Tulip Time 2010Veldheer's Tulip Farm. Holland Michigan-57 Veldheer's Tulip Farm. Holland Michigan-32

Veldheer's Tulip Farm. Holland Michigan-31 Veldheer's Tulip Farm. Holland Michigan-320 Veldheer's Tulip Farm. Holland Michigan-44 Veldheer's Tulip Farm. Holland Michigan-54 Veldheer's Tulip Farm. Holland Michigan-27 Veldheer's Tulip Farm. Holland Michigan-61 Veldheer's Tulip Farm. Holland Michigan-43 Veldheer's Tulip Farm. Holland Michigan-56 Tulip Time 2010 Tulip Time 2010 peek-a-piper little dutch girl. Veldheer's Tulip Farm. Holland Michigan-39 Veldheer's Tulip Farm. Holland Michigan-77

When we grow up Addie and I want to be Dutch and live on a tulip farm.


  1. I love the pictures with the girls!

  2. I had no idea there were so many kinds of tulips, or that they could be so incredibly beautiful!

  3. Can I come, too?

  4. I love the GORGEOUS tulips. And then I laughed when I saw Addie’s outfit- you guys know how to do it right!

  5. beautiful!

  6. Me too, me too! What a beautiful place!

  7. Is it cliche that the tulip is my fave flower? So now these are my fave pictures.

  8. YAY! Michigan’s WEST COAST! Love it. Glad you had fun.

    West Michigander

  9. and to think we visited on a rainy day.

    I have fresh tulips on my island right now, just can’t resist.

  10. There’s a tulip festival in Washington state, we used to go every April. It’s basically impossible to NOT get beautiful photos there. So amazing.

  11. Gorgeous. Love that you can see it, too.

  12. I <3 Tulips!! I used them in my wedding last month (a month? wow!) and I am going to a Tulip Festival. There are lots of Dutch people around these parts. I call them the Vanderkampmas. Yay Dutchmen!

  13. Amy in StL says:

    I love tulips! It was my favorite thing about living in Des Moines; the Tulip Festival just south of there. I always wish they had a smell though. Did they used to smell, I wonder? Irises win in my book for smell.

  14. I wanna come too…..I have tons of swishy, twirly skirts that I would love to test out on the tulip farm.

    for realz!!

  15. I’m with you and Addie…

  16. I think tulipville is my heaven on earth.

  17. You were in Holland, MI? Wow, you passed right by me on the way up, I’m sure! ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’m in Kalamazoo!) I love all the tulips up there. SO pretty.

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Love Holland, MI:)

  19. ok, so next year, i am so going. i just invited myself.

  20. Clearly I was too young when I went to Tulip Time and I don’t remember it being this gorgeous!! Stunning!

  21. michelle n says:

    I LOVE tulips! This place looks just as great as Thanksgiving Point Gardens (in UT)!

    You have a lovely daughter. What sweet photos.

  22. Wow!

  23. Michelle says:

    Of course you can!

  24. I’m Dutch. My mother used to dress my brother and I in traditional Dutch clothes when we were kids. Addie’s outfit is GORGEOUS!!!

    Love the photos.

  25. phenomonal photos!!!!

  26. BEAUTIFUL. Reminds me of my trip to Amsterdam. Not the red light part.

  27. What gorgeous photos! The colours are simply divine.

    And I love the “little dutch girl” – prettier than the tulips!

  28. You were a half hour from me! I live in Grand Rapids. The first picture is my favorite..hands down. Something about the lighting makes me happy!

  29. Gorgeous photos, and Addie is adorable as usual!

  30. I have never seen so many tulips in my life. Absolutely beautiful!

  31. I can’t even make tulips look that great in my dreams. Spectacular!

  32. phenomonal photos!!!!

  33. My favorite flowers of all time- are tulips. I love your photos! It literally makes a stress-filled week melt away when I look at them. I love them THAT MUCH. Could I hang them in my craft room, please? BEAUTIFUL!

  34. phenomonal photos!!!!


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