Addie-5 months
Vivi-4 months
addie-7 months
Addie-7 Months
just a chubby baby, chillin' in a bumbo.
Vivi-4 months
addie-6 months
Addie-6 months
three months
Vivi-3 Months
addie-4 months
Addie-4 months
my baby!
Vivi-4 months
addie-6 months
Addie-6 months
three months
Vivi-3 months
see any similarity?
But let’s just be honest who she really looks like, shall we?


  1. She does not look pleased with her barber…

  2. Why you do this? My uterus simply cannot handle the pressure of all that cute.

  3. She looks pretty amazing with a goatee. I can’t get over her hair though! So stinking cute.

  4. LOL totally a Casey and Cody those two!


  5. Twinkies! Seriously though..they look soooo very much alike!

  6. Very definitely (cute) sisters!

  7. Oh my…the last picture is possibly the most disturbing/hilarious thing I have ever seen!!!

  8. Oh my gosh! You didn’t let someone take an eyebrow pencil to your baby’s face! That is hilarious. now you have the perfect Halloween costume for her.

  9. I would like a copy of that bottom picture to keep as insurance against the blues. So. Awesome.

  10. Didn’t we talk about her (them) being too cute? Love the photoshopped beard!

  11. Yep. Your kid looks like your kid.

  12. i see she has cody’s facial hair. nice.

  13. Two very beautiful girls!!

  14. Oh, those are the two most delish babies!!

  15. Gorgeous sisters!!

  16. Ohmigosh. Go right now and chew on Vivi’s fat rolls for me, please!?!?

  17. Oh my god you are hilarious! Love this. Just love it!

  18. Those eyes!
    The hair!
    ::Things I never thought I’d say about your baby::
    Of course, still adorable. Even with facial hair.

  19. Your daughters have the most beautiful smiles. Gorgeous! Last shot cracked me up… matching beards. =)

  20. All I can say is… you make some gorgeous babies.

    I think I could do a similar post for Zoe and Ana. 🙂

  21. I’m seriously dying over that last picture. You’re quite the funny lady 😉