I started running on Saturday.

Which sounds strange because I’ve probably been running since I was a wee tot but when I say ‘I started running’ I mean I have started running on purpose rather than to fulfill  my previous rule of only running away from bears.

Mantra: I'm so excited to be here. I love working out. Running on a treadmill is so much fun. -_-
There’s a very good reason why I am running on purpose, but I can’t quite disclose it yet. (DON’T YOU JUST LOVE VAGUE BLOGGING? I sure do.)

Cody is running the Indy Mini for the second year only this year he’s actually been training rather than deciding on Tuesday that he’d kind of like to try running a mini marathon come Saturday. On Friday we went to a swanky running store for people who enjoy running on purpose to get fit with proper shoes, this involved running on a treadmill then watching your feet from behind in slow motion.

The guy who helped us was *super jazzed* about running and everything running involves. When he heard me mutter “I hate running” he looked as though I had just said I hate his mom, his dad, his running shoes and him.  After I explained myself a bit more he suggested I try something new! “Have you tried trail runs? How about outdoor adventure runs! WHAT ABOUT RACES? DO YOU LIKE RUNNING THROUGH FIELDS OF TULIPS? I DO!” I smiled and nodded when the guy behind me piped up and said “Drive somewhere to go run? That’s stupid.”

At this moment? I agree. I have a hard time believing running is something EVERYONE! would love if they just tried a little harder, but I’m keeping an open mind.

Saturday morning. Running shoes on, calves stretched and the ladies appropriately stashed in a very high tech sports bra I faced down a treadmill for the first time with the intent or raising the speed above my preferred 3.7 mph (which is the speed where things get too bouncy for me to be able to read my Kindle.) My pants were too big, so anytime I sped up I feared the treadmill behind me was going to end up with a full moon showing of my rear end. The treadmill had a TV but I didn’t really understand how it worked so I ended up watching Anthony Bourdain eat something with legs still attached, then get his feet manipulated by a small Asian man. Note to the channel that airs Anthony Bourdain’s show, NO ONE WANTS TO SEE UNKEMPT FEET THAT CLOSE. Thank you.

I am not a runner. Maybe I’ll become one but I’m not really holding my breath (especially not while running on a treadmill because  that would end terribly.) I have a local friend in who is a runner, who used to not be a runner, in fact she was a self proclaimed running hater. If she can do all that she’s done with a very similar body type (and really good hair) surely I can too. While I may hate running, I don’t really have anything to base my hate on because I’ve never really given it a 100% effort. My other friend Jennette calls things like this her “Piss-Off Policy” which basically means you give something others suggest an honest to goodness try and f it doesn’t work out, you can tell people to “‘piss off‘ without remorse” at any future suggestions of said activity. The other greatest Casey on the Internet posted a link to this article on Facebook yesterday and JUST YES TO ALL OF IT LET’S ALL QUIT JUDGING EACH OTHER.

I’m going to be giving this whole running thing a good solid effort for at least a month with the hopes that I’ll fall in love with it. If not? I’ve always got my friends at yoga to keep me feeling young and fit.

What’s your favorite workout? Mine quite honestly is dance, but treadmills are easier to find around these parts. (And for those of you who are all “DON’T YOU HIT THE BIG O ON TREADMILLS?” Good for you! You’ve been around since 2008 when that unfortunate incident occurred. And yes. I mean, well. I used to. I’m pretty sure with weight loss my thighs don’t quite produce the same jiggle and friction they used to, so, yeah. That’s kind of thing of the past. And to those of you who think “If treadmills did that to me I’d run all the time!” you are sorely mistaken. I don’t know anyone who would want to hop up and run five miles after having that happen. No, once *that* happens you really just want to take a nap. Not a run.)


  1. You look very much the part. I have loved running for 30 years. The problem is what 30 years of running have done to my body. I’m swimming and cycling a lot. But I’m still a runner in my heart — if not in my joints. Good luck and your joints are still baby joints. Lucky you.

  2. @Casey, Yes, def would have to stay in back row! I did try the Wii version…I ended up improvising to my own beat in the end! ha,ha! 😉

  3. Amy in StL says:

    I hate running. The problem is that running has become the only way I can lose weight. I can’t swim because I dye my hair red and I can’t afford to have my color redone that often. I hate to cycle because doing it for weight loss means going faster and farther than I want to in the city. So I’m back to running this spring. I refuse to wear running clothes though, I look ridiculous in them. So I run in yoga pants and a t-shirt. For every two months I’m running I’m buying myself a new pair of nike Lunarglides. My favorite exercise is hiking, but I live in the city and hiking here isn’t the same.

  4. I actually really love to run. In fact, I love it so much and so singularly that, now that I’m in my mid-thirties and my back and joints occasionally creak after a long run, I panic and worry about what I’ll do if/when I can’t run any more. But even runners who love running have crappy runs sometimes (I’ve had more than my share lately), and I find those to usually be when I’m just starting out again after a number of days off. Those first ones are always tough. Hang in there, though – the only way to find out if you love it is to get the point where you can run comfortably without stopping for half an hour or so. That’s when the elusive runner’s high kicks in, and that’s what might get you hooked. Good luck!

  5. Use the runkeeper ap. It tracks your activity and give lots of positive feedback when you hit new milestones. Ive been running since jan and its fun to see my activity from 4 months ago vs now. Know that running is so much more a mental battle than a physical one. Stay determined. You can do it and it does get easier..

  6. So… running.
    Yeah… I don’t do running. Unless I’m being chased. And even then I’m not all for it.