If you’re new here or just need a refresher, I barf so much, so often and so violently when I am pregnant that the capillaries in my face rupture. POP! Whee!

petichiae update. closer.

I just got done being pregnant for the second time about 6 months ago and spent much of my pregnancy learning to love my creepy looking face. I do love my face…especially because it’s currently a very happy face that gets to love on the world’s cutest baby and her big sister too all the live long day.

But here’s the thing.

It’s my face.

The one thing that pretty much every human that ever meets me is going to see.

Groupon had a super deal to a laser skincare center for photo facials. Cody let me get 4 treatments. I figured if they work they work, if they don’t, at least I didn’t spend thousands of dollars to be disappointed.

I went for my second face lasering yesterday.

She turned me up to FULL POWER.


The pain is between dental work (WORST PAIN EVER) and getting a tattoo (a sort of pleasurable pain. And yes, I have four tattoos, unclench.)

Here’s another little fun fact about my face.

The right side is hyper vascular. Meaning I have a whole lot more petichiae on the right side than the left. (Bonus fun fact: Apparently *most* people who are hyper-vascular are hyper-vascular on their left side. Pardon my while I bow with my medical anomalies.)

Here’s the right side of my face at 16 weeks pregnant. Notice the lips of death from dehydration.

petichiae update. 16 weeks.

Now here’s the right side of my face 5 months postpartum before any laser treatments. (The petichiae did get slightly better on its own without all the barfing and extra blood coercing through my veins.)

Pre-Photofacial the first. (right side)

And the left side…which is actually very lovely (comparatively.)

Pre Photofacial the First. (left side)

Now here I am today after my face lasering of DOOM yesterday. I really am hoping that this is just a complete and total flare up before these little critters pack their little blood bags and leave town. One last revolt if you will…

Petichiae update. 6 months postpartum after 2 photofacials (one was yesterday)

And with makeup, because sometimes it’s interesting just to see the difference.

With makeup. Slightly better. But really, who am I kidding?

(See those curls? THAT’S where Addie got them from. She’ll tell you she got them from Costco but it’s all a lie.)

I take INSANELY good care of my skin. I was practically born applying sunscreen, however thanks to genetics my undereye area will always be ready for a cross country trip with the bags they keep fully packed.

I have two photo facials left. Depending on how this last round heals I’m not so sure what will happen. Consolation came when all the girls at the laser center said my face was the worse they had ever seen (which yay! and boo.) My ultimate goal out of all of this is to be able to be able to go out sans makeup without looking like I just ran a marathon (which is never going to happen) or like I have some strange rash (which I do.)

If it works? It works.

If not? I’ll look into medals for “worst case of petichiae ever.”

Or maybe trophies. I’ve still never won one of those.

Would you be more likely to fix something if it were on your face compared to maybe a leg or an armpit?

(You look lovely today by the way. Really.)


  1. Awww honey. You look lovely.

    I’m lucky that my petichiae went away within a week each episode (all over both shoulders from in labor barfing! whee!).

    You have those disarming eyes to distract people from the redness. 😀 xoxo

  2. I recently had my first photofacial (which I had never heard of until recently) to help with hormonal acne that I’ve struggled with for the last ten years. I asked the lady if it was going to hurt and she said “No it’s just uncomfortable”. Lies!! I thought it was SO painful! I am dreading my next treatment. BUT, after the first week (where the red spots turned into all over brown crustiness, ew), everything sloughed off and my skin looks AMAZING. So give it a week to ten days and you’ll be loving the results. Too bad we have to go back to get tortured a little more. 😉

  3. I just realized you said it was your second treatment. If it gets even more painful, I’m scared!

  4. I want to say that I am seriously glad I did not know about hyperemesis before I got pregnant. I never would have done it if I knew it was possible to barf so hard and often you burst blood vessels in your face!

    And FWIW I think you look beautiful. Just as you are right now. 🙂

  5. I had just thought your curls looked gorgeous just before I read what you wrote. 🙂

    Hoping that your face clears up beautifully for you.

  6. You have pretty eyelashes. And eyes.

  7. You are pretty even with it..and you know it!! I know you are raising your girls to know that it’s what is on the inside the counts!! I love that you posted all the pictures because before you blogged about this condition, I had never heard of it.

  8. Jessica V. says:

    You are beautiful. And why do people always have to “*gasp* it is the worst case i have ever seen!” good lord. I hope your treatments work, but you are still very beautiful. And HaHAHAHHAHAHAH!!! That your daughter says that her curls came from Costco!

  9. i think you are doing the exact right thing- trying it for less money and having a great attitude about it.

    i’m so sorry for the pain and aggravation it’s all caused.

    you have a healthy attitude— and that goes a LONG way in every situation. so wonderful! (and refreshing to read about!!!)

    good luck!

