We have a few different ideas when it comes to what makes for a good vacation in this family.


Addie and Me: zzzzzzz…..


Vivi: Graaargggpppffbbththttt!


Cody: “Who’s going to hold the baby on the 5 hour flight?”

Me: “Touché.”

Vivi: “BYE! BYYYEEEE!!!”





Guess what? Deciding on family vacations around these parts is a little…tricky.

I really want to go to New Orleans, so does Cody, but for entirely different reasons than me. I still need to go back to Austin and really spend a good amount of time there. We all want to go to Philly and DC, well, the girls probably don’t but we’re the boss and we’ll make them like it whether they want to or not. San Francisco holds a very special place in my heart and I haven’t been to Seattle in YEARS. But what about all the smaller towns in North America? Had you told me “SOUTHEASTERN OHIO! BEST TRIP EVER!” I would have rolled my eyes at you when you weren’t looking. Turns out, Southeastern Ohio? BEST TRIP EVER!

We all really like Kansas City too. We’ve never done anything but drive through Omaha and St. Louis and I’ll bet even Oklahoma City could show us a good time.

We’ve romped around Cincy, had way too much fun in Chicago and even had a night to remember in Louisville. Heck, if you’ve never been to Indianapolis, you should really put it on your list. We’re super friendly and have an awful lot for you to do while your here.

Basically what I’m saying is while we may not all agree on which city is the best, we’ll make the best of any place we end up. It’s our gift as a family and it makes for awfully fun time together.

We're all in one picture! It's a miracle!

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I want to know is where was the best family vacation in North America that you’ve ever had? For me it would be a toss up between my first trip to San Francisco when I was eight and our most recent trip to Ohio. Our trip to Disneyworld was pretty amazing too, then there was that time I got stuck in DC. Or the weekend in Chicago with Addie! Oy. I love to travel. I love to travel with my family, I want you to tell us where to go next!

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  1. San Francisco hands down. My husbands family is from there and I would love to get back especially with the kids. Vacations are so much more fun with them. I wish money wasn’t an issue. Airfare for
    Utah to SF is around 900.00 for 3! So hard.

  2. Disneyland 1956

  3. Elizabeth from Indy says:

    Yellowstone Park. So beautiful!

  4. I know it may sound cheesy, but I’ve had so many unforgettable vacations at Disneyland. It really is a magical place!

  5. My two sisters and I disliked [and still do] things in costume… so you can imagine how much fun we had at Disneyland the couple times we went back in the ’70s!

  6. Best family vacation ever was at Indian Shores, FL with my family and my parents. The chance to spend a whole week at the beach with grandma and grandpa and create memories made it worth the very long drive!

    PS- I use to live in Marietta, OH – if you ever get back to SE Ohio, stop in and check out this adorable little riverboat town. If you can go the week before Labor Day when the they have the SternWheeler Festival, you’ll have photo ops you’ve only dreamed of!

  7. Best family vacation was Pensacola, FL for son’s wedding. Best partial family vacay was NYC with daughter. Sigh…I love the big city!!

  8. Our best U.S. family vacay was, hands down, North Myrtle Beach!

  9. Nantucket definitely! My family and I have been there several times, the food is awesome, the people are great. Nantucket’s vacation rental homes are the best and the activities are endless. Not to mention, you can also get that peace and quiet you’ve always wanted as well!

  10. We loved our time on Anna Maria island in Florida a few years ago.

  11. We went to Florida/Disneyworld/HarryPotter on our tax return in 2011. Just before I lost my job. We probably should have saved the money. But I’m so glad we went.

  12. My most recent favorite was Orlando to go to Disney with my daughter – such a blast! I have also love tons of other places – Myrtle Beach, SC; San Diego, CA; etc etc – and tons of little towns all around Michigan. Oh and Chicago, IL – so fun! There’s just so many fun places to go!

  13. Best family vacation site I’ve gone with my kids would be Nauvoo, Illinois. We’ve been twice – once with my husband and once with my mom. When we went with my mom, we stayed in a little log cabin. When we went with my husband, my dad (who lives in Nauvoo) took us to a couple of places that aren’t regular tourist stops. That was cool.

  14. My first visit to the East Coast was a father-daughter trip. We were on the trolley tour learning the lay of the land, and I could NOT understand what the guide was saying. His Beantown accent was too thick for my West Coast ears! It was if he was speaking a foreign language!

  15. We took an amazing family trip to the Burlington vt area at the end of the summer. Such a fun and beautiful place.

  16. Tennessee! Major fan of the Pigeon Forge area. 🙂

    But if I win, I am pretty certain I will go to DC in the spring. Need to experienceDC.

  17. Wow! So many to choose from, which is a great problem to have. My favorite vacation of all time has to be our honeymoon, which was in San Diego.

  18. New Orleans was definitely one of the best family vacations in the U.S.

  19. Chicago, hands down!

  20. Key West,FL.
    It was the last family vacation we’ve had. We went on a cruise to the Bahamas but that day in Key West was the day when EVERYONE in the family actually let their hair down and we all enjoyed it. My family is much like yours where everybody wants to go somewhere different and do different things, but Key West was where we (for once!) were all on the same page. We just all loved it there and it was simply beautiful. I won’t say it was the best place I ever traveled to, but as far as family vacations go, it was amazing!

  21. Virginia Beach!

  22. Mandi Bone says:

    Walt Disney World.

  23. North Topsail Island, NC. Most wonderfully relaxing week on the beach. Family, food, sun, sand, surf. Paradise.

  24. seattle was lovely.

  25. It’s a toss up between the trip we took to Hilton Head with our kids and the California coast trip we took before we started dating (a college choir tour)!

  26. Disney World!

  27. Niagara Falls, NY

  28. We love the Florida Keys! My husband’s family loves to fish and we have cousins in south Florida, so that’s a GREAT vacation for us. We took a huge family vacation there years ago, and we also spent our Honeymoon there.

  29. Favorite vacation was to Colorado for the first time in 2008. We loved it so much, we moved there!! 🙂

  30. Punkinmama says:

    Best family vacation would be a toss-up between Disney World & Disneyland! I mean, how do you even pick?!

  31. Toss up between D.C. and NYC. I love them both for so many, many reasons.

  32. Definitely DC. Haven’t done that with kids yet… But I know Anna would still recommend it even with the littles!