Early Saturday morning I was sideswiped on the freeway and sent spinning into the center median of I-70.

Whoever hit me simply drove off, they didn’t even slow down.

After getting a clear look at the damage on my car today there’s no way they could have been unaware of hitting me. (Also, if you’re in Indy, it was a light silver SUV of some sort that hit me, the damage would be on their driver’s side front fender, there would most certainly be dark purple paint from my car.)

It’s amazing how many thoughts go through your head in such an intense moment, I almost wish someone had been in the car with me to marvel at how under control I kept things, not over correcting out of the spin and keeping the car relatively under control. Once I stopped against the wall and knew I wasn’t hurt, I calmly went for my phone, called 911 and reported what had happened. I even used manners and knew enough about my surroundings that officers made it to me in less than 5 minutes after I crashed.

Sadly once the official stuff was taken care of is when I lost it. (Which is to say I called Cody and left him a sobbing and shaky message.) Even the officer that reported to the scene asked several times if I really was okay from all the shaking. It was easy enough, cleaning it all up, getting the report taken care of and continuing on my way. But in the aftermath, the quiet that happened once I was truly safe, that’s when the reality of what had happened sunk in.

It could have been so much worse, whoever hit me could have killed me.

I could have hit another car, or been hit by another car who couldn’t avoid me and if you’ve ever been on I-70 you’ll know how lucky I am there were no semis around me.

I figured I was over thinking things, people get in accidents all the time. It wasn’t until I posted something about it to Facebook that I got several private messages from people who had been on the receiving end of a hit and run, all confirming that it’s something that truly does mess with you on some strange indescribable level. (Translation: Good! I’m not crazy!)

Insurance has been a joke to deal with. I have nothing nice to say about auto insurance right now.

Some people have taken it personally that I didn’t wake them at 4 am to tell them I had been in an accident. I really am physically fine, and it’s not as though anyone could have done anything for me that I didn’t or couldn’t have taken care of myself. The mental stuff will require a bit more, I just hate that I now know what it feels like to be hit, to spin out of control and slam into a wall. I know what it all sounds like, which is one of the reasons I don’t watch the news or violent TV shows — I simply don’t want to know what violence and terror look or sound like.

I sleep much better at night not knowing, thank you very much.

Hope you’re all doing well, the compassion and care you’ve shown me over the last few weeks hasn’t gone unnoticed, I’m incredibly grateful for it, for you. Even if I haven’t been able to adequately respond, I’m so thankful you’re around.


  1. So so so very glad you’re ok!! I’ve never been in a hit and run, but I was in a similar accident once – high speed freeway, I was sideswiped and spun across a few lanes of busy traffic (somehow not getting hit by anyone else), coming to rest at the median. Completely uninjured, but still – UGH. I did fine until the police left, at which point my now husband had to take over and drive us home because I couldn’t stop shaking and crying. It haunted me for a few years or so (I couldn’t stop picturing all the tiny little things which could have gone differently and made for a much worse outcome), and I can only think it would have been worse if the other driver had just left me there by myself. So get help. Talk about it (or don’t! whatever works for you). It helped me to think about all the little things *I* did instinctively which helped the situation (keeping the car under control, etc). It made me feel… stronger(?) or something? Anyway, find something that helps you deal with it. And hugs to you!

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry you that happened to you. And in SO glad that you are still hear. Hugs

  3. I’m so glad you were being watched over in that crazy split second that probably feels much longer. Awful that the person didn’t stop, but so much thankfulness that you are okay.

  4. So happy to hear that you are safe and sound!

  5. I’m so glad that you weren’t hurt, or anyone else! I’ve also been on the receiving end of a hit and run. Like most of these matters, time does heal. That, and spending time with people who love you.

    I couldn’t help but think that your accident description sounded like something you’d see at the Indy 500.

  6. Oh, wow, drivers can be such jerks.

    What is WRONG with someone that they wouldn’t stop to see if you were ok? That’s just sick.

    Glad you are physically not too harmed. And I hope karma has some lessons for that driver.

  7. Honey, I am so grateful you are OK. And, you are right, that idiot in the car could have done something a million times worse and not only ended your life, but maybe the life of someone else.

