I don’t sing unless it’s in front of a room full of very drunk people at a karaoke bar, a room full of children that I’ve birthed, or for my city and no one else is around to sing for me.

I love it here.

Here’s to hoping this is the best Super Bowl ever. (Aside from the fact that Tebow isn’t in it.)


  1. More awesome than words.

  2. I must say, you blogger chicks in Indiana really, really love your hometowns!

    Casey Reply:

    @Jennifer S (Family Musings), We really do.

  3. brilliance!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOVE IT

  5. I feel like I left town and Indianapolis is having a big party without me. Probably because that’s what happened 🙂 Thanks for the pics, even if it makes me mega-jealous to be missing the festivities!

    Casey Reply:

    @Jennette, Good thing I didn’t tell you about the one we had when you left…

  6. When it was over my two year old daughter said, “that was good.”

  7. That was really stinkin’ cute.

  8. You? Adoraballs of fire.

  9. You’re just so freakin’ cute.

    And Indy is rather awesome.

  10. You are all sorts of levels of awesome.

  11. dude you are so awesome.

  12. I think you’re an adorable singer. And song-writer.

  13. I love you.

    Also, what tips do you have for those of us coming into Indy ON SUNDAY. How will we get anywhere? What is the situation?


    Casey Reply:

    @Adventures In Babywearing, Whoa.
    Well, there are shuttles into downtown which may be best. Or be prepared to walk. Or park at Emily’s house and have her drop you off somewhere nearby. Sunday is going to be the BIG SHUT DOWN day and I’m not sure anyone knows what to expect. I’ll look into it some more and let you know.

  14. You’re so adorable. I want to carry you around in my pocket!

  15. I’m not even going to confess that I got a little teared up cause that was so sweet. And now I’m bummed that I decided to skip all the football festivities entirely, MISTAKE!

  16. Casey, this is so cute!! What an awesome montage, and as a WI resident I have to say thank you for including the Packers fans (even though I’m really a Bears fan, ha!). 🙂 And I completely agree – thank heavens Tebow is done for the season!

  17. OMGosh you are so adorable.

  18. Amazing! Made even better by the fact that this town really is my town! Haven’t made it downtown yet, and not sure if we will so thanks for bringing the SB awesomeness to us.

  19. All kinds of awesome. All. Kinds.

  20. My husband and I went downtown last night and had such a fun time. I was a little hesitant, because I’m not one to fight crowds of people…..but I’m glad I went, it made me so proud to be a Hoosier!

  21. Keri Always says:

    As I listened to this (the whole thing, by the way) I giggled. The Best Husband asked me if there was a way to mute it. Thinking he is cute, he told me to text you that he said that.

    Yes, text. ‘Cause I totally have your number.


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