I told all of my friends to remind me of a certain incident that took place in the frozen food aisle of the grocery store back in September of 2010 if I ever started talking about wanting to get pregnant again. A few have already reminded me.

I have a sort of fuzzy recollection of the incident.

Frozen faux meat products, stomach churning, head spinning, holding myself up with the shopping cart, going cold, mouth watering,  vomit, aisle 3, calling Cody sobbing, so much vomit, strangers. Oy.

Not my best day.

But you guys, that was only one day. (Mostly because I never did any of the grocery shopping again or went out in public for another 7 months.)

This right here?

This is everyday.


13 months 8 days

13 months 8 days

13 months 8 days

13 months 8 days

I’ll vomit in public any day for another chance at this much happiness.


I’ll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team next month and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories and experiences with you here several more times throughout the month before beginning over there regularly in early July. This post is sponsored by Disney Baby.


  1. So, so very happy for you! You have awesome daughters!

    Casey Reply:

    @Alisa, Oh thank you, if I end up with just these two? Perfect. If there’s more out there for me? Bonus.

  2. As a fellow PCOS’er that has yet to get pregnant, it gives me hope when I read your blog.

    If you do want to get pregnant again I hope you have every success in doing so!

    Casey Reply:

    @Rie, It’s very well worth the wait and the struggles because they’re that much better and more appreciated once they get here. I swear.

  3. Michelle says:

    If you put curly hair on that second photo…..

    Casey Reply:

    @Michelle, That’s the rumor!

  4. Amazing how their little faces puts everything into perspective.

    Casey Reply:

    @Felicia, Giggles help too, no?

  5. I have this overwhelming desire to pin these pictures just because she is so adorable. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Allyson, I wouldn’t blame you one tiny bit.

  6. mandi bone says:

    I puked in the grocery store also when I was pregnant with my oldest. Except I did it in front of our local celebrity news anchor.

    Casey Reply:

    @mandi bone, Celebrity news anchors poop and pee (and barf) just like the rest of us, probably just in fancier bathrooms.

  7. Now that is a statement of unconditional love.

    Casey Reply:

    @Always Home and Uncool, Forget “I would die for you.”
    “I would barf for you” is the new statement of love.

  8. That face and that smile. So worth it. Love you dearly, my friend.

    Casey Reply:

    @Lu, You’ll get to meet this face and smile. YAY!

  9. Beautiful babe! Children are definitely worth it. I was so sick with Noah…not as bad as you were with the girls, but even after having a c-section with him because he was breeched throughout my whole pregnancy…he is a cut above from all the rest!

    Casey Reply:

    @Rose, Cut above! HA! PUNNY ROSE!

  10. It is this story that resulted in me carrying a plastic bag with me AT ALL TIMES while pregnant.

    I understand exactly what you’re talking about with the happiness. I’d get pregnant again today if I could.

    Casey Reply:

    @Katie, Yeah, I should have taken my own advice.

  11. If you make it, I’ll do my best to help you bake it.

    Casey Reply:

    @designhermomma, You’re the best.

  12. I may be partial to humans with strawberry blond colored hair..ahem…but that baby is gorgeous!!!

    Casey Reply:

    @Amber, Thank you! I like them as well. 🙂

  13. How cute is this little cherub!!

    Casey Reply:

    @Shannon, Painfully, the correct answer is painfully cute.

  14. That is one seriously cute kid.

    Casey Reply:

    @neal, Thanks, made her (mostly) myself.

    neal Reply:

    @Casey, I’m really not one to throw such praise around lightly. She might even best mine, and I already think mine is in the top…95th percentile, I figure. So, props where it’s due.

    Casey Reply:

    @neal, Ooh! Fellow stingy compliment giver! *fist bump*

  15. I’m ready to clean some bathrooms, so anytime you want to try for a third….Also, that second picture looks so much like Addie!

    Casey Reply:

    @Ami, I’ll never forget that day. Ever. You’re my huckleberry.

  16. Oh so very happy!! So cute.

    Casey Reply:

    @tracy@sellabitmum, Thank you!

  17. A different Casey says:

    I needed to read this, after a 20 pound first trimester weight loss due to vomiting and a fainting spell on Saturday while buying groceries. . .12 weeks in and I’m saying never again. . .can’t wait to get to this place myself. Oh and your girls are lovely. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @A different Casey, Oh, someday the memories will fade. I mean, there will probably be some PTSD, but yes, it will be worth it.

  18. I had hyperemesis during all 3 of my pregnancies (seems to me that you and I kind of specialize in vomit, what with the kids with CVS and all), and it well and truly sucked, but then? There were these divine, tiny people, and all was well and so what if my teeth are damaged from all that barfing? They are PEOPLE that came from my BODY.

    Aaack, and my girlie had chunky monkey hams just like Vivi (and the ginger hair, and the bright blue eyes). I could just cry looking at these pictures and remembering how my daughter felt in my arms back then. I’m so glad that you are soaking it all up.

  19. Dude. That last one…


  20. I agree – it’s amnesia — all of the yucky parts of pregnancy. I just recall the kicks, the dreaming of meeting the life inside and the french fries and milkshakes…and steak burgers.

    How cute is her little necklace?! Love it! I would want another one if I were you , too!

  21. Lorrane says:

    I just had the vomit conversation with my son. he turned 10 last week and I was telling him how crazy it was being pregnant for the first time and how I threw up for like six months. I also told him I would throw up every day for the rest of my life for the chance to be his mom.

  22. so glad for you coming out of all of your troubles very much ahead!

    you have beautiful girls, and by the sound of it, GOOD girls/babies, too.

    littlebean is beautiful, too. however, “good” will never ever describe the first 5months of her life.

    after having been around (or in the general aroundness) of my 30 nieces and nephews, i can safely say i’ve never met a baby like she was. (and still is, to a small degree)

    so glad you can enjoy all of them!

  23. Yes! Have more babies! They are lovely.

  24. She is so beautiful, they are both so beautiful. You are very lucky. Its worth many many vomits.