If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ll know I favor the left side of my face.




I wish the right matched the left. (Not a phone photo. Sorry. Liar liar.)



But what’s wrong with the right side Casey?

Oh, you know, a lot. First of all, there’s the rash.

petichiae update. 16 weeks.

Then there’s my eyebrow, it’s just a little bit shorter on the right side and it has a bald spot.

My right eye closes more than my left when I smile, I mean, it’s really just a lazier eye overall.

My undereye on the right side is also a little darker and a lot puffier than the left.

My hair is thinner on the left compared to the right.

I’m not sure why my right side has to be so difficult.

I mean, as humans, we came from an egg and sperm, to expect us to be perfectly symmetrical is downright stupid. (However some people are perfectly symmetrical and symmetry is the scientific definition of beauty.)

For a long time I’ve wanted to do a mirror image of my face, out of curiosity. (And to prove to I really do have a better side, that it’s not just in my head.)

Original photo I worked from?

Not bad, not bad. But lefty is clearly working the smize while righty is just…there. So out of curiosity, what if we mirrored the smize?

I present…double lefty.

The eyebrows! THE HAIR! WHOO! I mean, sure it’s a little silly looking because it’s double my face but you have to admit, the left side is certainly not my worst side.

Speaking of worst side, DOUBLE THE RIGHT PHOTOSHOP!

WEIRD RIGHT? So weird. Clearly my right eye is farther out than my left eye but it’s not something anyone would ever just notice. The eyebrow is is short and balding and the rash. THE RASH!

I still love you right side of my face! You chew and smile and blink and all that other stuff a face is supposed to do, but when it comes to my good side? We clearly have a winner and it isn’t you. BUT THAT’S OKAY! Because apparently people with symmetrical faces tend to be more selfish, we don’t ever want to be selfish, even if it is at the expense of a very beautiful face.

So give it up, do you have a good side? I think I’ve just proven that good sides are totally a thing if you’ve been skeptical to admit it.


  1. @KDA, Just a mirror won’t work! You need a photo so you can cover up half at a time!

  2. @Amanda Jillian, Right. 😉

    Amanda Jillian Reply:

    @Casey, At least someone understood me.

  3. @Casey, I’m impressed that you were able to read that and make sense of it. I just re-read it and face-palmed myself heavily. Kudos for being able to read and understand crazy 🙂

  4. @Casey, thank you! I think Adrienne did a heck of a job covering up my scar that day. I want to hire her every day. If you have a straight on one, I’d love to see it (but I’m kind of scared).

  5. Mine is my right, mostly because I have a missing tooth on my left side…and I have a complex.

    The pictures are crazy…

  6. In the first weeks I was dating my husband, he said something about humans having biological drives to mate with symmetrical faces. One day while he was at work, I drove there and left a note on his car saying “Your face is very symmetrical.” And here we are, sixteen years later.