Dearest Addie,

By the time most people read this you will already be settling into your first day of first grade. It will be the first day you take the bus to and from school. The first day you eat lunch by yourself in a cafeteria. The first day you are gone all day at school.


I’ve been telling less of your stories on this blog because you’re old enough to tell your own now. And you’re certainly at an age that lends well to unanswerable questions. (No, I still don’t know how mermaids go to the bathroom.)


Many people have asked how you have taken to being a big sister. If there has been jealousy or if you have reverted to acting like a baby yourself. It amazes me every time I answer “Nope, Vivi is the best toy I could have ever brought home for Addie.” You have taken to being a big sister better that I ever took to being your mom. Aside from having to tell you 47 times an hour to get your face out of your sisters face and quit kissing her when she’s trying to eat and STOP THAT YOUR HAIR IS IN HER MOUTH, you are officially the best big sister ever.



It’s hard to be a person, but you’re doing a good job. You are kind, you are compassionate, you are curious, you are funny and my heavens, you are beautiful. If I accomplish nothing more in this life than assuring you girls that you are worth every bit of love and goodness this world has to offer and to stay as forgiving, confident, self assured and accepting as you are at this moment today?

miss addie

I will have done my job well.

I do not fear you going to school or growing up.

I fear you never realizing how much you are capable of by simply being yourself.

Kindness matters, clothes don’t. Honesty means more than money and virtue cannot be bought.

Humility is admirable and owning up to your mistakes is a must.


Gossip hurts, love heals and giving up isn’t an option.

And most of all?

No one will ever love you more than I do.

xoxo, mama.


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  1. I may have cried during that… ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for such a beautiful post. The sweetest picture was Addie holding the book over Vivi so she could see it. Lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This whole post is gorgeous but especially the last part.

    Looks and sounds like she’s definitely taken to being a perfectly wonderful big sister. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope she has a great first day at school. My guy starts 2nd grade tomorrow too…

  3. Oh, sweet Addie, you are a.dor.a.ble! And I love seeing you be an awesome big sister.

    And happy first day of school! Go dazzle your teachers like you’ve dazzled teh internets.

  4. What a beautiful post. I hope Addie has a wonderful first day, and every day.

  5. Oh my heavens, she is just SO STUNNING. Her hair in braids is beyond precious.

    Happy First Day of First Grade!!

  6. Oh my gosh she is so beautiful. She’ll do awesome.


  7. This is a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. You really should work for Hallmark! I just adore that picture of her holding the book up for Vivi to see… sooo sweet!

  9. I love this post. I am scared for my girls to grow up…but this made me a little less scared. Thank you!

  10. I love this, seeing your girls together. My two will be 16 months apart (I’m due any day now with #2), about 3 years closer together than I wanted them and seeing your girls makes me just a teeny bit sad that my oldest isn’t going to remember his little sibling as a baby, that I’ll never get to see him being the doting big brother I know he’d be if he was older when this one is born. *sigh* So I’ll just enjoy watching your beautiful Addie dote on her baby sister.

  11. Holy Moly – this should come with a “your-ovaries-will-flip” warning!

  12. Lovely, both your words and your babies. Our kids are almost the same ages, and we have exactly the same conversations with our older son. We recently had a social worker visit our home as part of the process for my husband to adopt our older son and she asked if N was a good big brother to T. It was the easiest question I’ve ever answered. Yes, yes and yes. Isn’t it amazing?

  13. Beautiful. This, them, you. xo

  14. She is beyond awesome! The pictures of her reading to Vivi made my heart explode. You’re a lucky mama!

  15. Oh mama. You have a special girl.

  16. This post is so beautiful! I wish for and try to instill the same traits you listed for both of my boys!

  17. This is such a beautiful post – the pictures, the words, everything. My favorite is her holding the book over her sister’s head so she can see the pictures – what a wonderful moment you have captured!

  18. Love.

    Loved this.

  19. Absolutely beautiful! I want to squeeze you & Addie…but maybe give Vivi a break

  20. Of all your posts, this one had to make me cry. Indeed your oldest is beautiful. Inside and outside. My girl (also headed to first grade) would love NOTHING MORE than to be a big sister. And she’d be dang good at it, too. I wish I could give her that.

  21. <3

  22. LOVE your photos of the two them. They look absolutely gorgeous. I have got to take more pictures!

  23. What a beautiful post and gorgeous photos of Addie and Vivi. What a precious gift of love Addie has for her sister and how much that will be returned in years to come. You have done a wonderful job being mother to these treasures.

  24. First: I want “Kindness matters, clothes don’t.” on a t-shirt. which sounds ironic, but isn’t meant to be.

    Second, that first picture, of her reading to the baby, had me sniffling, and thinking of my own baby’s big sisters, and how wonderful they are, too. (the second one had major jealousy, though. we did not dodge a bullet there, no ma’am.)

  25. Amazing advice that even I need as an 87 year old man (or 25 year old woman who feels like an 87 year old man). Love you and your babies. And maybe even the guy you made them with.

  26. Oh my heart. Sisters are just the best.

  27. I have never met you, but I love you. Your words are so beautiful, you put words to feelings I have but could never find the eloquence to actually say, let alone to write. You are amazing. Thanks for writing.