    I know that I probably would have reacted the exact same way you did. I would have been calm until it was all over and then had my meltdown. Just know you are not alone in your anxiety and fears. I am right there with you.

    I miss you so much. I miss your smiling face in church and I miss passing you my piece of chocolate.

  8. Ugh, I am so sorry this happened to you. How lucky that you are ok (physically!). I can only imagine that it would mess with you. I have been in a few accidents myself and I cringe at the sound and can still imagine it. I avoid all that kind of stuff on TV shows, movies, etc too because it messes with me, but I guess you can’t always avoid it in real life. Hang in there. I’m thinking of you and sending positive thoughts!

  9. Glad that you are ok! What a jackass for not stopping. Wouldn’t you have loved to just chase him down and tell him off like they do in the movies?!?

    It’s so hard to not let these potentially life threatening situations plant a seed in our head and grow into a heavy weight that we carry around. Don’t let it. Recognize it for what it was. It was frightening, It happened, and you lived to tell about it. Be grateful and at least in your head, tell off the little **** who hit you!! 🙂

  10. I have never had a hit and run, but I’ve been rear-ended and it took me a long time to get past it. It’s been a few years for me and it gets better over time.

  11. That’s awful. I’m so glad you are physically okay and that you didn’t have your girls with you. I hope you can get your car fixed and put the fear and uneasiness that comes from such a traumatic experience behind you.

  12. Stephanie says:

    How scary! I’m glad you’re okay. 10 years ago when I was 22, I dozed off at the wheel on a two lane road in the mountains. When I woke up, I panicked so much that I overcompensated, spinning the wheel and crashing into the adjacent creek. I am so thankful I only injured myself and no one else. I had panic attacks for months thinking about it. It does get better over time.

  13. So glad you’re OK. I had an accident a year and a half ago, while about five months pregnant. Someone swerved into my lane, and as we were going at about 70 mph, I swerved, lost control, got hit on my side by the swerver (who was originally avoiding a swerving delivery van), and ended up crossing three lanes, hitting a guard rail, and swinging back around back across the lanes and just slightly hitting another car as I stopped. It was very fast and very scary. The airbags went and my car was totaled (a few months before paying it off, of course). Luckily I was fine and my baby was fine, but it was horrible. I definitely still have moments of reliving the helplessness of that moment. It took a long time before I felt comfortable driving, and I still beat myself up for how much worse it could have been. Hang in there and just be thankful that the worst-case scenarios didn’t play out. Even though it doesn’t feel fine right now, physically you’re OK and that is something to build on.

  14. Hey girl — this is my first visit here. I came to you through Babble’s Top 100. So sorry to hear about your crash. What happens in the aftermath, I think, is the uneasy realization that we really aren’t in control of what happens to us. Humbling and unnerving all at once.

  15. The site is lovely and so is your face. I’m so glad it’s still around.

  16. Oh god I am so sorry you went through that. It sounds beyond terrifying and an experience I never would want to experience. I got in a car accident (snow related – no other cars) 7 or 8 years ago and I’m still terrified driving in the snow. The experience just doesn’t really leave you. On a positive side the redesign looks beautiful!


  17. I am extremely thankful that you are physically okay. And I hate it that scary stuff like this can happen to us no matter how well we plan or how safe we act. Having things that are out of my control make my insides hurt.

  18. My hit and run wasn’t nearly so scary, but another car couldn’t stop in time and slammed into me. That was the scary part. I’m glad I was buckled.

    And I totally get the losing it after. You keep it together when it’s needed, and when it’s no longer needed, everything has to escape. The sound of my husband’s voice usually makes it release. I lose it with him, but I’m safe with him.

  19. I’m so glad you’re okay (ish) I mean, one doesn’t feel okay after something like this. I was recently hit by a drunk driver while totally stopped at a stop light. He came up behind me with no braking, going about 50mph and wham-o, slammed me into the car in front of me. He took off too. He was caught an hour later, after he had t-boned another lady. It’s just so traumatizing. It has taken me a while to feel normal (ish) while driving. Instead of with my shoulders up to my ears all tight-like.

    Love you.

  20. First – I liket he new site design!

    Second – I am going to curse and I’m not sorry.

