It has come to my attention that several of you are creeped out by one of my cats.

Specifically Wink.

Wink and his...resting place.

It also has come to my attention that I may very well be a crazy cat lady in a normal lady body because I am thoroughly convinced that not only are my cats perfect, they are pretty much the coolest cats to ever walk this delightful planet we all share. It is also fairly obvious that I am tipping the crazy cat lady scales with the sheer number of photos I’ve taken of these two cats in less than a week.

Percy the Snoozer.

But back to my cat making you uncomfortable.

A third of you are bothered by his one eye, another third is bothered by his extra toes and the other third of you are equally squicked by both. For those of you who are on the fence about which one is stranger? I took him to the vet today only to discover that he has extra toes in the back too. The vet called them nubbin toes. As if 18 toes could ever be enough for my cat, he had to go and grow 5 or 6 extra.

Heeeyyyy ladiessssss....

To be fair Cody thought the one eye thing was a bit much in the beginning, especially when Wink rubbed his eye hole on Cody’s hand his first day home.

You know what I think is creepy?

My face.

But no one ever tells me how creepy my face is because I am a human with feelings who can read and most of you are kind human beings who understand how hard it would be to have a giant crazy rash on your face so you don’t say anything about how weird it looks. I thank you for that, but I assure you, I’m well aware of how strange I look.

Wink was born with two eyes. He developed something called an entropion, which basically means his eyelid curled in instead of out. There was an attempt to repair his entropion and it went wrong leaving him with dramatic scarring and the need for another surgery. Maybe his previous owners got rid of him when they realized he was going to need another surgery or that he was going to be funny looking for the rest of his life, I’ll never know. But I do know that on his chart from the humane society it says “another surgery is advised as scarring from previous entropion repair is unsightly and may be unappealing to potential adopters.”

This cat had to have surgery again because it was believed that no one could look past his scarred eye, because he would be seen as ugly.

wink the pumpkin.

He spent four months at the shelter. When I went in to see him the first time he said hello and then walked away. I can only assume he was used to being looked over and ignored.

To all of you who ignored him? You missed out on one of the greatest cats ever created. This cat wouldn’t have been at the shelter more than a few weeks had he had both eyes. He is the sweetest, kindest most chill cat there is. Your loss.

Maybe it’s because I know his story that I have such a soft spot for him, which is why I ask everyone to give everyone else around them the benefit of the doubt.

Yes, my cat looks different and some people have had no problem saying unkind things about his appearance because he is a cat and some people believe cats don’t have feelings.

When I told Addie about him and how he only had one eye she looked at his picture, gasped with excitement and said “So it’s going to be our job to love him because nobody else will?

Yep, and it’s pretty much the best job there ever was.

five months


  1. It breaks my heart that such a sweet guy was passed up because he did not appear “normal”. He is so blessed to have found his home, the home that was meant to be with his new buddy and your family.

    When we considered getting a second dog, we went to a shelter and they had this beautiful pit who was so sweet and just a personality except he lost the use of his back legs. How, he defended his owner from an intruder with a gun and was shot. His owner had to give him up because of the expenses. I wanted that dog, but within wheelchair and our stairs it was not an option. The people at the shelter told us they don’t think he would be adopted but they are thrilled because he is their dog and they will love and take care of him as long as they can. That dog is so sweet and amazing.

    I wish we could have given him a home but, he is loved.

    Casey Reply:

    @Christina, He’s a hero dog! I’m happy to hear he’s loved and that you were so willing to love him first.

  2. @lauryn, And they would be happy to lick your neck as well. (Yeah, Percy’s a neck licker. It’s…interesting.)

  3. I fully believe that, like children, pets pick their families. My two cats drive me insane on a daily basis, but I love them so much and could not imagine having having two more perfect cats. Your cats are lovely and I’m glad to see we’ve added a new member to the crazy cat lady club!

