sunday. (tutorial for the eggs here!)
silk dying eggs


Addie and Tayden


grandma flower's flowers

Tayden and Addie


bailey the flying sheltie dog


the window


vivi and the coke
(She didn’t drink any or cut herself. I could tell one of you was worried.)



tayden's wrinkly head


funny face


the thirteenth seven days

the twelfth seven days

the eleventh seven days

(let’s just accept that the eight, ninth, and tenth may never happen)

the seventh seven days

the sixth seven days

the fifth seven says

the fourth seven days

the third seven days.

the second seven days.

the first seven days.


  1. My goodness I look forward to these so much. Your family is SO beautiful and you are SO talented. Happy Easter!!

    Casey Reply:

    @Jess, Thank you! I’ve loved doing them.

  2. Michele Turney says:

    I love the wrinkles on the back of Tayden’s head! That is something that I loved and forgot about!

    Casey Reply:

    @Michele Turney, Aren’t they DELICIOUS! He has a wrinkly back too.

  3. Beautiful!


    Casey Reply:

    @Adventures In Babywearing, Thank you!

  4. Lol, is it awful that I wasn’t thinking about Vivi’s safety and instead thinking of how much I want a coke?

    Casey Reply:

    @Marta, It was a very good Coke.

  5. Michelle says:

    I saw the Coke photo and went back to when my oldest (now 18) was a babe and I was very 8 mnonths pregnant with our second, so she was about 14 months old, and we were somewhere where the water wasn’t safe and she had given up on me 2 months earlier and the only thing available was COKE! She climbed everything for hours! Including me! until about 2.30 in the morning!

    I love your disclaimer. 🙂

  6. come home. I miss you. Although I’m sure your family loves having you close, like I do.

  7. Gorgeous photos of your cute little family. Especially, the new addition. I can almost smell the new baby smell from here!

  8. Somewhere there is a picture of me at about Vivi’s age, sitting next to my mom and drinking coffee out of my Peter Rabbit cup. Now, I have such a tolerance for caffeine that I can’t even use it to stay awake.
    Sigh, I never realized how much I love babies until I had my own.

  9. So many pretty babies!

  10. I can’t get over all the hair on Tayden! What a beauty!

  11. Your girls are so beautiful. You and Cody sure do make some gorgeous babies. I especially love Vivi’s funny face. If I’m honest, I’m trying to practice those lips right now.


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