So. Maybe you’ve noticed Vivi’s hair.

indulging in some mild narcissism.

She came out with it and it hasn’t gone anywhere since. Addie wasn’t born with quite as much but she has since made up for her follicular shortages at birth with a mop of her own.

Cody drew you a picture in case you’re not familiar.

a guide to my kids. by cody.

She’s taken to doing some mild impressionism work.

Guy Fieri…

sleepy vivi.
Donald Trump…

oh hello cutest baby ever.


magic hairs on a happy baby.

And old school Christopher Lloyd…

6 weeks

and then there’s this one, which isn’t so much about the hair as it is about how awful her life must be to make a face like this.

my hair looks stupid vivi.

I love her so so much.


  1. Those comparisons are perfect!! She’s sooooo cute!

  2. HOLY COW! I saw the last one and immediately thought, “Jesse James.” You know, the motorcycle cheating guy?

  3. See this photo of Jesse James:,,20010069,00.html

    Too funny!

    Casey Reply:

    @Kim Q, Yes! I was trying to think of someone with slicked back hair and a miserable existence and he completely slipped my mind!

  4. Her hair is EPIC.

    I am thinking that you must be a pretty awesome human being to grow another human being with hair like that.

    It’s awesome!

    Casey Reply:

    @molly, If you saw Cody’s chest hair then you’d know where it all comes from. 😉

  5. cutest little head of man-hair ever!

  6. omg she’s ridiculous. awesomely ridiculous.

  7. The last photo made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  8. Sunshine says:

    oh. my. word.

  9. Superb!! She’s so adorable!

  10. so funny. Shes a cutie pie! i love hair like hers.

  11. Kathy K. says:

    In the last one she is saying “My mom is teasing me about my hair!!” Haha, what a cutie, no matter the style.

  12. Thanks for the laugh!

  13. Seeing Fieri on your status update made me snort. Seeing the photos made me snort harder. Seeing Cody’s picture made me snort the most of all. Maybe he could get a side job at Hyperbole and a half…

  14. I am completely and utterly enamored of her hair. Crazy hair – it gets me every time.

  15. Too cute for words. The final pic made me smile so wide that it hurt a little!

  16. Adorable! I contend that this kiddo looks like Addie, sans corkscrews.

  17. She has the best hair. Truly. Um…any chance of snuggling her tiny self next week?

  18. I’m counting down the days till i get to love on her in person.

  19. I think I ovulated looking at these adorable pictures of your baby.

    I have a little girl with wild hair as well. 🙂

  20. First of all, you make very nom-able babies. I want to babysit

    Second- I feel Cody’s drawing talents should be featured more prominently on the blog.

  21. At least your girls have a mom who embraces the hair. My mom alternated between cutting off all of my curls and ignoring them (ie, no product whatsoever). I’m pretty sure that’s child abuse.

  22. Swoon! OMG these pictures are to die for. I bet you have so much fun playing with those locks!

  23. I love her, too…and that crazy head of hair of hers! Soooo adorable! 🙂

  24. You had me laughing out loud at this one, sister!

  25. hahah this is awesome. she’s awesome!

  26. Hilarious! The last one with the lips is my fave.

  27. Poor Vivi in that last pic. She is gorgeous and her hair is fab.

  28. Your little Vivi is just too cute. Thank you for sharing them with us, she just makes the cutest faces and her hair is just too much, love it!

  29. “smoochable” is definitely the right label for her.

  30. Um,I’m pretty sure this is just the sweetest funniest thing ever. My son at one point had a few curls right on the crown and then kind of an old man wrap around thinging (you know bald on top hair on sides of head only). Anyhoo, I called myself trying to fancy him up for pics. I blow dried his little girls thinking they might straighten out. Nope, not even close. He then looked like he had a mini fro…and the old man wrap around. *sigh*.

    Stacey Reply:

    @Stacey, oops “curls” not “girls”

  31. Okay, the last one is TOTALLY Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future. LOL

    She is hairtastic.

  32. I can’t believe you found such spot on pictures! She’s adorable, and I want to steal her hair and put in on my bald baby’s head 🙂