Even though I have the blessed curse of obtaining the big “O” on the treadmill and a few other various and assorted pieces of equipment I still don’t really enjoy working out. If I’m going to be satisfied I’d rather it be somewhere where I can take a nap right after.

I watched a man scream a scream of horror and manliness today at the gym as he dead lifted. We’re talking screaming. Like “Oh my gah is he being stabbed slowly with the blunt end of a spatula?” screaming. By his fourth rep the entire population of Marion County was staring in his direction.

He then proceeded to dry heave into a garbage can.

Ah, the Y.

After I finished my sentence on the stairs that appear as if from nowhere I went to suffer through enjoy a nice round of free weights. That is until I realized the only place left to be in that area was near Mr. Dry Heave’s trashcan o’ hurl.


I do enjoy feeling healthy, strong and not having to worry about muffins pouring out of my jeans. But it’s not worth it to take it to the extent of vomit, colonics, screaming and dry heaving.

Even though apparently all the cool kids are doing it.


  1. Ug. This caused me to flash back on a disturbing documentary my husband watched called “The man whose arms exploded” (Or something similar).

    However, I am being threatened with muffinhood, so I need to get back to the gym

  2. Ick. That isn’t cool.

    I’ve heard about those colonics…to me that is SOOOO extreme!

  3. A wise person once told me: “Bulemia works, but I don’t condone it!” Hmm, something to think about. Kiss, kiss.

  4. You do have an INTERSTING Y. The big O, screaming, barfing! At least your workouts won’t be BORING. =)

  5. Ok what the hell… you had an O on the treadmill at the Y and YOU STILL HAVEN’T BOUGHT ONE FOR YOUR OWN DAMN HOUSE?! GET ONE! Put it in your bedroom (like ours that never gets used and is folded up in the corner- hey if it worked for me the way it worked for you, that bitch would be MY bitch)

  6. a treadmill in your house makes a GREAT place to hang your laundry. not that i would know this. oh no.

    me, i prefer the water aerobics crowd at my gym. at least that way, you dont have to worry about vomit.


  7. That’s almost as bad as they guy at my Y who farts every time he deadlifts. And he doesn’t really seem to care. Men. Sheesh. Barfing and farting and grunting and screaming.

  8. I think of you when I’m on the treadmill.

    I wish I could have an O there…I’d go every day.

  9. Gyms are yucky… but every time I’m there I look in the mirror and remind myself of the dressing room mirror- works every time.

  10. I can’t tolerate the gym anymore. Ever. I bought a treadmill. Best money I ever spent, well some of it anyway.. It’s not the women, I can handle them – it’s all the sweaty grunting men lifting weights. It makes me want to dry heave

  11. The gym sucks. Thank goodness for Cable On Demand – Fitness TV. I have any type of workout ready and waiting….uh not that I do them regularly or anything…but its good to know they are there when I need them 😉

  12. Hey,
    I think we used to live in the same complex. MV. My hubby went to school there for 3 years. We have since gratuated and moved on about a year and 1/2 ago. It is fun to hear you talk about the place. I got a Y pass once, but went not very much. (I blame it on a baby who HATED to be left in the play area) It was a waste of money. But I’ve been there and can picture the guy losing his guts. I agree not worth the work out. Anyway, good luck with everything, by the end of my time there I fell madly in love with the state. It might happen to you too?

  13. Oh man, I used to like working out. You may have ruined it for me. No, wait. Being pregnant and sick did that already.

  14. You are a good mommy working out now while you are young. Miz Wah needs to lose some pounds. Not by my admission but hers. Her family has a history of weight related problems and trying to start a regimen is difficult for her now. Keep up the work no matter how how hard it is.

  15. It sounds like your Y is much like mine. Down to the screaming girly man. Frightening.

  16. Good grief – good for you for trying. But ugh!!

  17. At least you’re making the effort to get there! When in that type of situation, I can’t help but stare…and laugh a bit. We’ve got a “grunter” in my spin class. Not even trying to keep it to himself either. I don’t know, I guess people do what they feel is needed.

  18. P.S. No mumus for you! You looked great in July and I’m sure you do now too. Wear your bikini proudly!

  19. Seriously? Whoa! I get annoyed when those weight guys grunt – screaming and vomiting would cause me to max out a credit card and purchase my own home gym. I just don’t get how this doesn’t embarass the hell out of them.