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media day 2012





cloth diaper butt flap.


she holds a sippy cup!

bathing beatuy.

bathing beatuy.



thighs of glory

This week was spent super busy with work, the Super Bowl and vacation preparations (v!a!c!a!t!i!o!n!)

Vivi is thismuchcloser to crawling, Addie is thismuchcloser to asking a thousand questions a day rather than her usual 500 and Cody is the best husband ever.

The weather was lovely, I had super amazing cheeseburger last night, I was within shouting distance of Ryan Gosling and Johnny Depp and I’ve got plenty of snacks for tomorrow.

Here’s to week six.



the fourth seven days

the third seven days.

the second seven days.

the first seven days.


  1. Ryan Gosling!!! I faint.

  2. Gosh your children are delicious!

  3. Sloooowww time down! Your kids are getting big too fast.

  4. This is such a great idea. Your daughters are so lucky to be able to look back on their childhood like this!

  5. Cutest pictures of Vivi EVER! Seriously, find something that girl can advertise. She’s your retirement plan. 🙂

  6. I just bought a new camera so I can hopefully take pics that looks this good (minus adorable babies for now though).

  7. Loving your Superbowl pics this week!! You are brave to get out in those crowds! So proud to live in Indiana this week!

    Oh, and as usual, your kids are adorable too! 🙂

  8. Totally love the daily ever week photos! Seriously, the bathing suit (I think)?? could she be any more like a little old lady going to water aerobics while stuck in a tiny little baby body?? Love it.
    Oh, and a baby with crossed feet – kills me.
    Happy Super Bowl day!

  9. I don’t know what I’m more jealous of from that post. Shouting distance of Ryan Gosling, that delicious looking burger, or your involvement with the Super Bowl.

    Looks like it was a fantastic week.

  10. Oh, oh, those smiling eyes in Friday’s picture? I’ve seen them before. They belong to you.

  11. Vivi is awesome. That cross-eyed sippy cup picture KILLS ME. And that bathing suit? Ridiculous.

  12. I’m completely lost as to what you actually said in this post because all I could think about was how clean your floors are. Dude- how is it possible that your floors are THAT clean?

    Casey Reply:

    @Mynde, If I don’t vacuum it up, Vivi eats it. Forced cleanliness at the chubby hands of a chubby somewhat mobile baby.

  13. The only thing better than that super amazing cheeseburger is following it with super amazing ice cream from BRICS, which is exactly what Joe and I did earlier in the week last week. And ZOMG those garlic fries!!

    And apparently I was eating dinner in the same restaurant as Ryan Gosling on Thursday and didn’t know it. Here’s to being observant!

  14. Chiming in late because I’ve been horizontal on the couch with a tummy bug for a couple of days, but I needed to say that I *heart* the fact that a good chunk of your baby pictures have her head cut off. Not sure why I dig that so much. Maybe it’s because you take the time to focus on other scrumptious parts for a minute? Dunno.

  15. Shouting distance of Ryan Gosling?! Be still my heart!

    And where did you get Vivi’s adorable pink suit??!! I need one for my 4 month old 🙂