My husband feels this story needs to be told.

I don’t feel that it needs to be, given that it is just another everyday occurrence in the life of being me.

I have flown solo with the moosh on at least two dozen separate flights (Dear Airlines, THANKS FOR ALL THE DIRECT FLIGHTS TO INDIANA, REALLY. Suck it, Casey) and during these two dozen flights I’ve learned that as soon as you put people on airplanes 90% of those people will become jackasses if they weren’t one already. Cody has flown with us three times and only once has he flown solo with the moosh.

Oy, if I could only tell you the number of times people were unwilling to move one row back so that I could sit with my kid. When someone rudely refused to trade me seats on a flight last year a dozen spring break frat boys almost jumped the guy and used his head for a pinata. Another time when the moosh and I were booked in different aisles I was left with no choice but to plunk down her bag of toys with her in the seat and walk away. Only then did Mr. Businessman realize I was serious.

So on Tuesday I entered a full plane, well, full except for every middle seat. The flight attendant told me to start asking around to see who wanted to trade. I took one look at those cold eyes staring back at me and made an announcement “You can sit with my four year old, or you can trade me seats.” I wasn’t trying to be rude, I was only trying to be efficient.

Cody on the other hand was mortified that I would YELL! in my SHRILL! MOM! VOICE! at unassuming passengers and he also thinks I’m quite lucky I didn’t get kicked off the plane.

Not a single person volunteered. At least I was able to get out of the way that the entire front half of flight 1815 were oblivious or jerks instead of having to go row to row asking for either mercy or babysitting. 

I’ll have you know I am a very nice person to fly with. My kid has manners and entertains herself. Except for that one time that I shoved an old lady out of the way in Chicago, I would like to think that I have been nothing but nice to anyone lucky enough to be on the same plane as me.

However Cody had me sit two rows away so he didn’t have to be associated with the crazy yelling plane lady.

Whatever, he loves me so much he can barely stand it.

Personally it’s the crazies that make flights fun, if anyone needs to be kicked off it’s the fools who turn into complete horses asses upon entering the jetway.

Anyway, that’s the story. 

The end.


  1. Sad that nobody offered though I’m also surprised that you didn’t get kicked off or at least pulled aside. These days nothing is let go

    Gennaro @ Enduring Wanderlusts last blog post..Painted Monasteries Of Romania

  2. that’s such a pain – I can understand not wanting to move, but come on – sometimes we all have to do things we’d rather not in the interests of civility. I can’t believe you’ve traveled so much with her – there is a special place in heaven for people like you. 🙂

  3. When my daughter was tiny, I flew a long haul flight with her and she ended up bing the focus of the whole flight. Being passed around between flight
    Now, they are teenagers and I have the same problem…noone wants to trade seats with me..of course we actually have seats together and I’m TRYING to get away from

  4. Was just on a plan that was EMPTY on Southwest.

    Can I use this if I am ever in this predicament? Teh Awesomes!

    See you in Nashville! Squeee!!!

    Shashs last blog post..Grace in Small Things: part 4 of 365

  5. Back when I only had one kid, I lost him in the airport in Denver. Nice, huh? I lost my mind! All over the place, grabbing strangers, shoving pictures of him in faces, sobbing in the arms of anyone who would hold still as they closed down the airport, stopped all the planes on the runway, pulled a major 911. He was under the row of seats behind me, safe and sound and close, but ON THE PLANE?? Everyone stared at me as if expecting that I would explode and nothing but xanax and whiskey would fly out like confetti.

    Looking forward to flying alone to Nashville, tho! WHEEEEE

    Anissa@hope4peytons last blog post..Making anxiety cool since 1974

  6. varangianguard says:

    After reading some of these comments, I would suggest that it is just as rude to just show up at a gate expecting everybody else to bend over for you – just because you’re travelling with your little prince or princess. The light(s) of your life isn’t theirs, ya know.

    This is just one more example of why parents with small children need to think about planning ahead. Good for you, your child, and for everybody else.

  7. Sorry, but I have to agree with the last commenter here…I have a kiddo too, but if I was flying solo on a plane in an aisle or window seat, I wouldn’t be jumping up to sit in the middle either. Flying already sucks and I make sure to plan ahead so i don’t have to sit in the middle. What d-bag airline are you flying that’s not allowing you to get on first AND not letting you pick your seat??

    Groovy Bellys last blog post..No, not me

  8. Well it was good of you rather to post it on your blog. At least people will be motivated to work with pranksters like you do… and the if some prankster will be reading it, he/she definitely be careful next time 🙂

  9. Spring break a few years back, it was me, my 2 year old, and 5 year old. Both times they placed my 5 year old in a different row than us…no problem on the way to Florida, people traded with no issue. on the way home, my fellow passenger was nasty, ignored me when I asked politely, and I was finally like, if he sits by himself with YOU, good luck with that! Because he is one of those kids that would have just talked their ear off or annoyed…I really should have let him sit in his assigned seat because i would have had a more peaceful flight home! ha ha!!Seriously, I told the people at checkin we needed seats together and they told em I would just have to figure it out when I got on the flight. Very nice.

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