40 days.

40 days that represent the time Jesus spent in the desert, where, according to the Bible, he endured the temptation of Satan.

Tough right?
What about the 40 days I’m spending in Utah without my make out buddy husband?

I know it’s not Ash Wednesday or Holy Thursday and I’m not even Catholic, but it is ovulation day. And you ladies know what’s up on O day. (TMI? Sorry.)

25 more days.

25 more nights with a body pillow as my only bed fellow.

If my body pillow could talk it would definitely be saying “BACK OFF LADY.”

25 more days until this…

Airport Reunion 

I know there’s some Military wives out there who read my blathering.




  1. i love that picture…i remember the first time it was posted and it made my heart go ahhh.

    it did it again.

    i have no advice. my longest time away was 25 days.

    good luck pretty lady.

  2. Casey, You are lookin’ cute in those rawkin’ pumps. Go ahead with your ovulatin’ self!

  3. Hey, there Casey…I found your blog a few days ago, and I have been trying to catch up on your blog by reading all of your archives…I totally love the pics you post of your adorable little Moosh..and also, that we live very close to one another…I am from Lafayette, about 50 miles from Indy…I visit Indy often, so I feel we have a lot in common…anyway, I enjoy your blog very much and because of that, I have bestowed upon you an award….so, come on over and visit little ol’ Dixie and claim your award…

  4. just keep busy girl- that’s how I do it when Wal goes on an extended business trip. Busy busy busy!! Aaaw cute photo! I love the sling backs! I’m strictly a flats kinda girl. I sometimes go into my shoe boxes and pull out my lovely heels and remember when we were such friends. Unfortunately Manchester is NOT a heel friendly zone. Uuum oh ya, back to you missing Cody- busy,keep busy.

  5. awww hunny! i know how you feel. my ex-fiance was “in iraq” for 4 months and it was hell. but then i found out he wasn’t really in iraq, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

    anyway, BIG HUG!

    get your butt in the kitchen. your culinary excellance will make you feel better. promise

  6. Oh so sorry. Sometimes I wish my husband had somewhere to go for 25 days. With the children.

    But then, naw, not really! (OK, maybe a long weekend would be good.)

  7. What a cute picture. Sorry about the Mormon Lent.

    Loving your blog! Thanks for all the fun time-wasting!

  8. Sounds so hard… but what a great idea for helping Cody focus on such a crappy time of year as a law student. I help Steve cope by keeping the comfort food coming… but I’m sure if we had our own Moosh I’d be forced to retreat as well.

    PS: I love this pic. I love how you are wearing very high heels and you STILL have to get on your tippy toes to nestle your probably runny nose into his neck.

  9. Awww. That is a GREAT pic!

    I wish I knew what to say. When PC was deployed it was just about getting up and making it through the day and writing a lot…lot…of letters 🙂


  10. I guess I am kinda feeling bad for your body pillow….and well I’ve never done lent but even for me 40 days without sex gets me a little interested. At least in some kissing and cuddling.

  11. Please tell me Cody has gotten rid of those sandals.

  12. I am so sorry! I have no idea how you’re surviving this. Oh, and i totally felt the glares from you! Maybe some retail therapy? That always seems to help me. That or eating myself into oblivion.

  13. Ovulation day? I totally hear ya. I had one of those days earlier this week and my dear husband was working out of town. So I packed my bag and drove 5 hours by myself on winter roads to “be” with him. Does that make me a booty call?

  14. We cry – a lot! Some years I’ve spent more time without my husband than with him (and he’s in the Air Force – we don’t have it hard like the Army does). We cry by ourselves, write lots of encouraging letters and keep REALLY BUSY when they are gone, otherwise it’s just too depressing.

    I guess I’m de-lurking on this one. Love the blog. Moosh is ADORABLE!


  15. My husband and I have only spent a handful of days apart, so I totally don’t know how you are doing it. Especially during this time of year- it’s makes me all misty eyed and longing for cozy family time, even when my family is RIGHT HERE.

    Hang in there. Keep having your friend take pictures of you! I’m addicted to her. (And all of you.)

    But not in a cooky way. Normal addiction. K?

  16. awww poor you. being away from your honey is the WORST!

  17. I hope the 25 days goes quickly. I don’t know how you do it (you, or the military wives). That would drive me insane.

  18. First of all (((HUGS))) It never gets easier, just comes a little more bearable. Crying sometimes helps but so does getting out of the house for 18 hours out of the day to make the days go by faster. Oh and sleeping pills, happy pills, etc work too 😉

    Love the part about if your pillow could talk~ believe me, mine would be saying the same thing LOL. My husband isn’t currently deployed, but he was while I was pregnant and until our son was 3 months old… and he was gone 7 months last year again so I definitely can relate.

    It will all be over soon… keep your chin up 😉 Love that picture too! Very sweet!

  19. That photo makes me teary.

    My sister and her husband are both in the army and are often apart for months on end.

    I couldn’t do it.

    But you can. 🙂

  20. I’m a military wife 🙂

    I send a lot of very dirty e-mails. And when I’m not doing that I just get myself as busy as possible. However, when you’re at your Ma’s house, it is harder to be busy because you’ve got help w/ the Moosh and you’ve got people to share the joys of picking Cheerio bits out of the carpet with. So plan some mini adventures 🙂 Get busy!

    And seriously- dirty e-mail help. I hear you about ovulation- why does my sex drive double the two days that I really shouldn’t be getting it on if I don’t want another baby in 9 months?

  21. Today marks five days that mine has been away and I’m too tired to even think about going to the airport to pick him up tonight. Can’t he just take a damn taxi?

    You are a MUCH better wife then I am.

  22. I wish I could help. But I’m hoping the next 25 days go by quickly. And that both you and the body pillow come out the other side mostly unharmed.

  23. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was distracted by your cute shoes in that pic. ADD much? Anyhoo, hang in there!!

  24. Now, I”LL be the one bringing a casserole.

    Besides rendering all the necessary “AWE” mushies that ooze out at the sight of that photo, I am again reminded of how freaking TINY you are.

    In light of your truly icky plight I will refrain from all innuendos that I could spout off about your body pillow.

    (But you know that they are there. Oh, yes, you do!)

  25. I feel your pain Casey. This summer I elected to go to Southern Cali for 28 days without my husband. I thought I’d be happy. I had close friends and the beach! I could handle no husband for that long. It lasted a week and I was rueing the decision.

  26. I came to your blog today byway of Buttermom. I LOVE your blog! I spent a good 15/20 minutes reading all of your posts. You’ve got yourself another regular reader!

  27. Love the new look!

  28. What a horrible thing to give up for Lent… the longest I’ve been away from my Cody is 12 days, (with a newborn to boot). I thought I’d die! 25 more days. You can do it!!!

  29. Um, I too was distracted by the shoes. They’re fantastic!

  30. Lol I am glad I am not the only shoe crazy, aren’t they fab!!