as she was checking into the hotel she couldn’t get the thing figured out (thankfully she brought two extra sets of arms along to assist her.) The cute guy behind the counter asked if he could help her.

Yeah, that guy was *maybe* 10 years older than me and probably hasn’t touched a stroller in his life. One thing he obviously touched? Gym equipment and hairstyling products. Hey, I may be a baby but good hygiene and personal care are NOT lost on me. I spend a lot of time snuggled up with a lot of different people and I can appreciate good grooming.

Anyway, thanks for coming along with me on my first trip through the busy streets of Chicago. It sure was nice to have someone that understands the complexities of being me along for the ride.

All my best,



  1. The nerve of that man walking in your pictures. Geesh.

  2. @JustHeather says:

    Love. This. Can’t wait to see more big diaries! Also? So glad to be an extra set of arms and looking forward to Vivi snuggles again soon.

  3. Dear Bug,

    I will happily provide an extra set of arms (and boobs) any time they are needed.