Lately Vivi is OBSESSED with stickers. You can usually find one either in her hand or somewhere on her body at all times. This is an important part of the story we’ll get back to, but first:

The importance of a proper fitting bra.

Here’s a list of things I don’t particularly like doing in order of dislike:

1. Pap smears.

2. Dentist.

3. Bra fittings.

My mom swears that someday mammogram will creep its way right to the top but for now, let’s just focus on #3 since that’s what went down in a Nordstrom dressing room yesterday. You see, I’ve been wearing the bra I bought when I was pregnant with Vivi (the 34F, remember that one?) for the past few months weeks I’ve noticed that my breasts would actually be capable of doing the breaststroke in my bra if they actually had arms. It was time for new bras. Aww, back to regular old boob sizes for me. I prepared myself for Cody’s inevitable disappointment at my average sized fun bags.

“Last time I was fit I was 7 months pregnant and a 34F. Since then I’ve had a baby and lost a bunch of weight, GO!”

As I undressed, I looked down and realized there was a blue seal sticker nestled right in my cleavage. Remember Vivi and her sticker obsession? Well her obsession found its way into my bra.

“So, there’s a sticker on my boob, that has to be a new one, right?”

“Yes ma’am, that’s a new one.”

So professional.

She measured me, stepped out and returned with a few different bras and as I slipped into the first one I remembered why I put myself through this, there they were! Sitting high and at attention! HELLO LADIES! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN!?

“That’s the stuff!” I proclaimed “What size am I now?”


Excuse me?

“32F, the 34 would be way too big, but this one looks perfect!”

“F? As in abcdeEFF? How is that even POSSIBLE!?”

“Honey, you’re all breast tissue with almost no fat, that stuff doesn’t go anywhere, those are here to stay.”

YAY! And whoa.

When I hear 32F I think porn star, not Midwestern mom of 2. I may be an F cup, but you guys? Without a bra they are…well. They are simply big mounds of flesh. HOWEVER! When I pour these big mounds of flesh into a proper and well fitting bra? BOOM. We’ve all heard that we can fudge our bra size by going down a cup size and up a band size. TO THIS I SAY BALDERDASH.

Point: 34DD bra (1st and 3rd photos) vs. 32F bra (2nd and 4th photos)

If this doesn't convince you to get fit for a proper bra I'm not sure what will.

The only difference between these two pictures? One is the right size! As long as we’re being honest, the 34DD is padded, the 32F is just molded! If that doesn’t convince you to get thee to a bra fit specialist I’m not sure what will. Mandy had been wearing a 38C for years, when she was fit? 32DDD.  Amy was wearing a 38D and walked out with a 34C. HOW MANY OF YOU ARE WEARING THE WRONG SIZE BRA!? I mean, you can make just about any pair of too big shoes fit with enough pairs of socks, but how crummy do they look? And if your shoes are too small? Chances are you’re super uncomfortable.


There’s rumor of bra vanity sizing, which is probably true, but vanity size or not, when’s the last time you were fit by someone who knows bras? If you’ve just been buying the same size you’ve been buying since high school you probably don’t even know what you’re missing out on! When you are an uncommon or *blessed* size, bras are hard to find and are often expensive. Take care of them and they will serve you well, it’s also an immediate way to look 10 pounds thinner, with just a well fitting bra! Money well spent I say!

I have been using way too many !!! throughout this post. Apologies.

As a final tale to convince you to take your top off for a woman with a measuring tape, I took Vivi with me to my fitting. She was playing with the stroller when her legs went between the footrest and seat and the whole stroller tipped backwards taking Vivi up off the ground like a one sided teeter totter. The saleswoman attempted to help her but Vivi lost her mind because the saleswoman wasn’t me so I ended up reaching over the saleswoman to pull Vivi out while she held the stroller, oh and allow me to I mention I was completely topless while the whole scene went down.


If I can survive that, you can survive one little fitting that will make a big ol’ difference in your life (assuming you leave all toddlers at home and check your cleavage for stickers before taking your top off, just watching out for you.)

Want to know more about bra fittings? This is probably the best article ever for that very topic.

How about you? Any good bra fitting stories for me?


  1. I just got fitted this weekend actually—twice. Too funny! I have been convincing myself that I was a 34B for, um, far too long. I really, actually, am a 30A.

    Oh my god. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

    Casey Reply:

    @alimartell, SERIOUSLY RIGHT!? No matter WHAT size anyone is, the right fitting bra makes SO MUCH difference.

  2. You speak the truth. I moved up from a C to a D cup, and these puppies look fantastic now. Not only that, but all my clothes look better on me, which makes me feel less schlumpy and more va-va-voom.

    Casey Reply:

    @Schmutzie, SO MUCH LESS SCHLUMPY!
    Hoist the girls, you hoist your confidence!

