I spent most of the weekend on the verge of tears.

If not on the verge, I was generally in them.

But never from sadness, only tears of joy and appreciation.

I was me this weekend.

You know, the old me.

love. her. (lisa leonard)

I cried because I’ve missed this me so much. I like this me. This me is easy to take out in public.

a view from the front.

I’ve cried because I know this won’t last forever. That I could wake up tomorrow and this me could be taken hostage by the part of my brain I can’t control.


I’ve cried because for the first time in a long time I was able to look around and see beauty in every. single. thing.


Especially the people I am lucky enough to be surrounded by.

moosh, spohr, vdog, flinger, bradshaw, dawn, katie

I have such good people around me. I sometimes feel I don’t deserve to be in the ranks of the friends I have.

being roommates brought us closer.

I have such a good life. I couldn’t even name the ways.

jet set et moi

This weekend I didn’t hide behind my camera. I used it to capture and hopefully hold on the the beauty that engulfed me this weekend, and hopefully I can lock this feeling away somewhere safe in my heart where my brain can’t touch it.

the lovely miss annabel

I’m so scared of when this me is going to go.

low blood sugar made us punchy.

But I can’t live in fear of that moment. I must live in hope of this one, right now. Knowing with all my heart that it will return.

me doing the karen walrond face


  1. I am so happy for you. And hopeful. Because if you can do it? Maybe so can I. Maybe.

  2. This makes me so happy for you. Your face speaks volumes, and beautifully so.

    That last picture of you and Karen? Geez…gorgeous times two!



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