First doctor’s appointment down!

(Hi Daddy! I’m about to talk about my cervix! I hear there’s a good show about ice on the Discovery Channel! You should probably go there…xo-doodlebug.)

You know what I forgot? How much is involved with OB appointments. First of all there’s the needles, where they take enough blood I’m absolutely sure they can tell what I had for lunch last week. Then there’s the questions. BREASTFEEDING? EPIDURALS? GENETIC TESTING? PRENATALS? COSLEEPING? PEDIATRICIANS? TOP THREE COLLEGE CHOICES? And then there’s the peeing in the cup thing. Maybe people who have babies a little closer together don’t lose the “pee in the cup without peeing on your hand” skill, but I my friends have lost it. I give myself three appointments before I have that one down again. I was also surprised with a pap at my first appointment. A) I have a tilted cervix which requires more…prodding…to get to it. B) I have had so many medical professionals up in my cervical area that I can feel it suck up into my throat at the thought of it being explored. The doctor who handled my pap said I had “the most battle weary cervix” she had ever seen.

Aww, that comment kind of make me want to buy my cervix a cupcake or something. But that seemed as though it would bring on some kind of infection. So I just whined about it to Cody instead.

My ultrasound is on December 10th, 4 days before Addie’s 6th birthday. And if it’s possible to find out what’s inside me? YOU BETTER BELIEVE I’M FINDING OUT. If there was ever a time to throw modesty to the wind Mozzi, December 10th is the day.

Supposedly I look pregnant. I don’t feel like I do. I just feel like I ate too many popsicles and haven’t pooped nearly enough. Both of which are probably actually not too far off from the truth. I honestly have no recollection of being hugely pregnant with Addie. I know there’s pictures and evidence, but for the life of me I do not remember what it feels like.

Very Pregnant
If I’m being honest, it looks uncomfortable, but I vividly remember enjoying it very, very much. Oy. I can’t wait to find out what else I’ve forgotten about.

I want to ask you what you forgot about in subsequent pregnancies. But I’m afraid of your answers. So let’s talk about your favorite stretchy pants instead, because those ones that are pictured above are still with me six years later. They’ve got holes and paint stains and frayed edges. BUT I LOVE THEM.


  1. I forgot how much I missed not being pregnant when I was pregnant.

  2. So cute. Glad to hear everything is going well!

  3. In 18 combined months of pregnancy, I NEVER mastered peeing in a cup without peeing all over myself. Never.

  4. My kids are 17 and 14. What I forgot in my second pregnancy was the goopy orange stuff they make you drink for the blood sugar test (that’s not too horrible, is it?). And I still love stretchy pants.

    Maybe you should give your cervix a ribbon and eat the cupcake yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I really don’t remember stretchy pants. Seems like I had a nice overpriced pair from Motherhood Maternity, but moreso I remember embracing my inner farm girl and wearing overalls. Rocked them.

  6. I miss taking baths in my spa tub. I would ease in the warm water, then unsuspectingly turn the jets on. My belly would seriously try to jump out of my skin. I loved scaring my little unborn child. *evil laugh*

  7. Well, I haven’t been preggo in over 15 years (and never will be again), but I never went for the stretchy pants thing as I didn’t like ANYTHING around my belly ~ it was hot, sexy tent dresses for me allllll the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And my two kids were 2 yrs 9mos apart, so I guess I didn’t forget much in between but I did get really good at the peepee cup thing, and I can still do it purty dang good….I can pee standing up too, but that’s another story

    Congrats on your bundle of joy!!!

  8. I have some Target maternity pants that I love(d). Okay, sometimes I still wear them.

  9. To pee in a cup without peeing on yourself you just have to 1. hold the rim of the cup with your finger and thumb. 2. Start to pee 3. move the cup back until it starts catching pee (and then stop moving it back!). Viola. I am an ace at this from a LOT of practice.

    I forgot how long pregnancy last. It feels like I should have had two kids by now.

  10. My daughters are 7 years apart, so there was a LOT that I forgot about. The one thing that I wish I would have remembered more than anything was how beautifully thick my hair was when I was pregnant, and the crazy amount of hair I lost after delivery!

  11. So excited for you!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. My nails were pretty when I was pregnant.

    I remembered everything else.

    Oh, except all those questions at the first appointment?

  13. BAH HA!!! you are so cute.

  14. I’m totally wearing maternity panties and yoga pants right now. My (only) kid is almost 3. Enjoy your pants!!!

  15. love it….you’re so cute!

    my fav were the boy sport shorts i could wear BELOW my bigObelly!