    Three – What an asshole for being a hit and run drive. Thankful you are without physical injury. But once the adrenaline/endorphins drop…We lose our ****. It’s normal.

    Fourth – Shame on anyone for giving you **** for not getting a 4 AM call about your accident. I will call 911, my husband, then my mother. Done and Done. I keep a phone in my room and still don’t answer most 4 AM calls.

    Fifth – Yes, insurnace companies are awful to deal with. Even though you are not at fault they treat any accident like it is your fault for costing them money…it makes me appreciate good customer service every time.

    Take care. I really am glad you are OK.

  21. UGH I-70 sucks. I was in a hit-and-run with a drunk driver at midnight just outside Kansas City several years ago. I was coming from Kansas City International airport and the on/off ramps were under construction with the middle lane of traffic blocked by cement barriers. As I came off the ramp, I got hit by a van who didn’t have their lights on. I swerved back and forth a few times, pinged off the cement barrier, and eventually into the sand/dirt shoulder at the side of the interstate. The best part? The idiot thought I was pulling over, so he sped up and HIT ME AGAIN as I was going off the side of the road.

    They did stop briefly, two guys (younger and older) and a horrible wafting smell of alcohol from their vehicle. The young guy was trying to be decent and checking out my car. The older guy was a dick and said “she’s not our problem we’ve got bigger ones” and loaded the kid into the car and took off, leaving me stranded at the side of the road as a 24 year old, outside Kansas City, at midnight.

    I kept it together briefly, until a nice truck driver volunteered to let me follow him as far as I could – which ended up being about 14 miles – at which point I called highway patrol, who called an ambulance because my neck hurt…. and then ended up threatening ME with a ticket for leaving the scene.

  22. First, let me say i am so sorry this happened to you. Besides being scary, it is a nightmare dealing with insurance agencies. Second, I experienced a similar accident in my youth. I was an early driver and someone cut me off too closely, dinging my car along the way. They continued speeding while I vainly attempted to regain my out of control car on a busy corridor of i95. My only choice was slamming into a wall versus oncoming traffic. So I was the only party injured – thankfully. Even with two sides of my car damaged, the insurance company said without a third party, I had to pay for everything up to the deductible. My saving grace was that I wouldn’t be penalized with a higher fist of insurance since it wasn’t my fault. As a college student, it was awful, and I learned a lot about the way companies handle things. I learned a lot about people and that sometimes they don’t believe it was truly a hit and run. It was hard, but I think it made me a more compassionate person. I’m more likely to call in for an accident I see, versus driving by. More aware of other drivers – did he hit that person and leave? One day, I know I’ll be able to help another young girl in my situation with my vigilance. Thank you for sharing and hope things settle down soon.

  23. I’m so very glad you weren’t physically hurt. Although

  24. I’m so very glad you weren’t physically hurt. Whatever would possess someone to knowingly drive off after an accident without knowing that the other person was okay?! You’re right about insurance, all forms of it SUCK! I hope it all comes together in the coming days. Hugs and prayers for some peace coming from sunny Florida 🙂

    p.s. The new site layout is LOVELY!

  25. Casey, I’m so glad to hear you’re okay! I pray the person who hit you will see the need to turn himself in.

  26. Pretty new digs! And so glad you’re ok!

  27. Amy in StL says:

    I do that same thing: “Hello officer, someone stole my car. Yes, blah blah important details, blah blah.” Then: “Dad? *Sob*car…gas station*sob*generic directions” That was me in college when my car got taken. It’s also been me and my dad at every crisis in my life. I think it’s an awesome coping mechanism. I can only keep my **** together so much; so I’m all together until someone else can take over.

  28. Anne-Marie says:

    I am so sorry this happened to you! Spinning out of control on the road is never a fun thing, the fact that the jerk couldn’t even be bothered to stop and see if you were okay (and share in the insurance drama) makes it ten times worse. Hugs!

  29. hi, very interesting your post, I really liked your blog!

  30. HeidiLee says:

    Hi – Ok, just checking in…read you every chance I get, don’t comment that often…but just sending you hugs…..

  31. shaunni says:

    I just came across this site by chance. I was just in a hit and run this morning…Dude looked at me and just took off…..Now my neck and back is in pain. I know exactly how you feel! Luckily, i had no car damage….Just a body ache!