  3. I’ve done my own measuring, and I think I’ve done right (33B officially, so I have to go with a 34B), because my girls look like yours in Pic 2 & 4, just, you know, not as boobalicious LOL!
    I still can’t just buy off the shelf though, I’ve found. Bra makers, like clothing makers, aren’t consistent 🙁

    Casey Reply:

    @Sarah @ TM2TS, As long as they are perky and separated? You’re good!

  4. My grandmother was an award winning (seriously, they gave her awards and featured her in the paper) bra-fitter at Dillards for 18 years. Before that she worked at Weinstocks before it was bought out by
    ZCMI doing the same.

    She was AMAZING. I’d go in after I’d weaned a baby and leave looking like a million bucks.

    She retired this year (at over 70) and I’m super sad. I went in and saw one of her colleagues and left with a horribly uncomfortable too-tight experience.

    So bra fitters are not all equal! If you don’t look amazing and feel comfortable, go back.


  5. I really need to do this. I’ve been wearing the same Victoria Secret 32A bra since 1992. I **** you not.

    Casey Reply:

    @tracy@sellabitmum, Duuuude.
    I’ll bet your American Girl doll collection has better bras than you.

  6. You don’t LOOK like an F, if that makes you feel better. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Mel, So I don’t look like I’m about to tip over? Phew. 😉

  7. Tracy @The UnCoordinated Mommy says:

    I really need to do this. I tried to measure myself for a nursing bra and failed miserably, both bras I got were too tight. So know I have two of the same bra and neither fit.

    Also, why do all measuring instructions start with – make sure you are wearing a good fitting bra. Um hello, if I had a good fitting bra I would just take it off and look at the tag instead of trying to read the number on a measuring tape under my boobs.
    Basically I will be getting fitted by a professional and trying on all bras before purchasing in the future!!

  8. I’m sporting a 32GG, right now. People have no idea I’m that big because the girls are properly supported and I look good.

    I see women with large bosoms in worn out sports bras and wince because I know how much it hurts to be left hanging like that. A well-fitting bra gives you so much energy and happiness, too. When you look good you feel good.

  9. Oh yes. this. I went from a 32B to a 32 DD!!! Oh my, I had no idea bras could feel so good and the girls could look so good!
    (I like !!!. just so you know!)

  10. had a bra fitting by one of my best friends a few years ago. (not much has changed about me physically) 36B! I was squeezing into 34A FOR FAR TOO LONG

  11. I’m terrified to get mine done. I already wear an uncomfortable 44DDD! Plus I honestly don’t know where to go to get fitted, plus oh the expense! I’m a sad Walmart sales rack bra wearer and I have to adjust my straps constantly to keep the girls at attention.

  12. For as long as I can remember, I wore a 32B. Then I gained a bunch of weight and those got too tight, so I went up to a 34B. After I lost all that weight and my bras were not fitting all that well, I decided to go to Victoria’s Secret for a fitting. I was shocked to find out that I was actually a 32C!! I was swimming in my old bras, and my cup size was even larger than I thought! I had prepared myself to come out with a bunch of 32A bras, but nope! But now you make me want to go to Nordstrom, just to be sure 🙂

  13. Properly fitting bras make all the difference =]

  14. I went in to get fitted at Victoria’s Secret a few years ago after gaining weight,and losing some, of which I’ve since lost the rest. She measured me as a 38D, I was skeptical since even at my BIGGEST I’d never worn that. She brought them in and I SWAM in them. You could have put another chest in there with me. She looked at me, and said, “well you’re weird.” and left. Not the best fitting experience. This time I followed Soma’s online instructions.

  15. Ok now I’m going to Nordstrom and being fitted. I think my bras fit but now you’ve got me questioning it!

  16. Similar experience as Chris at Victoria Secret…only I was reduce to hormonal tears, which is way embarrassing when leaving the store empty-handed. I’ve been wearing sports bras since I had my third baby…19 months ago. Can I just skip ahead to being back at my house with new bras?

  17. I was just thinking about getting fitted this morning! the last time I was fitted was when I was 20W pregnant and was a 38D. I bought some nursing bras at target that were fine for when I was just hanging out at home on maternity leave, but now that I’m back to work, it just looks bad. I measured myself this morning and 38F!!! now I must bring myself to a bra store to have an official fitting and get some new over the shoulder boulder holders.

  18. I’m 12 weeks pregnant and finally went to a fitter at Intimacy (a bra store) this weekend b/c my boobs were out of hand and not fitting in my bras for a few weeks now. I went from a 38 D to a 36 F. Yikes! However, I walked out of the store wearing one of my new bras b/c it was so. much. more. comfortable! Expensive, but SO worth it.

  19. Tiny Gramma says:

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this in another comment, but once you get that well-fitting bra? Never, ever, but NEVER put it in the dryer. Air dry – the elastic/spandex will last longer. And Pap Smear will always be at the top of the list. Always…..

  20. The difference in your pictures is amazing. Can anyone tell me the difference between being fitted in the store and measuring yourself at home? I mean, it seems like it would be the same to me, but there could totally be something I’m not understanding.