I was having a particularly rough day in high school when a boy named Jacob Orosco noticed how down and out I was. He performed an ice skating routine for me right in front of the office to cheer me up complete with singing and a grand finale.

The next week he was gone. He had taken his own life. Rumors flew about as to how and why it happened, but the biggest rumor was that he was never accepted for what he really was, gay.

This is the same high school where instead of allowing a Gay/Straight Alliance as a school club (Jacob was one of the founding members) they did away with extra curricular clubs altogether. I remember one administrators stance was that “If we let the gays have a club then we’d have to let the KKK have a club as well.” Awesome. Way to lump GLBTQ people in with the KKK. Students from our rival high school, West High, started a club called “SAFE-Students Against Fags Everywhere.”

FHA however (Future Homemakers of America) were still allowed to meet regularly on school property.

In the last three weeks there have been five suicides by gay teens.

Jacob took his life in 1997, this most recent news is nothing new and it’s not getting any better.

***Edited 10/07/10***

Mormons Divided on LDS Apostle’s Speech on Gays.


***Edited 10/08/10***

I was criticized heavily for my personal feelings that President Packer’s choice of certain words were ill timed and insensitive, I simply disagreed and was uncomfortable with his choice of phrasing at times. I wasn’t alone, and my feelings were not completely wrong either.

Apostle’s Speech on Gays Changed on LDS website.