    Casey Reply:

    @Jessica, Percy picked us when he crawled into Vivi’s stroller with her at the shelter.

  4. I’m a regular reader, never commenter, but I love Mr. Wink! And you have made me think about finding a cat that others may have passed over the next time.

    Casey Reply:

    @Nancy, Oh you totally should, rescue pets know who the good humans are.

  5. There is NO such thing as an ugly cat! (Said the crazy cat lady with three cats who loves all cats everywhere) I think he’s adorable – kinda like a pirate. And the extra toes? I think it’s cool. I want to come over and rub his feet!

    Casey Reply:

    @Kassandra, HE HAS A TWEE LITTLE PIRATE HAT! And yes, I rub his toes a lot, they’re just so substantial.

  6. I’m creeped out by people who could be so mean! Both of your new housemates are lovely and wonderful and so are you for rescuing them.
    Yay cats!

    Casey Reply:

    @Brittany, They’re obviously dog people. 😉

  7. As the owner of a “Hemmingway” cat, and as a veterinarian who sees lots of 1 eyed, 3 legged, or other “abnormal” animals, I applaud you for adopting one. You are right. People sometimes can’t handle what is different, but it is the people that can that really appreciate true beauty, and can see a beautiful cat with a lovely soul that are the lucky ones. He and his adopted brother are so blessed to have found their forever home with your family. Congratulations!

    Casey Reply:

    @Kelly, Hemingway totally knew what was up.

  8. I think he’s adorable. Seriously they both are. They make me want a cat and I’m highly allergic.

    Casey Reply:

    @Issa, That’s the best cat compliment there is.

  9. Randomly, I will never understand why people are freaked out by different. Different isn’t bad.

  10. My grandparents have a one-eyed kitty. She accidentally got in the dogs bowl at dinner time when she was tiny, and the doggy accidentally chomped her eye. She is beautiful and cuddly and perfect!
    And I LOVE extra-toed Kitties! (crazy cat lady here)

    Casey Reply:

    @Meg, We need badges or something. Shaped like mice and that smell of ‘nip.

  11. Your cat is special not weird. Also, I sniffled about Addie’s statment on the cat. she is right.

    Casey Reply:

    @charlene, that kid, she’s a good egg.

  12. I love this post.
    I’m a crazy cat lady for sure. I have five.
    My newest adoptee was from a horrific hoarding case. She has only one (beautiful) eye and one kidney, because of the horrific abuse and neglect she and all of those cats endured.
    She is awesome and absolutely beautiful to me. Her empty socket doesn’t close, it’s just open, which totally freaks people out. I love it.

    Casey Reply:

    @dysfunctional mom, I’m not so sure Cody could have done just a socket. But you know I would have made him.

  13. Wink is beautiful and you hit the jack pot! breaks my heart someone would say anything unkind. Cats are a blessing!

    Casey Reply:

    @Robin, And Dysons are a blessing to cat owners. 🙂

  14. Yet another crazy cat lady here (my allergic-to-cats-but-still-loves-them-dearly husband’s rule is no more pets than adults in the house or else I’d probably go adopt the entire shelter). It makes me sad that people are saying mean things about your cute kitty. Their loss, I suppose.

    It also makes me sad that you think people are thinking mean thoughts about your face. They’re not. I pretty much guarantee it. They’re staring at your pretty eyes and wondering what magic mascara you use. I promise. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Lindsay, Stila Utlra Lash, best stuff I’ve ever used. (Although God did give me some pretty good eyelashes to begin with, I thank Him for them pretty much every day.)
    And thank you.

  15. Your kid is awesome.

    And I promise I have never noticed the rash that you think is so obvious. You’re beautiful regardless.

    Casey Reply:

    @punkinmama, Because I wear so. much. makeup. (And now I’m getting it fixed…so…)
    Thank you love.

  16. Thought I’d go on record and say that I find that one eye and the extra toes to be AWESOME. Love is love, no matter if it’s ugly!