  16. Rose jorgensen says:

    The girls & Noah are all five years apart. Things come back to you pretty quickly after a few visits. I forgot about the glucose drink & my fave bottoms are my motherhood black stretchy pants that I found at the D.I. for 3 bucks {which I had for about 7 years!}

  17. my favorite stretchy pants are from gapbody. they were overpriced, for stretchy pants, but boy i love them and i was able to squeeze into them through my whole pregnancy by keeping them under my big belly.

  18. Old Navy has some killer black stretchy pants that aren’t maternity, but fit under the baby belly perfectly. I’d say that the main thing I forgot in between bambinos is how you can’t really move too much at the end. Like at all. Without feeling like you’re going to cut off all circulation from the eyes down. But I really forgot how amazing it is to feel them move inside you, feel them kicking and hiccuping….the good stuff.

    So freakin excited for you!

  19. Yay – belly!!

  20. JCPenney has a great brand, Duo Maternity, which may be manufactured by Motherhood Maternity the way the wal-mart and target “just one year” and “child of mine” lines are actually made by Carter’s.

    Yannyhoo, JCP is always sending out $10 off your purchase of $10 or more (ie, get something cheap for free) coupons right when there’s a sale going on. I used those (and got my mom to use hers) to score pregnancy tanks [for home] and polos [for work] for FREE because they were exactly $10.

    They do also have stretchy pants. My favorite stretchy pants are actually not even maternity ones, though.

    Also for peeing, I put my thumb on the rim of the cup, my fingers under it. I basically put my thumb on my pubes (whoops sorry dudes forgot the tmi warning) and rest the cup against my skin, peeing slowly until the cup feels warm… they usually only need a quarter inch to work with so that was often all i gave them. i put up the cup and then i could relax and pee in peace!

  21. I had these beloved pyjama pants that I wore the minute I got home – totally hated leaving the house because I knew it meant having to put on actual pants.

    You’re totally cute. Good Luck!!

  22. They’re brown velour. They are hideous.

    Bought them before I had my first kid, wore them through two pregnancies, will wear them until they fall off my desiccated corpse (but never out of the house.)

  23. Are they B’s about a mid-stream catch? Otherwise, hold the cup high and in place, THEN go. Then stop, remove cup, finish yo business.

  24. I bought fat pants for work for those rubber band on the button days. (You taught me that!) Which were many. I’m nervous about when I go back to work because who knows if even the fat pants fit anymore.

  25. Rabbi's wife says:

    I forgot how much padding I need to sleep late in pregnancy. This was my third in 3 years and you would think I had it all down by now. But don’t forget that YOU are the one who is pregnant, and how you feel is just as relevant as what the doctors think. Don’t let medical professionals push you around. That’s what I remembered this time.

  26. I don’t enjoy the genre of being pregnant. I am thankful that I am pregnant and I am so thankful for my baby…but the stuff I forgot about…I think I more like BLOCKED it out because it’s so unpleasant! Dude, my vagina bones hurt and I feel like my privates are the size of a watermelon. There ya go. TMI and something to look forward to!! Can’t wait to find out what sort of parts Mozzi has. Here’s hoping all caution is thrown to the wind with abandon!

  27. I fainted after the initial blood draw. And I had forgotten about it until I started to blackout with my second pregnancy.

  28. Lisa in TX says:

    I was talking to the OB with my second pregnancy, kvetching about how much I ached all over. “I don’t remember the first one hurting this much!” She looked me straight in the eye and said “That’s because it didn’t. The second pregnancy is always harder.” Oh great. You could have told me *before* I got pregnant. And the third was even harder, by the way. I spent half of it crying with pain, and the other half in a physical therapy pool. That sort of thing happens when you throw out your SI two months in.

  29. Hi Casey

    I am pregnant now, with our first after the docs telling us that bc of my PCOS we would have a hard time conceiving – well I went off my bc in August and we got pregnant on our wedding night – Sept 18th LOL It’s pretty exciting!! Since I dont have any things to “forget” I just thought I’d leave a little comment anyway. Thanks for always making my day better Casey – even thru the ms and not pooping ๐Ÿ™‚


  30. I was so happy to see this – I’ve been worried ever since you posted you were worried. Seems like you’re feeling better too – yeah! and yeah for insurance! oh – and I loved the ND/Utah football post. I live in Indiana too, but I work with many people in Provo and hear about BYU football and/or Austin Collie on a DAILY basis. Fun to hear the other side! Go Mozzi! Go Colts!

