Addie and I are back out on another grand adventure, this one started yesterday in Sarasota, Florida and will continue on Saturday into the Eastern Caribbean via enormous cruise ship.

Have you ever been to Sarasota, Florida? I thought Panama City was amazing (and it is!) but it turns out Panama City is just a regular ol’ beach town in Florida compared to Sarasota. Growing up in Utah, Florida was the dream. If you could make it to Florida you were big time. To think of all those wasted summers spent in Southern Utah. (I kid of course, no summer is ever wasted in Southern Utah, but the little girl inside me still squeals with delight when she comes to Florida.)

On the flight down here Addie told me she wanted to be a scientist. Then after touring the circus museum and watching a circus performance she decided she’d much rather be in the circus.

That is until tonight when she decided she would much rather grow up and work in the Tervis Tumbler factory assembling what she deems “THE BEST, MOST AMAZING CUPS EVER.”

For a kid who is addicted to ‘How It’s Made’ on the science channel, touring a real live factory and getting to assemble her own cup using crazy fancy machinery? Life made.

Addie made her very own custom Tervis Tumbler (with cats) at their Sarasota factory.

She also wants to be a travel writer, a baby nurse and a ballerina doctor.

Addie, she comes with big dreams and it’s one of the things I love most about her.

What’s been most amazing on this trip so far is that other writers brought their own children, and Addie has made friends with all of them. Hearing her in the back of the van whispering, giggling and bonding with other kids makes my heart sing. Earlier in the year Addie would hide behind me and cower when it came to meeting new people. We’ve practiced meeting new people for the last two months and today she proved that practice makes perfect. She’s managed to look every single person she has met in the eye, smile, shake their hand, and say “Hi, I’m Addie.” which is HUGE.

This little kid, part of me wants her to stay this age forever while the rest of me can’t wait to see what she grows into.

Wave jumping at Siesta Beach. @VisitSarasota

Especially if she grows into a circus performing cup assembler who moonlights and a baby ballerina doctor.


(Disclosure as usual: Our travel expenses have been covered by the Sarasota Visitors Association and we couldn’t be more thankful to them for this opportunity to visit. Opinions as always are my own.)


  1. I totally want to make my own cup!!!!!

  2. My grandparents used to live in the Bradenton/Sarasota area, so I know how awesome it is. Enjoy your trip!!!

    On a separate note, do you think you can teach ME how to meet new people? 🙂 Once an introvert, always an introvert!

  3. Like a doctor for ballerinas or a doctor that performs ballet while diagnosing and prescribing? Either way? Awesome.

  4. I LOVE Tervis!

    and I was born and raised in Florida, sort of. Born at Eglin AFB (panhandle). Stationed in Miami on two separate tours, so I spent most of my childhood there (ages 4-7 and 12-16).

  5. It was a pleasure showing you the Tervis factory. I would have NEVER guessed Addie was ever shy. She was adorable, charming and obviously, very bright. Congrats on raising a terrific kid! I look forward to meeting her again. Maybe one day Tervis will have a tightrope to work on while decorating cups!

  6. Love Sarasota! When my dad was a kid, his fam migrated each year between Traverse City, MI and Sarasota, FL… Haven’t been there in years though! Looks like you’re having fun!