    Casey Reply:

    @Tricia, He won’t get lost for long, that’s for sure, he’s too unique.

  17. Thank you, dear Addie

    Casey Reply:

    @Brooke Randolph, Isn’t she wonderful? I’ll keep her.

    Brooke Randolph Reply:

    @Casey, She is! Don’t forget to keep sharing her wonderfulness with the world 🙂

  18. I have a long habit of choosing the “weird” cats that no one else wants. Have you read the book about the blind cat, “Homer’s Odyssey” by Gwen Cooper? These cats are so inspirational, because they show us that what we think of as a disability is actually a superpower. I’ve always thought polydactyl cats were awesome. Two eyes, one eye, or none at all? Cats are beautiful no matter what.

    Bless you for taking these gorgeous guys into your house, heart, and family. Your daughter obviously has picked up her mom’s compassion and empathy.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jessica, I read the one about the two legged dog, I’ll have to add the blind cat to my list!

  19. Thank you for making me feel a little less crazy. I actually wrote a post on Thursday, drawing the same conclusion from our recently adopted Pit Bull.

    By the way, you are lovely. Honestly.

    Casey Reply:

    @Ashley, That was a lovely post. I nodded through the whole thing.

  20. Aw, I didn’t even know you had one cat! What’s her name?

    Also, whoever said Wink is creepy has issues of their own. He’s gorgeous! He is definitely one of the most handsome cats I’ve seen. And hey, his extra toes make up for his only having one eye, people. It almost physically hurts me when people give up their pets because of aesthetic features or aesthetically alter their pets to make them “cuter” (people who have their corgis’ tails lopped off, I’m looking at YOU).

    And I’m with you on the babbling cat lady. I want to take in every stray I see. I can’t, because we already have two and they hate each other, so throwing another into the mix would implode our already fragile ecosystem here. Our second was a stray and he was so cute, we couldn’t resist, even with his crooked tail. (He still has a crick in it, so I’m wondering if his previous owners, who had obviously dumped him when we found him, beat him and broke it. It makes me nauseous thinking that someone could beat a kitten and then dump him to fend for himself.) He’s a total pain in the ass — he never leaves our other cat alone, he scratches up my mattress like crazy, and he likes to poop in the middle of the kitchen floor occasionally — but I kind of love him. He sings. You should hear him. (Then again, maybe not; he fancies himself an opera singer, but he’s really got the voice of a five-year-old girl who’s had too much sugar. And at four in the morning, it’s even less pretty.)

    Liz Reply:

    PS: Your face is not creepy. It’s blotchy, yes, and it probably really pisses you off, but you’re still hot. Seriously.

    Casey Reply:

    @Liz, Heh, someone commented earlier about their deaf cat who isn’t sure how loud they’re supposed to meow so they just howl like waterfowl.

    Liz Reply:

    Hahahaha. Mine would like us to think he’s deaf, but he has selective hearing.

  21. Your face is certainly not creepy!! LOL. And Wink’s special features just make him that much more loveable! I used to volunteer at a humane society, specifically with kittens and it is a wonder I didn’t come home each day with a new blind or somehow “less that perfect” friend!

    Man, I miss having a kitty…<3 my pup and all that but nothing beats kitty love. *sigh*

    Casey Reply:

    @Beth, I have been holding onto these kitties for extra long stretches now that it’s getting cold.

    Beth Reply:

    @Casey, That is awesome! It’s not that cold, but rainy here and I have lucked into a cuddly pup this afternoon. Still not the same though! 🙂

  22. This post is why I’d like to one day meet you and hug you and I don’t even really like cats. I guess it’s just the soft spot I have for all the lost but good souls in the world who need a champion and you doing just that for Wink.

    Casey Reply:

    @Cute~Ella, I had a nightmare about Wink last night, he was sick and I was ready to spend and do everything and anything to make him better. Still messing with me today, even as he’s right over there snoring and healthy.