  31. I think we all pee on our hand at some point or another while trying to pee in a cup!
    I love being pregnant. I love to feel that little life inside me move. It is such a miracle!

  32. Gap. Strechy, semi sweats, semi yoga-ish pants. Full of awesome. I love them.

    Also? I have had three babies and been pregnant five times. I’ve never mastered the pee in a cup thing, nor the pee on the actual stick thing. Just not my gift.

  33. Oh I had a 7 yr gap with my last 2 kids and conpletely forgot about the pee in the cup trick, also about how the person going the ultrasound(can’t spell the sono..)presses so hard on your belly that it hurts. I LOVE your can’t wait sticker!! Will you tell Addie on the day or will you wait and tell her the sex of her sibling on her birthday?

  34. the crazy this is with each pregnancy I get NEW aches and pains…So even if I forget the bad stuff from the previous parts I get even more pain from the new ones.

  35. Ummmmmm…I never stopped peeing on my hand with the cup. Never.

  36. I have 2 pairs of old navy fold down waist yoga pants. I think my favorite thing about them is that they are size XS (which I am so not!) but they still fit perfectly. Also post baby I just keep the waist band pulled up over my flappy loose stomach and it helps hold it in a bit.

    Also I forgot how incredibly uncomfortable I was in bed the last 2 months. If I end up pregnant again (Fallopian tubes crossed!) my first purchase will be a much better maternity pillow

  37. Amy in StL says:

    I love a pair of Nike Dri Fit pant. I know they’re technically for working out but they’re really flattering and hold in the bulgy bits but aren’t binding. Although I second the Old Navy ones. They makes ones with pockets that I just bought on sale. Pockets!!!

  38. I have a 14 year old, 12 year and 2 month old, and never figured out how to NOT pee on my hand.

    I forgot that I had to “plan” the birth, which wasn’t so bad, but once Aidan was born I realized that I FORGOT how to take care of a newborn. He came six weeks early and I actually panicked, asking the nurse how long to burp him. Who forgets that?!

  39. My first doctor appointment with my second pregnancy, I forgot about that whole peeing in a cup thing. So I ate a bunch of asparagus for lunch that day. And that’s exactly what my pee smelled like. I felt so sorry for whoever had to test it.

    My favorite stretchy pants are bright yellow and lime green striped and completely obnoxious.

  40. A) our cervixes (cervii?) are related, obviously, B) your ultrasound’s on my Bday and C) you look like the only-gained-a-tummy-and-boobs type, like I was. Low-rise jeans and a rubber bnd got me through to the 8th month, when a heat wave hit.

  41. I learned NOT to go the bargain route and get the cheapest sweat-suit at the store. I thought this was the only time I was allowed to wear a “sweat-suit” and went all out and got 2 for about $10. The jackets ended up having different legth and width arms, 1 pair of the pants came up to just under my boobs, and the other had a lot of extra fabric in the crotch. They were all supposed to be the same size. What I did love was something very similar to this:
    Still wear them all the time!

  42. First, Dec 10 is Cort’s bday. Random, I know.

    Second, I also have a tilted cervix and HATE having to have anything probing around in there. grrr.

    Lastly, I miss all my cute prego clothes. Seriously. I liked my maternity wardrobe better than my non preggo one.

    Is that sad? maybe.

  43. I always forgot about how in the end your crotch felt like it was dragging on the floor. I’m glad that’s over with! And then after the babies were born, I always forgot about that seemingly never ending bleed.

  44. I forgot how much being pregnant sucks! Peeing all night, eating everything or nothing because the smell is so sickening, ect. Finding out on Dec. 2…we must be about the same week…17, for me.

  45. My husband hated my old stretchy pants and complained every time I wore them. Now I’ve left him, and I can wear them all day and night. Win, right? hmm…

  46. I have 3 sons ( 16, 14 & 9.)
    I always forgot what a breathtaking moment it is when you feel your baby move for the first time.

  47. You know, I’d fallen off the face of the earth with going to school fulltime, having a baby, and getting my hands on my Canon 50D and then I come back and YOU’RE PREGNANT! Congrats, so happy that you finally got a lil tadpole in your belly! :]

  48. I fail at peeing in a cup without peeing on my hand. I don’t think it’s fair that men can do it no problem. I have had to pee in a cup so many times because of different urinalyses throughout the last five or so years, you’d think I’d have it down. HA. Even us sick people can’t master it. I will be so jealous if you get it down!


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