So in the house of moosh you’ll know that Halloween reigns supreme as the best holiday of all (to me at least, Cody is still team Thanksgiving/Christmas, Addie is undecided and Vivi doesn’t have an opinion yet.) Addie has started a very spirited countdown to the big day on our family calendar and asks daily just how many Halloween parties we can fit in between now and next Wednesday.

We sat down for a little chat (in costume) about Halloween, the rules, and what it’s been like for us over the last several years.

That Addie, she truly is magnificent.


I’m so grateful to partner with Hallmark in 2012 on their “Life is a Special Occasion” campaign again and I thank them tremendously for their patience with me, supporting me in all that I do and for sponsoring this post. Life with my family is the most special occasion of all.


  1. I loved this. I need more Casey and Addie in my life.

    Tiffany Reply:

    @Barb @ getupandplay, My thought exactly. More Vivi too. Loved it!

  2. Y’all are too cute. I’m sure you will have a super fun Halloween if this video is any indication! 🙂

  3. ok love the halloween video. but then youtube played the next video (the last three months with vivi) and the first 2/3 I laughed and smiled and then I started crying. You are a fantastic role model Casey.

  4. I’m just finishing up at the office and I cannot tell you how helpful this bit of joy was. Needed that and loved every second!

  5. Casey! Addie! This video was seriously… Adorable!!!!!! Love it!!!

  6. I’m going as Minnie Mouse, too, so apparently if we were at the same party, it would be a major faux pas.

  7. I was totally giggling over the video, the second-go-round! She is TOO cute!!

  8. I have a tradition where I set up a decorated table in front of my house and make two or three huge pots of soup to serve with breadsticks shaped like bones to the parents of the trick or treaters who come around. SO. MUCH. FUN. This year the Statue of Liberty will be putting down her torch to handle the ladle. 🙂
    Also, I’m standing in as proxy for Hudson in order to ask Addie for her hand in marriage when they get back from their missions right about the same time. Can you imagine the big blue eyes on our grandbabies?!?!?!

  9. You all are so fun!

  10. Oh, my gosh, she has the BEST laugh!!! Love this.

  11. Good lord, I could sop that kid up with a biscuit. Adorbs.
    Halloween is serious business, yo. My kid will be the Hulk, husband Captain America and I’ll be Thor. Be still my geeky heart.

  12. Amy in StL says:

    Seriously Addie’s laugh could cure the worst day of my blues. (And I’m not someone who normally likes little kids) (Yes, I’m that curmudgeon.)

  13. Not gonna lie I tried to do that hand eye thing and I couldn’t. Maybe my wrists don’t bend that way?

    Love Halloween, and you two are adorable (as usual!)

  14. I love it, Casey.:) Happy Halloween Addie girl! Go get lots of candy and be SCARY!:)

  15. You guys are too cute!

  16. Tiny Gramma says:

    You were also Dorothy one year and a little sorcerer another. I don’t remember any of the rest either. You sure are a fun mom.