  10. I hope it works, for your sake, but I want to tell you that you are, to me, totally gorgeous, even with the funky redness. 😀

    Also, those curls? I wish, just for one week, I could have them 😀

  11. I like your face too, but what really makes me sick is how blue those eyes are. With those eyes no ones looking at your petechia (hopefully spelled that right).

  12. Amy in StL says:

    I’ll keep my fingers that it works. It’s so hard to have something on your face that everyone sees as an issue; so kudos to you for accepting it! As I’ve gotten older my rosacea has gotten worse and I used a groupon for a microdermabrasion once and he said it would only make the redness and papules worse so I’ve learned to be okay being red.

    On the upside, I’m more red when I’ve been drinking but also less likely to care what people say when I’ve been drinking!

  13. That’s a hard question. Especially since I just spent too many minutes in the bathroom picking at this month’s breakout, yes apparently still 16 once a month. The baby skin that makes up smushy can be hidden, thankfully.

    I don’t think I answered the question at all here.

  14. I think you look great, but I hope it helps so you feel better! I have a facial issue – well, my ear, with scar tissue from piercing. It’s ugly, I hate it, it’s noticeable if you look, it could get worse . . . but they can’t really fix it. Right now, I can manage. I get self-conscious sometimes, but if it gets worse – eh. I dunno. I try to get over it. It’s not always easy!

    Liz Reply:

    @Katie, I had a boil on my nose piercing and my piercer thought it was a keloid at the time, so they told me to clean it about once a day with a tea tree oil based wash, and then to put vitamin E oil on it. It turned out to be a boil (the tea tree cleared that up, too, though), but I did a lot of research on keloids after he told me about that and it seems to have worked for some people. I found vitamin E oil at CVS in the vitamin aisle, and bought the tea tree wash at the piercing/tattoo shop.

    I also found in my research that cutting a keloid or trying to remove it with laser surgery usually causes it to grow back and at least twice as bad, and one of the articles recommended finding a dermatologist who is comfortable with treating them and has successfully treated them before.

    I so wish I still had all of the articles on hand. I think I Googled “treat keloid scar,” or something like that. If you need help finding them, shoot me an email at liz@elizabethbarone.net and I’ll try to track them down.

    Good luck and hugs to you.

  15. I think you’re gorgeous, petichiae or no. I do think it’s getting better, though, and I completely understand why you want it to kick rocks. I had a bad case of eczema on my chin last year, and it made me crazy. When it’s on my hands, arms, or legs, I could care less unless it itches. I tried everything to get it to clear up. It comes back sometimes, but not as bad.

    Fingers crossed that this and the next two rounds take care of it for you. Hugs and love to you.

  16. Gah it sucks that the lasering didn’t seem to go so hotly. Why is it SO hard to find good dermatologists? And why do they cost so much damn money? Oy vey.

    I get compliments on my beautiful skin (please don’t slap me) but I struggle with “perioral dermatitis” basically means I have constant rashes around my mouth, eyes, and nose. No matter how great I treat my skin, there’s nothing I can do. And it stinks.

    Too bad skin does such a great job holding all my organs in or else I would really really hate it.

    Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) Reply:

    @ClassyFabSarah, is this just rashy or a bit bumpy, too? (See my comment just below yours.)

  17. I have little bumps just under my lip on the left side of my face. They are making me NUTS! They’re not really zits. If I manage to “pop” one, it turns into a MONDO-LARGE zit, however. Then it scars. (I learned this the hard way.)

    Because they’re not really zits, it takes MONTHS to get rid of one. MONTHS!

    I want them gone.

    A dermatologist could probably help me with that.

    But I’m swamped at work, so I continue to be annoyed by them.

    So, yes, I would be more likely to deal with something on my face than most other places. (I have always had fairly flawless skin, so this is even more annoying.)

    ClassyFabSarah Reply:

    @Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba), Ohh I’d say mine is bumpy, yes. And sometimes they look like whiteheads that can pop, so YES YES YES it sounds very similar. Mine is exacerbated my whoremones and hot/cold weather, some kinds of makeup… blah.

    Unfortunately the only “treatment” for mine so far has been oral antibiotics… which stink in my lady parts, if you know what I’m saying.

  18. yes, I would totally fix my face over my leg or pit. in fact, I have spider veins on my thighs since being pregs with the Ed-man, but i figure I can cover those since I rarely wear shorts.

    But my face? Oh my word. I spent so much money on stuff for the horrible acne I had in middle school and again when I got pregnant this time with Charlie. He is determined to make my face ugly.

  19. My daughter has a hemangioma that covers the inside of her right arm (lots of red raised dots from wrist to elbow). If it were on her face, we’d have had it removed by now. But it’s not. Very few people see it. If it’s still there when she’s 10, then we’ll think about it. But imperfections on your face are a much bigger deal than anywhere else. It distracts people from your eyes and your smile. They miss out on the best parts because they’re just being curious.


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